Sam Garber

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Sam Garber, a vice president of Northgate Aeronautics near Sacramento, California, was preparing to fly to Chicago for a meeting with his old friend at Jaeger Aircraft. Just as he was about to set off on his trip, he discovered that his wife was having an affair. In total shock, his only recourse was to focus on work and leave for Chicago to get away from the pain as quickly as possible. But he finds the trip to be much more than a simple business affair. He reconnects with his family in rural Illinois and old childhood friends.

"Sam Garber" is a story of re-connection, community, and the simple joys we often forget in today's transient life in America. Careers move people across the continent, and our work occludes the links we forge in our childhood. This story reminds us of the lingering power of simplicity, love, and friendship in places we've forgotten long ago.