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Money, power, prestige…Legacy. Gage Coulter is —The Player.

His whole life, all, basketball player, Gage Coulter, has heard is how he was meant to play basketball. Meant to be elite. So what happens if he can’t even play on the damn team? With his starting position in jeopardy, he needs help from the one girl on campus who can’t stand him. Too bad, she’s also the one girl he can’t get out of his head.

Becker Johnson has a plan for her life. And it doesn’t include doing some jock’s homework so he can toss a ball in the net or whatever. She’s getting the Collins Scholarship and moving to New York. See, all planned out. Until her advisor drops a bombshell. While her grades are excellent, she’ll need some work experience to be eligible for the scholarship. And lucky Becker, he’s got just the right student for her. 


  • Chapter 20 Part 1

    Duration: 23min
  • Chapter 21 Part 1

    Duration: 13min
  • Chapter 22 Part 1

    Duration: 11min
  • Chapter 23 Part 1

    Duration: 24min
  • Chapter 24 Part 1

    Duration: 09min
  • Chapter 25 Part 1

    Duration: 08min
  • Chapter 26 Part 1

    Duration: 14min
  • Chapter 27 Part 1

    Duration: 08min
  • Chapter 28 Part 1

    Duration: 04min
  • Chapter 29 Part 1

    Duration: 13min
  • Chapter 30 Part 1

    Duration: 10min
  • Chapter 31 Part 2

    Duration: 19s
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