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It's time to travel with James and Malcolm through their twenty year history as they battle each other and struggle to hold on to a lifetime of secrets.


Never good enough.

Not the real son.

I will prove him wrong—prove everyone wrong.

I am someone.

I will succeed.

I don’t need my brother to help me.

I don't need anyone.

My enemy holds my secret.

He teases me.

Taunts me.

Follows me with his eyes.

Our hot, angry kisses keep me up at night.

I don’t want him.

I hate him.

But I can’t stop thinking about him.

That there's more to him

I want to discover him.

The truth is unexpected.

My enemy might not only be my friend but the love I never thought to have.


Live, love, laugh.

Life is too short to worry when you don’t know how long you’ve got.

I want every day to be my best.

Like it’s my last.

My friends see what I let them.

Not the real me.

Only one man has ever crawled beneath my skin.

He drives me crazy.

Makes me wild.

Makes me care.

A night of bad decisions changes the course of my life.

Everything I've known no longer makes sense.

My enemy now stands by my side.

I’m no longer running.

I want to stay.

I want a future.

Hate has changed to something new and wonderful.

Something terrifying.




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