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Ed Gandia, co-author of the bestselling book, The Wealthy Freelancer, reveals how to propel your writing business to the six-figure level (or the part-time equivalent). In this nuts-and-bolts, no-nonsense podcast, you'll discover how to get better clients, earn more in less time, and bring more freedom and joy into your writing business. Ed will walk you through the practical, “doable” systems and strategies he has developed in his own writing business — the same systems he has taught his private coaching clients. He'll also show you what’s working for other business writers by bringing you real case studies from the field. And he'll share all this information in an honest and transparent way, with no hype or fluff. Topics covered include: getting better and higher-paying clients; banishing the feast-or-famine cycle; doing more of the work that excites you; how to raise your fees and rates; boosting your productivity; making your business recession-proof; discovering and leveraging your strengths; finding your niche; pricing content writing projects; pricing copywriting projects; writing white papers; writing case studies; writing web copy; writing articles; and much more.


  • #086: Health Insurance Options for U.S. Freelancers

    24/09/2015 Duration: 36min

    If you're in the U.S., this is an important interview. It's about your health insurance options as a self-employed professional: The ins and outs Where to shop What to look for How to make the best decisions for you and your family With open enrollment coming up soon ... and fines going up significantly for those who don't enroll in a plan ... this is the time to get educated and to investigate your options. It's all here, including detailed show notes:

  • #085: Why You Should Start a Newsletter (and How to Keep it From Being a Drag)

    10/09/2015 Duration: 38min

    In today's episode, you'll hear from my friend and colleague Michael Katz. Michael is an authority on launching, publishing and leveraging a newsletter to grow your service-based business. 

  • #084: Michelle Ward on How to Make the Leap From Full-Time Day Job to Self-Employment

    27/08/2015 Duration: 45min

    "How do I successfully transition out of a day job and into full-time freelancing?" That's one of the most common questions I get asked  by aspiring freelance writers and copywriters. And in today's episode, you'll get yet another perspective from someone who's made the leap successfully and coached many others on how to make this challenging transition — Michelle Ward, a.k.a. the When I Grow Up Coach.

  • #083: Listener-Submitted Questions + My Answers

    13/08/2015 Duration: 50min

    Trying something a little different this week. I'm doing a  Q&A show with questions you submitted through a recent survey.   I'd love to get your feedback on this format. If you like it, I'll do more of these in the future.  

  • #082: Your Biggest Challenge As a New Freelance Writer or Copywriter and What to Do About It

    30/07/2015 Duration: 28min

    Over the past three years, I've worked with hundreds of new freelance writers and copywriters.  I enjoy mentoring and coaching these new and ambitious freelance professionals, helping them build and grow their businesses.  But through this process, I've uncovered a disturbing trend.  This is not something I enjoy talking about. Mainly because it requires that I be blunt about some issues.    But it's time to shine a light on this painful truth — and what you can do about it if you find yourself in one of these situations.

  • #081: How to Get Paid Faster Without Chasing After Clients

    16/07/2015 Duration: 45min

    If you've been freelancing for a few years, chances are you've had trouble getting paid at some point.  The client was slow to pay. Or they lost your invoice. Or they held your payment for some weird and unfair reason. When that happens, you have a choice. You can rant about it. Foam at the mouth. Call Tony Soprano. Lose sleep.  Or you can use that as a learning experience. And change what you do in order to prevent that from happening again (or at least to prevent it from happening as frequently).  As passionate as I about my business and as much energy as I put into my clients' work, I've chosen to focus on the latter.    Not only has it been more effective, but it has also enabled me to retain my sanity and peace of mind. And in this episode my guest,  will share some very practical ideas for preventing these nightmares from happening. 

  • #080: How to Pick the Best, Smartest Niche for Your Freelance Business

    02/07/2015 Duration: 40min

    The process of picking a niche can be extremely stressful. But I've found that most of that stress and frustration is the result of bad advice.  In fact, most of what I read and hear on the topic of picking a niche is misguided. It treats the issue as a simple, one-dimensional decision. But in reality, this is a complex, multi-faceted topic that requires you to think about your business at a deeper level.  At the same time, it requires you to take action, even before you feel 100 percent comfortable with you decision. Because in most cases, your best niche ends up finding YOU.    . But in this episode, we're going deeper. My guest is Ilise Benun from . Ilise is a frequent guest in my podcasts and classes. And in this interview, she'll share some practical ideas to help you solve your niche puzzle.

  • #079: Should You Use a Creative Brief?

    18/06/2015 Duration: 40min

    Do you use a creative brief when working with clients?  Have you thought about using one but not sure what to include?  Do you even need one?  You'll get direct answers to these important questions in this week's show.  My guest is Pam Foster from and . Pam is a seasoned marketer with extensive corporate communications experience. She's a big believer in using a creative brief when working on client projects.  In this episode, she explains:    Why you need a creative brief What it should contain How to use one when working with a client How to customize it for different scenarios How to use them to deliver more value to your clients

  • #078: How to Get Your Email Under Control

    04/06/2015 Duration: 42min

    Email is dying.  Not really. But that's what some social media pundits are claiming.  Fact is, it really doesn't matter how much texting, tweeting and "Facebooking" people are doing these days ... email is not going anywhere.  Love it or hate it, email is a wonderful tool. It's convenient and dependable. It's ubiquitous.  The trick, however, is knowing how to keep it under control.  In this week's session, we'll address the issue head on. You'll hear from Twyla LaPointe, a productivity expert and an email management consultant. Twyla will share a mix of strategy, workflow and simple tools to help you tame the email beast  

  • #077: How to Grow Your Income by 20% Almost Overnight

    21/05/2015 Duration: 28min

    Growing your income as a freelancer doesn't need to be that difficult.  In fact, there's a very simple way to do that. I've used it for years to multiply my income. And I've taught it to many of my coaching clients who have used it successfully.  But there's a problem. The idea is so simple, it's often dismissed and never put to use.    So before I reveal too much, I'd like to give you some context. 

  • #076: What to Do When a Prospect Goes Silent

    07/05/2015 Duration: 39min

    As a freelancer, there are few things more frustrating than a prospect who suddenly disappears for no apparent reason. He reached out to get some information, indicated a high level of interest, was fine with your ballpark fee — maybe even gave you a verbal confirmation that he was going to move forward.   But then ... nothing! You can't get him to return calls or emails.   You have no idea why. And now you're wondering if you said or did the wrong thing.   Sound familiar?   In this week's episode, my friend and colleague Ilise Benun and I tackle this common issue head on. We look at the different flavors of this problem. We examine why this happens so frequently. And we offer some concrete advice for how to deal with these frustrating situations.  

  • #075: Dorie Clark on How to Capitalize on Your Unique Perspective and Knowledge

    23/04/2015 Duration: 40min

    Many of us have been brought up to believe that talent and hard work are the keys to success in business.  But as competition stiffens and clients find it harder to distinguish freelancers from each other, you need a different strategy. You need to capitalize on (and communicate) your unique perspective and knowledge.  My guest for this episode is Dorie Clark, author of two business books, a consultant and speaker. Dorie worked as a journalist, so she knows our world very well. When she lost her job in a round of layoffs, she had to reinvent herself. Since then, she’s worked as a spokesperson for gubernatorial and presidential campaigns and executive director of a nonprofit.    In this interview, she explains why hard work and talent are no longer enough. And how you can position yourself as a trusted expert to set yourself apart—even if you don't quite feel like an "expert" in your field.

  • #074: Ten Things to Avoid When Ramping Up Your Freelance Writing Business

    09/04/2015 Duration: 39min

    There's plenty of advice about what you should do when starting and growing a freelance writing business. But not too many people are openly talking about things you should avoid at this critical early stage. My guest this week is Diana Scheidman, a freelance writer and researcher specializing in the insurance and asset management industries. Diana has developed a reputation for helping people who want to land well-paid freelance and consulting work quickly. And she recently wrote a book on the subject titled . In this episode, Diana shares 10 things new freelance business writers must avoid if they want to get their freelance business off the ground faster.

  • #073: The Messy Road to Better-Paying Clients

    26/03/2015 Duration: 39min

    One of the things that I've tried to be very mindful of is painting a very realistic picture of what it's like to launch and grow a freelance writing and copywriting business today. In fact, I take great pride in being transparent about the hard work required. You'll hear that in most of my interviews, as well as in shows such as: ? ? Today is no exception. My guest is Mark Stone, a freelance writer from British Columbia, Canada. Mark is still in the early stages of growing his business, and he has an interesting story to tell about finding his way through this business. You're not going to hear a talk about rainbows and sunshine. Instead, you'll get more of a status report from Mark. You'll hear how Mark is landing progressively better and higher-paying clients. And how he's pushing past fears and insecurities to improve his business and his income. If you're just starting out or are in the first two or three years of your freelance venture, I think you'll get a lot out of this interview.  

  • #072: How Should You Evaluate a New Prospect?

    12/03/2015 Duration: 28min

    Just last week I received a call from a friend who owns a small marketing agency. She had recently lost three solid opportunities—deals she should have won. She couldn't figure out what went wrong. So she did what most of us do: assume it was her own fault. Maybe she said the wrong thing. Or her pricing was way off. Or she didn't have the experience the prospect wanted. But I've lost enough deals to know the truth. She was basing her conclusions on the wrong assumption. More specifically, she was assuming that every opportunity has the same chance of success. More than likely, it wasn't something she did or didn't do. It was simply that these opportunities weren't really "winnable." In this episode, I'll tell you what I shared with her ... and how that shift in thinking made an immediate impact on her business.

  • #071: Should You Go Freelance If You're 55 or Older?

    26/02/2015 Duration: 40min

    Over the past seven years, I've had hundreds of conversations with new and aspiring freelancers who are 55+. Perhaps the most common concern I hear from this group is, "I'm afraid that my age will prevent me from getting clients." I can understand this fear. Especially if you've experienced age discrimination in the workplace ... or been laid off or downsized because of your age (something an employer would never admit). Here's the good news—you have more to offer your clients than you realize. In fact, you have a serious competitive edge over younger freelancers — experience, wisdom and perspective.   And that's not just me saying that. I've heard this from several freelancers who launched their solo business later in life. In fact, you'll hear from one of them in this week's episode. Her name is , a California–based web content developer and SEO writer who went solo 12 years ago at the age of 54.

  • #070: The 'Rock Star' Myth + Why You Should NOT Diversify

    12/02/2015 Duration: 52min

    Today's show is about two topics that didn't warrant their own episodes: Why you must be careful when emulating the "rock stars" in our business Why you should NOT diversify too much in terms of the services you offer I'm also going to introduce a somewhat "silent" co-host of this show (someone you might have heard a few times before). I'll tell you about two upcoming industry events you may want to check out. And I'll explain how you can be a part of a future episode of this podcast.

  • #069: How to Break Into Freelancing When You're Fresh Out of School

    29/01/2015 Duration: 40min

    Yes, I really believe freelancing or contingency work is the way of the future. But if you're fresh out of school and have no contacts and no relevant experience, how can you possibly get started as a freelancer? In this episode, I interview two young freelancers who faced the same dilemma just a few years ago.

  • #068: Heather Lloyd-Martin on SEO Copywriting

    15/01/2015 Duration: 40min

      Today we're talking about SEO copywriting. And to get the full scoop on what's happening with SEO these days, I've brought in one of the world's top authorities on the subject: Heather Lloyd Martin. Heather has been writing, studying and teaching SEO copywriting for years. In fact, she got started way before SEO copywriting went mainstream.   In this interview, Heather is going to give us an overview of this opportunity, including:   What SEO copywriting entails How it has changed over the past 10 years How Google's big changes have impacted our ability to optimize web page How you can manage clients' expectations in an environment of unscrupulous SEO practitioners? The best sources of information for SEO copywriters The best opportunities for SEO copywriters today   And much more!  

  • #067: Am I a Credible Source of Freelancing Advice?

    01/01/2015 Duration: 32min

    Fully 90% of my income these days comes from teaching, training and coaching freelancers to earn more in less time, doing work they love for better clients. But what does that say about me, when so little of my income comes from working directly with freelance writing clients? It's a great question. And in this week's episode, I address the issue head on.

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