Fatal Festival Days A Dog Days Mystery

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It's winter in Metamora, so naturally, Cameron Cripps-Hayman finds a body on ice!

The whole town has turned up for the Winter Festival, and Cameron has even managed to get television coverage and an Olympian to host the inaugural games. But the local Native American Council isn't happy about the ski course set up on the earth mounds built by their ancestors and pickets the downhill skiing event. Just when Cameron thinks things couldn't get worse, a night of hot cocoa and an ice carving competition turns deadly. Ice picks make good murder weapons, and the festival's Olympian host won't be going out for any more medal wins.

With a national icon dead, the Native American community up in arms, and the whole debacle televised, the only way for Cameron to save face with her festival is to find the murderer and make amends on behalf of the entire town.