Vintage Vampire

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A little sweet tea and a whole lot of spells won't always put out the fire . . .

Ruby Mae Jewell is over the moon with how well things are going in her life. Now that all the elements of her life seem to be falling into place, the fiery witch is ready to focus her energies on fixing her cousin Deacon's tiny little problem of being cursed into the form of a pig. But as she gets close to a solution, a bigger problem almost cooks her bacon.

Rue's always known her vampire boyfriend's fears have always been that his past deeds would come back to haunt him and hurt her. When someone from Luke's past insists he return to his ancestral home, Ruby Mae insists on returning with him. While in Italy, she finds out just how much the death of his long-lost sister is affecting his whole family, she makes it her mission to solve her murder.

But when her own life gets threatened as she gets closer, will Ruby be able to find out the truth before she becomes the next victim?


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