Egs Hypnotherapy, Law Of Attraction  Alternative Healing

Egs Hypnotherapy, Law Of Attraction & Alternative Healing


Answering questions about hypnotherapy, NLP, positive thinking, the law of attraction and 'alternative' thinking. Daniel Davis hosts this podcast exploring ways in which our minds and our thoughts can effect the body as well as delving into how we can become happier, more productive and focused towards what we wish to achieve.From weight loss to smoking cessation, using hypnosis, the law of attraction and new thinking, to help you to help yourself. Drawing from personal experience and the teachings of various sources, from Abraham Hicks to Deepak and Paulo Coehlo.

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  • Age Regression and Past Life Experiences during hypnosis
    Age Regression and Past Life Experiences during hypnosis
    Duration: 09min | 15/07/2011

    One of the most intriguing methods employed within hypnotherapy sessions is that of ‘age regression’. This technique employs the ‘all-seeing’ nature of our subconscious mind and, through specific techniques used during certain phases of the hypnosis cycle, can be used to revivify and re-experience past events as though they are happening for the first time.

  • Weight Management  Hypnotherapy
    Weight Management & Hypnotherapy
    Duration: 18min | 07/07/2011

    Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Fat Bodies’ has recently been at the forefront of promoting the benefits of hypnotherapy and weight loss. As the NHS looks to find more effective, longer lasting methods for common issues, hypnotherapy for weight loss is fast becoming the chosen methodology. In the programme they actively promote the use of a new strategy called ‘hypno-band’, a technique which convinces the client that their stomach is smaller – like a mental ‘gastric-band’ but without the actual physical repercussions or the need for dangerous surgery.

  • Phobias  Hypnotherapy
    Phobias & Hypnotherapy
    Duration: 10min | 04/07/2011

    An exploration of what phobias are, how they come into being and how hypnotherapy can be used to help.