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We analyze the 2006 NFL Draft! It is cutting edge, fun and humorous!!

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    Greetings Football Fans,We are just 3 hours away from this year's SUPERBOWL -- PITTSBURGH STEELERS VS ARIZONA CARDINALS!! All the hype, pregame analysis and predictions are just about over. All the networks -- NBC, ESPN and of course NFL Network are giving their best analysis with all the favorite experts particularly NFL Network with Rich Eisen, Coach Mariucci, Warren Sapp, Jon Lynch, Derrick Brooks, and MY BOYS -- MARSHALL FAULK, DEION SANDERS AND ROD WOODSON!!Well here is Football One on One's SUPERBOWL PODCAST PREDICTION SHOW right here!!Check out our podcast show and send us an email at: and RECEIVE A FREE T-SHIRT!! THAT'S RIGHT RECEIVE A FREE T-SHIRT!!LET'S HAVE A GREAT SUPERBOWL AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THE FOOTBALL ONE ON ONE CREW ALWAYS LOVES AN UNDERDOG -- NOT MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME.

  • NFL 2008 Mid-Season Predictions Podcast Show
    NFL 2008 Mid-Season Predictions Podcast Show

    Greetings Football One on One fans,I am delighted to share with you our latest show -- The NFL 2008 Mid-Season Predictions Podcast Show. This podcast show features all of the Football One on One Crew including Beetle, Rise, Aurora, Sunnyside and FreeSpirit.In this special show, we drop the insider's football fans perspecitve on such topics as which teams will make it ot the Superbowl, which players have been the most exciting and made the most impact on their respective team and which players are most likely to be the MVPs!!. The Football One on One Crew also tells it like it is on controversy surround Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre. We also drop some knowledge about Superstar Chris Johnson (ECU alumni) and Raiders Quarterback JaMarcus Russell.Finally, our special guest - Mr. Ian Allen was not available, but we do want to acknowledge our collaborations with the NFL Players.Ning Network and Blog Talk Radio 560.So here is our special podcast:NFL 2008 Mid-Season Predictions Podcast ShowLet us know what you think and share your predictions at:

  • NFL 2008 PreTraining Camp News - Whats Up with Brett Favre  Jason Taylor?
    NFL 2008 PreTraining Camp News - What's Up with Brett Favre & Jason Taylor?

    What's Up Football Fans,It's that time of the season -- right before Training camp in which all football players start to feel the edge and excitement in returning to play the game. Man, do I feel it also. Although I have been out of the game for several years, it's something about the month of July that makes you want to put on the PADS AGAIN!! YES, I FEEL THE EXCITEMENT STILL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!It's also this time for all football fans whether its professional, college, high school, middle school and little league to feel the EXCITEMENT OF ANOTHER FOOTBALL SEASON!! I know you feel it. It's ok just PACE YOURSELF!!Now it's two weeks before the NFL Training Camps open and Football One on One is on it!! We have the LATEST NEWS in the NFL!! Of course, the biggest two stories involve:BRETT FAVRE & JASON TAYLORWell, your host -- The Beetle -- will predict that Mr. Brett Favre WILL COME BACK TO THE NFL (after a brief retirement) and Join a specific NFL team -- and it's not the PACKERS!!!The Beetle will also give you the lowdown on Jason Taylor and the Dolphins organization.If you want to see and hear our new show, we have two versions: Audio and Video Webcam!!Pre-Training Camp Video Webcam Podcast ShowPre-Training Camp Audio Podcast ShowAfter you check out our show, send us an email at: or call us on our new hotline: 252-561-5886 and let your voice be heard about the Brett Favre situation or any NFL News!!Finally, check out the NFL Network! They do an excellent job 365 days out of the year, but particularly now when the season is just about ready to begin. I have to give it up to Mr. Rich Eisen, Rod Woodson and Prime Time Deion Sanders!

  • Football One on One 2008 POST DRAFT DAY SHOW!
    Football One on One 2008 POST DRAFT DAY SHOW!

    Greetings Draft Day Fans and Football Fanatics,This is the Beetle from Football One on One and my analysis of this weekend's NFL Draft Day. What a two day event this has become. All the greatest athletes were well represented at the draft day show and all looked genuinely surprised to be selected by their respective teams!!I watched the 2 day event looking at the NFL Network on the TV and on their live streamed broadcast on my computer!! They did an outstanding job -- Rich Eisen, Mike Mayott, Marshall Fauk, Jamie Dukes and my boy -- PRIME TIME DEION SANDERS!!Well, after the first set of 6 college stars were picked all the MAJOR drama was over with at least from a tv standpoint. Yet the drama continued with all the wheeling and dealing by the NFL team GM's, coaches and owners! It was great to see how this process operates.Additionally, THE FANS AT THE DRAFT DAY SHOW -- ARE FANTASTIC AND THEY MAKE THE BROADCAST WORTH WATCHING. They even booed Jake Long (Miami Dolpin) when he was introduced. Why? Because it's New York and New York Jets fans dislike anyone on the arch-rival AFC team like the Dolphins. Jake Long was surprised but hey this is the NFL.On my Podcast Show, I talk about all the other interesting events and the players selected during the two day draft selection. I ALSO GIVE YOU WHICH PLAYER WILL BE THE 2008 NFL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR -- and I guarantee you that this player will SURPRISE EVERYONE!!So check out the Podcast show here -- 2008 NFL POST DRAFT DAY SHOW!Share your thoughts with me at:

  • Football One on One 2008 NFL PreDraft Show
    Football One on One 2008 NFL PreDraft Show

    Greeting Football Fans and Draft Day Fans,This is the Beetle for Football One on One and here is our Pre-Draft NFL podcast show. You have to check out this show because I give you all the hype and detailed analysis of each number #1 player coming out of college and being selected for the NFL.Yes, I break it all down while having alot of fun in the studio of Football One on One. So if you want to hear an entertaining Podcast Show with all the Flavor, Fun and Football expertise, check out our PreDraft Show!It's the Real Deal with Flavor!Here is the Show: 2008 NFL PreDraft Show

  • NFL Free Agency Show - 2008
    NFL Free Agency Show - 2008

    Greetings Football Fans,It's the off-season in the NFL, but the NFL management and coaches are busy acquiring all types of players. Many players are making big time deals whereas others are being cut. The biggest surprise cut is Warrick Dunn of the Atlanta Falcons and the biggest acquisition is Asante Samuel by the Philadelphia Eagles.Well, check out our Podcast show on the Free Agency Deals. Its me -- the Beetle -- and Sunnyside laying down the knowledge, flavor and attitude about the deals in the NFL during the offseason!FOOTBALL ONE ONE ONE FREE AGENCY SHOWFootball One on One Question - Which team made the best Free-Agency Deal? Email us at: football@footballoneonone.comCheck out the latest podcast and SUBSCRIBE TO FOOTBALL ONE ON ONE!!


    Greetings Football Fans,We just completed taping our tribute to Brett Favre podcast and webcast show! Wow, can you believe it? Brett Favre has officially retired after 17 seasons! Once he got his start in Green Bay, Favre started every game thereafter -- REMARKABLE!!Well, listen to our Podcast & soon see our webcast show on why WE THINK HE RETIRED!! WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!FOOTBALL ONE ON ONE TRIBUTE TO BRETT FAVRE PODCAST SHOWAdditionally, the KEY PODCAST AND WEBCAST QUESTION IS:WAS BRETT FAVRE THE BEST QB IN NFL HISTORY?Send us your response and answer -- Yes or No -- to football@footballoneonone.comCHECK IT OUT AND LISTEN TO OUR FUN SHOW AND TRIBUTE TO BRETT FAVRE!

  • Football One on Ones -- NFL Combine Podcast Show
    Football One on One's -- NFL Combine Podcast Show

    Greetings NFL Fans,Yes, it's the off-season for the NFL yet the action is better than ever. This past weekend as you know, the NFL held its Combine Spectacular weekend featuring all of the phenomenial college football players showcasing their skills in all types of position agility tests, weight lifting, vertical leaping ability and of course the 40 yard dash!!Although the big name players like quarterback Matt Ryan (Boston College) and running back Darrien McFadden (Arkansas) had nothing to lose in showcasing their skills, other former college stars had so much more to gain. The surprise running back in the NFL Combine was no one other than -- Chris Johnson (East Carolina University). He ran a blazing 4.27 in the forty yard dash.Check out Football One on One's NFL Combine at our website: Football One on One!

  • Indepth Analysis of the 2007 NFL Draft
    Indepth Analysis of the 2007 NFL Draft

    Check it Out!Here is my complete re-analysis of the 2007 NFL Draft! This is the Beetle and I produced this show to provide you with an indepth analysis of the 2007 draft. I examine which teams REALLY did an outstanding job during the draft and which teams performed average at best.I also give you player skill and physical analysis and which player will most likely make an impact immediately in the NFL and which players will most likely need to take a little while to nurture their skills in the NFL.Here is our 2nd Show on the NFL Draft -- Indepth Analyis of the 2007 NFL Draft.Send your comments to:

  • The 2007 NFL Draft Podcast Show - Check out Our 1st Round Analysis!
    The 2007 NFL Draft Podcast Show - Check out Our 1st Round Analysis!

    Hey Football Fans,The day of the NFL 2007 Draft is always a day of uncertainty. All the predictors and prognosticators on which teams will draft which player is all at the end because this is the day in which the teams' GM, President, Owner, scouts and of course HeadCoach decide upon which players to draft. Boy, this first round day was FANTASTIC AGAIN!!The entire Football One on One Crew (Beetle, Rise, Aurora, Sunnyside and FreeSpirit) watched the entire 1st round on the NFL NETWORK!! In fact, we recorded our 2007 NFL Draft Podcast Show immediately after the first round:Here it is: The 2007 NFL Draft Podcast ShowThe NFL Network had -- by far -- the best coverage!! Yes, move over ESPN (Berman and Kipper) -- you guys are soooo predictable!Well, on the NFL Network, Deion Sanders opened the proceedings and introduced the potential first five draftees! Then Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, Mike Mayott and former headcoach Mariucci performed an excellent entertaining reporting of all the events!!Of course, JaMarcus Russell was the No: 1 Pick for the Raiders. Check out our broadcast to get the entire selection during the first round. The biggest deal and the team which pulled off a mega deal was the CLEVELAND BROWNS -- Getting -- Joe Thomas - Tackle (Wisconsin) and Brady Quinn - Quarterback (Notre Dame). Finally Brady Quinn got selected and he waited and waited to be selected number 22! Great job Browns and of course great job the Patriots organization!! They are soooo good!Send us your comments about the 2007 NFL Draft at:

  • Football One on One 2007 SuperBowl Podcast Show - Colts vs Bears
    Football One on One 2007 SuperBowl Podcast Show - Colts vs Bears

    We're back everyone!!I know it has been a little while since our last podcast show, but we are finally back in stride for the end of the season -- THE SUPERBOWL -- The Indianapolis Colts vs The Chicago Bears!Talk about another fantastic and unpredictable season. The NFL season always captivates us from the very start of the preseason to the final game of the season -- THE SUPERBOWL!!Of course, the Football One on One Crew -- "Beetle, Rise, Aurora, Sunnyside & FreeSpirit" have our opinions about the season and selections for the Superbowl. Yes, some of our early season predictions did not go as anticipated but we are here again to give you our best effort in providing you the insight and family fun with looking at the professional football games throughout the entire season!So Check out our latest Podcast Show right here! -- Football One on One 2007 SuperBowl ShowSend us your prediction at: football@footballoneonone.comorlet us know what you think about our podcast shows at: feedback@footballoneonone.comHey, you can tell, we still bring our game face for every show and every game. This is Football and we still mean business!! ENJOY THE GAME AND FESTIVITIES!! SEE YOU AT THE TUBE!!

  • Football One on Ones Podcast Tailgating Show
    Football One on One's Podcast Tailgating Show

    Check out our Podcast show on Tailgating!!Football One on One's Crew interviews Stephen Linn -- an expert on tailgating to find out all about the craze of tailgating. If you want to know how to become a great tailgater, what to serve, what to wear, and how to have fun, then you must listen to this very special Podcast show from Football One on One. This show also includes information on how to enter a national contest -- "The Search for America's Ultimate Tailgater."Click here to hear: Football One on One Podcast Show#9 - Everything You Want to Know About Tailgating But Were Afraid to Ask featuring Stephen Linn - The Ultimate Tailgate BrandOh yeah, here are a couple of photos of the Football One on One Crew in the studio after the interview:

  • Football One on One Podcast Show # 8 - Early Season Predictions for the NFL 2006 Season
    Football One on One Podcast Show # 8 - Early Season Predictions for the NFL 2006 Season

    Check out our season opening podcast show --Podcast Show #8: Early Season Predictions. Listen to our podcast show highlighting the Football One on One Crew's thoughts and opinions on the upcoming NFL season. We will also share our comments on Terrell Owens and the Dallas Cowboys -- then our Parting Shots!!Send us your comments and send us your predictions at: football@footballoneonone.comAre you ready for some Football?

  • Football One on One Podcast Show - 2006 Training Camp Edition
    Football One on One Podcast Show - 2006 Training Camp Edition

    Here is Football One on One's latest Podcast!! This is the Training Camp Edition Show!Listen to our discussion of our visit to the Panthers training camp as well as our preseason predictions of the NFL season!! Let us know what you think about our show!! Send an email to: feedback@footballoneonone.comAlso check out some of our video podcast clips:The HYPE - Training Camp EditionFull Play - Sunnyside and Beetle run an offensive play!Beetle's defensive cornerback skillsIf you want to see more video clips, go to Football One on One (