Murderous Day in Mexico A Dog Days Mystery

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It's margaritas, Mariachi, and murder in Mexico!

Cameron Cripps Hayman is on vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula, taking a break from life as an amateur sleuth in Metamora, Indiana. With her crew back home busy running their shops in the little canal town, Cameron relaxes by the pool, walks along the beach, and tours Mayan ruins—until her whole trip gets ruined by a murder.

She should've known something was up when a little chihuahua started following her around the resort. When Cameron follows the feisty little dog to a secluded area of rocks and palm trees, she discovers her new acquaintance lying dead with her head buried in the sand.

Cam's police officer husband might be used to her sticking her nose into his cases, but the State Investigation Police in the Yucatan aren't so welcoming of Cameron's help. The other American tourists staying at the resort, however, happen to be more than happy to chat about the murder, their theories, and rumors they've heard about the victim.

Spending her vacation solving another murder wasn't on Cameron's travel agenda, but when a sweet little dog drags her into the case, how can she refuse?