Carol Massar and Michael McKee speak with analysts and fund managers who advise investors on stock picks. Drawing upon Bloomberg news and data, timely investment strategies are analyzed and debated by the top minds on Wall Street. Breaking news,earnings reports and market updates round out an informative and compelling wrap-up to the day's action.

Hosted by Michael McKee, Kathleen Hays


  • Brigadier General LeBoeuf on Women and Leadership (Audio)

  • Bloomberg's Silver On Deutsche Bank Mismarking (Correct)(Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 06min
  • Bloomberg's Wilson on Stock of the Day: Cato (CATO) (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 01min
  • Fiduciary's Andersen: US Market Still Best Game in Town (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 06min
  • CFRA's Agnese on Wal-Mart: E-Commerce Push is Positive (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 06min
  • Bloomberg's McGlone on Gold Correction and Oil Glut (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 08min
  • Bloomberg's Nizza on Trump Reversing Muslim Ban Stance (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 05min
  • Bloomberg's Shah on Hurricane Matthew Impact to Retail (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 04min
  • Raymond James' Starner on Women in Financial Industry (Audio)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 11min
  • Hugh Johnson: Energy Sector Very Attractive, Likes XOM (Audio)

    05/10/2016 Duration: 11min
  • UMB Healthcare's Klumb on Maximizing HSA Investments (Audio)

  • Veolia's DiCroce on Getting Ahead of 'Sustainable' Curve(Audio)

    05/10/2016 Duration: 08min
  • JSE's Newton-King: Mining Is No Longer Only Opportunity (Audio)

    05/10/2016 Duration: 11min
  • Halstead's Grossman on Opportunities in NY Real Estate (Audio)

  • Narayana Kocherlakota: Fiscal Stimulus Can Be Effective (Audio)

    05/10/2016 Duration: 08min
  • Chapdelaine's Borthwick Says Fade EUR/GBP: Overdone (Audio)

    04/10/2016 Duration: 08min
  • Bloomberg's Wilson on Stock of the Day: Green Plains (Audio)

    04/10/2016 Duration: 02min
  • Apttus' Krappe on Launching 'Max' AI Sales Technology (Audio)

  • Richard Conn on Russia: Trump Presents 'Dream Scenarios'(Audio)

    04/10/2016 Duration: 06min
  • Bloomberg's Halen on Growth of Automation in Restaurants(Audio)

    04/10/2016 Duration: 08min
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