The Master Key System

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Includes Illustrations for each Chapter to assist the reader - unique to this edition! Plus comprehensive Biographies of all mentioned throughout the book and expanded glossary.

Unlock the hidden, untapped power within to attain your dreams and desires in every aspect of your life - wealth, health, relationships, and every interaction you engage in. As you study and internalize the Master Key System, you will come to know how you can Be, Have, or Do anything you desire. You will discover who you really are and the true magnificence that awaits you. If you are looking for a clear plan to develop your potential to become who you want to be and experience what you want to experience. It is highly recommended you enter on the path of The Master Key System. It will transform your life, guaranteed.

This Edition is unique for it has illustrations of the exercise for each part so you can view it easily to enhance your study and comprehension. This edition contains the original 24 parts written in 1912 as a correspondence course. This edition also includes four additional chapters expanding upon more detail regarding the metaphysical and meaning of the original text; a biography of Charles Haanel; the Psychological chart which reveals how you rate in utilization, what you are accomplishing, and what you can accomplish if you make the necessary effort.

This edition also includes all the questions and answers for each part, biographies of all the contributors mentioned in the book, the original glossary with added terms and concepts plus reviews from Napoleon Hill and other participants. The book is formatted in a workbook style, providing space for you to write your answers to the questions and additional space for notes. A bonus feature to this edition is illustrations of each exercise providing a helpful guide for each part.


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