The Remedy Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization

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A business novel about using the Lean quality improvement method to turnaround a failing company. It is the sequel to the author's successful business novel, Andy downstream into distribution and sales. Thus, we will transform our entire enterprise.  At CMM union members will get their jobs back, but there will only be two job classifications: production and maintenance team member.  Team members will be involved in continuous improvement work.  The union and management will work together under a totally different contract based on worker involvement, flexibility and continuous improvement. Rachel asks Tom to lead the transformation of not just CMM, but of the entire enterprise.  Tom is ambivalent.  He knows the history & culture of the plant -- and company. He realizes changing engineering, design, marketing, distribution and so on will be even harder than changing an awful old factory. Why take on such a monster job? Maybe because he knows he can do it!