A Franciscan Retreat with Michael Crosby, OFM Cap.

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Walk in the footprints of Jesus Christ with St. Francis as your guide.
In this Franciscan retreat, award-winning presenter Fr. Michael Crosby leads you on a powerful journey of prayer and reflection. As you will discover, the lessons of spirituality, faith, love, and humility that Francis of Assisi taught are more valuable today than ever.
Through 21 conferences, you will embark on a spiritual odyssey that will take you deep inside yourself. You will understand what it means to allow all into your house, as Christ includes all creatures in His house. With the loving presence of God, you will be able to find peace within your heart, mind, and soul.
Fr. Crosby will enlighten you on the ways to patience, gentleness, and kindness. You will reflect upon the love and connectedness that represent the path to Christ and the all-loving Father. You will also learn how to embrace your neighbor as your own brother or sister and to devote yourself to a life of humility and closeness with God.
St. Francis has left these lessons not as a way for us to replicate or duplicate his actions and spirit. Rather, he has left them as a guide: an example that he hoped would lead us to make our own footprints towards God.
Join St. Francis on this path today.


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