Croaker #2 - Grave Sins by Paul Bishop

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Her personal life is in shambles. But no cop does it better than Fey Croaker - as she fights for respect in the L.A.P.D....and for justice in a city on the edge.

All of Los Angeles is thrust into chaos when a popular NBA athlete is charged with a series of gruesome murders. The evidence against the defendant appears overwhelming, but old evils die hard. For L.A.P.D. homicide detective Fey Croaker and her appealing crew, the race for the truth will tax each of them to the limit.

Under the scorching light of media attention, Fey's own demons are brought into sharp focus with the life of her wayward brother literally hanging in the balance. It's a race to get to the truths hidden beneath layers of lies, secrets, and deadly perversions - and Fey must win while there is still an L.A. left to protect and serve in Grave Sins. This special edition also features a never before published short story drawn from Paul Bishop's 30 plus year career with the LAPD. Available only in this edition of Grave Sins.


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