Every Friday With Dan And Olivia

Every Friday With Dan And Olivia


Actor/musician Olivia d'Abo has teamed up with veteran podcaster Dan Miles to bring you a fun weekly show featuring engaging conversations and high quality musical selections. Make spending Fridays with Dan and Olivia a part of your weekly routine!

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  • 131 Endless Sea of Inspiration
    131 Endless Sea of Inspiration
    Duration: 03h30min | 24/12/2018

    Twitter people, greater in your posse, everybody’s princess.

  • 130 Tomorrow’s Joke
    130 Tomorrow’s Joke
    Duration: 52min | 20/09/2018

    False start, giant group hug, Sheen on repeat. Opening music: “Smatter” by Lucas Pickford

  • 129 Nature’s Cathedral
    129 Nature’s Cathedral
    Duration: 47min | 02/08/2018

    Suspended by wetness, hidden in a barn, raccoon stare. Opening music: “Summer Smile” by Ronny Jordan

  • 128 Letting Her Pretend
    128 Letting Her Pretend
    Duration: 03h35min | 20/05/2018

    Magic shrink ray, tasty bean burritos, tart with a heart. Opening music: “Ocean Apart” by Julie Delpy

  • 127 Your Muffins Are Ready
    127 Your Muffins Are Ready
    Duration: 01h03min | 04/05/2018

    Lacking in diplomacy, frisbee dinner, salsa girls.

  • 126 Keep it Festive
    126 Keep it Festive
    Duration: 37min | 27/04/2018

    Death by sign, how we roll, second act reinventions.

  • 125 Cool Quartet
    125 Cool Quartet
    Duration: 01h07s | 20/04/2018

    Major modifications, velvet walls, noble failure, halfway down the hockey stick.

  • 124 Thinking in French
    124 Thinking in French
    Duration: 47min | 13/04/2018

    Remains of the heroin, a different kind of mania, a peek behind the curtain. Opening music: “Change the World” by Eric Clapton

  • 123 Dynamic Trio
    123 Dynamic Trio
    Duration: 51min | 05/04/2018

    Queen of Corn, bone structure, birthday kiss. Opening music: “Love Came for Me” by Rita Coolidge

  • 122 Reeking of Romance
    122 Reeking of Romance
    Duration: 01h12min | 29/03/2018

    War and longing, a bumpy ride, pea green outfits, shut up and deal. Opening music: “Love Story” by Andy Williams

  • 121 Sorry Little Apology
    121 Sorry Little Apology
    Duration: 10min | 22/03/2018

    Blatant deceptions, twists and turns, Olivia directs.

  • 120 Open Ears and an Open Heart
    120 Open Ears and an Open Heart
    Duration: 02h30min | 16/03/2018

    Walking dichotomy, kernel of positivity, melancholic bone.

  • 119 Outer Cold and Inner Heat
    119 Outer Cold and Inner Heat
    Duration: 01h22min | 09/03/2018

    Two cats and a cheetah, one statue with two heads, a different kind of sausage. Opening music: “Fooling Yourself/Overture” by Styx

  • 118 Like Motown but Farther North
    118 Like Motown but Farther North
    Duration: 55min | 02/03/2018

    Pollution probe, hippie town, genuine progress indicator. Opening music: “At Home” by Dale Ladouceur

  • 117 Rubik’s Cube of the Instrument World
    117 Rubik’s Cube of the Instrument World
    Duration: 42min | 23/02/2018

    Romancing the air, strands of audio light, eight thousand half naked Swedes. Opening music: “And Then the Work Begins” by Dale Ladouceur

  • 116 The Burbank of Raleigh
    116 The Burbank of Raleigh
    Duration: 32min | 16/02/2018

    Harbor view luxury, double shot Friday, literal Vegas baby.

  • 115 A Galaxy Full of Orphans
    115 A Galaxy Full of Orphans
    Duration: 56min | 09/02/2018

    Stallone model, dancing with de Lancie, the wig person. Opening music: “Amanda” by Boston

  • 114 Amazing Christmas Special
    114 Amazing Christmas Special
    Duration: 18min | 22/12/2017

    Wishing everyone a holly jolly holiday!

  • 113 Planner of All Plans
    113 Planner of All Plans
    Duration: 14min | 15/12/2017

    One hundred percent Olivia, seasons of eight, two months in the bank. Opening music: “Peter Gunn” by Eumir Deodato

  • 112 Flashback Friday
    112 Flashback Friday
    Duration: 02h20min | 08/12/2017

    Great musical pedigree, prepubescent moments, astounding close ups.

  • 111 Gotta Love that Yodeling
    111 Gotta Love that Yodeling
    Duration: 01h09min | 01/12/2017

    Understated protest, yer mutha, don’t get a pool.

  • 110 Got Ink
    110 Got Ink
    Duration: 01h23min | 24/11/2017

    Lucky plays Journey, Belushi agenda, charming outlaws.

  • 109 Faking Chopin with Brett Conrad
    109 Faking Chopin with Brett Conrad
    Duration: 41min | 17/11/2017

    Pointless degrees, crushes and lust, reverse ratings. Opening music: “Some Cow Fonque” by Buckshot LeFonque

  • 108 Choosing Your Life with Abby Aguilera
    108 Choosing Your Life with Abby Aguilera
    Duration: 49min | 10/11/2017

    Gold on the rooftops, intuitive quotient, seventh chakra. Opening music: “Hypnotized” by Fleetwood Mac

  • 107 Space Puppies with John Champion
    107 Space Puppies with John Champion
    Duration: 01h02min | 02/11/2017

    Hot & cold running butlers, brought back with an empty chair, authentic American clothing.

  • 106 Just a Pod Before I Go
    106 Just a Pod Before I Go
    Duration: 56min | 26/10/2017

    Backin’ Britain, sticker drama, one simple word.

  • 105 Found on Shelf
    105 Found on Shelf
    Duration: 02h30min | 19/10/2017

    Goin’ awesome, core four, Dominican callback.  Opening music: “Samba de Elencia” by Alf Clausen Jazz Orchestra

  • 104 Mule Moments
    104 Mule Moments
    Duration: 01h04min | 13/10/2017

    Brundle fly, luminescent hair, too much corn. Opening music: “Genetic Engineering” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

  • 103 I Was Gonna Say Bread
    103 I Was Gonna Say Bread
    Duration: 40min | 06/10/2017

    Four thousand years on the Hebrew calendar, born with a blank slate, Summer of Ed. Opening music: “If I Could Fly” by Joe Satriani

  • 102 Keeping on Track
    102 Keeping on Track
    Duration: 50min | 28/09/2017

    A single train of thought.

  • 101 Giraffe Women  Foot Binding
    101 Giraffe Women & Foot Binding
    Duration: 01h16min | 22/09/2017

    Dial it down, a particularly judgmental place, crisp hundred dollar bills. Opening music: “The Healer” by Santana

  • 100 The Recappening
    100 The Recappening
    Duration: 29min | 15/09/2017

    Female human, mischievous imp, oh the silence.

  • 099 Half a Zillion Friends
    099 Half a Zillion Friends
    Duration: 02h51min | 08/09/2017

    Horse breath, mountainous trail of Titicaca, big ass water bottle. Opening music: “The Art of Happiness” by Jean-Luc Ponty

  • 098 Last Bit of Oomph
    098 Last Bit of Oomph
    Duration: 42min | 01/09/2017

    Perfect Connecticut family, guillotine moment, rope burn city.

  • 097 Front Row Joe
    097 Front Row Joe
    Duration: 01h03min | 25/08/2017

    Oscar party drama, pump up the Hull High volume, manual antenna removal. Opening music: “Take Your Time” by Ruti Celli

  • 096 No More Surprises, MF
    096 No More Surprises, MF
    Duration: 34min | 18/08/2017

    Departures into madness, absolutely gobsmacked, turning songbird.

  • 095 A Messy History
    095 A Messy History
    Duration: 01h15min | 11/08/2017

    Composition and division, cheap shot artists, elephants in the room. Opening music: “Driven to Tears” by The Police

  • 094 Wonderful Way to Grow Up
    094 Wonderful Way to Grow Up
    Duration: 51min | 03/08/2017

    Newkyahlur lieberry, millions will be late, tool of the higher powers. Opening music: “Violetta” by Andre Gagnon

  • 093 Blue Jeans and Bailey
    093 Blue Jeans and Bailey
    Duration: 01h25min | 28/07/2017

    Love Boat favoritism, pattern recognizers, immovable helmet.

  • 092 Heir and Spare
    092 Heir and Spare
    Duration: 01h06min | 21/07/2017

    Ten foot rule, apples in prison, oldest intern. Opening music: “Kings and Queens” by Aerosmith

  • 091 Daleking Out
    091 Daleking Out
    Duration: 02h41min | 14/07/2017

    Google is your friend, Squackett good, Santana moment. Opening music: “Khedive” by Styx

  • 090 Split Second Realization
    090 Split Second Realization
    Duration: 33min | 07/07/2017

    Hard for the money, new policy, juvenile features.

  • 089 Living in a Residue
    089 Living in a Residue
    Duration: 01h21min | 30/06/2017

    Let those doggies breathe, field of malarkey, stroked like a cat. Opening music: “Take a Little Hit” by Ben Sidran

  • 088 No Wiggle Room
    088 No Wiggle Room
    Duration: 19min | 23/06/2017

    Breaking bread, nuts Canadian style, Germane Jackson. Opening music: “Tennessee Street” by Drew Zingg

  • 087 The Purpose of the Porpoise
    087 The Purpose of the Porpoise
    Duration: 02h06min | 17/06/2017

    The operative word, Meatloaf-esque, on the verge of disco.

  • 086 Symbiotic Unity
    086 Symbiotic Unity
    Duration: 57min | 09/06/2017

    A million people too many, self preservation mode, culture of freedom.

  • 085 Cool Cover Crossover
    085 Cool Cover Crossover
    Duration: 34min | 02/06/2017

    We continue to ride out our hiatus with listener picks for cover songs they prefer to the originals.

  • 084 Ain’t Quite Back Yet
    084 Ain’t Quite Back Yet
    Duration: 33min | 26/05/2017

    Our brief hiatus briefly continues (briefly).

  • 083 Get the Machete
    083 Get the Machete
    Duration: 16min | 19/05/2017

    Red Sox apron, thermometer brain, jock jams.

  • 082 Galaxy of Stars
    082 Galaxy of Stars
    Duration: 01h20min | 12/05/2017

    Wider berth, Holder Overnight, shoulder of the Devil. Opening music: “Cut Chemist Suite” by Ozomatli

  • 081 The Sweet Spot for America
    081 The Sweet Spot for America
    Duration: 01h18min | 04/05/2017

    Weird end of the stick, anti Devo, nutty cameo, expression of care. Opening music: “Blues Grinder” by Ronny Jordan

  • 080 Fair in Both Directions
    080 Fair in Both Directions
    Duration: 01h05min | 28/04/2017

    Radiohead traffic jam, reduced to a tiny square, four very different guys.

  • 079 One Percent Adult 
    079 One Percent Adult 
    Duration: 48min | 20/04/2017

    Super bugs, Chewbacca’s bench, rewiring your matrix. Opening music: “Turn My Back on You” by Sade

  • 078 Olivia on the Rocks
    078 Olivia on the Rocks
    Duration: 45min | 14/04/2017

    Olivia discusses her career with Alexander Rodriguez,  Stan Zimmerman, Patrick Gomez and Amin El Gamal.

  • 077 Tips on Great Exposure
    077 Tips on Great Exposure
    Duration: 58min | 07/04/2017

    Generational karma, thinly veiled begging, Sting needs another castle. Opening music: “Five Per Cent for Nothing” by Yes

  • 076 Making Robert Care
    076 Making Robert Care
    Duration: 01h11min | 31/03/2017

    America Junior, turd polishing, sleeping sheep. Opening music: “Wow” by Andre Gagnon

  • 075 Shakespearean TMZ
    075 Shakespearean TMZ
    Duration: 02h40s | 23/03/2017

    Teenagers with headsets, Sunday meltdown, internet jinx. Opening music: “Affirmation” by George Benson

  • 074 Rooting for the Bull
    074 Rooting for the Bull
    Duration: 42min | 17/03/2017

    Asian Brando, smartest person in the room, dude vibe. Opening music “Cool #9” by Joe Satriani

  • 073 Born Awakened
    073 Born Awakened
    Duration: 43min | 10/03/2017

    The Maid of Orleans, not unlike the Spanish Inquisition, the flaw in the diamond. Opening music “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

  • 072 Actually I Want Fries
    072 Actually I Want Fries
    Duration: 46min | 03/03/2017

    I swear you not, monosyllabic grunting, indeed. Opening music: “Words” by the Monkees

  • 071 Don’t Give Me the Side Eye
    071 Don’t Give Me the Side Eye
    Duration: 01h12min | 24/02/2017

    Spencer goes missing, boomer ascendancy, a little bit more squeaky.

  • 070 Good Things are on the Horizon
    070 Good Things are on the Horizon
    Duration: 18min | 17/02/2017

    From Jolson to Jarreau, cover project, up against Thriller. Opening music: “We’re in this Love Together” by Al Jarreau

  • 069 The Kids Don’t Actually Say That
    069 The Kids Don’t Actually Say That
    Duration: 32min | 10/02/2017

    Themebola, sketchy french accents, a large portion of testosterone.

  • 068 The Robert Option
    068 The Robert Option
    Duration: 01h08min | 03/02/2017

    Happiness on demand, Scorpion Manor, return of the rabbit.

  • 067 No Cicadas, No Plane
    067 No Cicadas, No Plane
    Duration: 57min | 26/01/2017

    17 cents a day, cough suppression, a whole symphony happening outside this room.

  • 066 I Was Told There’d Be No Chris
    066 I Was Told There’d Be No Chris
    Duration: 01h01min | 20/01/2017

    This show is bloody mad, a beautiful skybound device, reverse whack-a-mole.

  • 065 Old Men and Young Girls
    065 Old Men and Young Girls
    Duration: 02h33min | 13/01/2017

    Very few pretensions, scouser diction, existential meltdown.

  • 064 Too Much Perspective
    064 Too Much Perspective
    Duration: 01h20min | 06/01/2017

    Something is better than nothing, turning up the Spanish juice, the definitive takedown.

  • 063 The Thing from the Place
    063 The Thing from the Place
    Duration: 01h25min | 30/12/2016

    Gorgeous purple jacket, clever witticisms into the void, remembering Rod Temperton.

  • 062 Simon Thinks So Too
    062 Simon Thinks So Too
    Duration: 01h25min | 23/12/2016

    Relatively harmless fluff, stew stew studio, motley abbreviation.

  • 061 Shoulder Pads!
    061 Shoulder Pads!
    Duration: 02h51min | 16/12/2016

    The opposite of cutting edge, unanimous geek moment, puncturing the pomposity.

  • 060 Chakra Analysis
    060 Chakra Analysis
    Duration: 02h41min | 09/12/2016

    Feathered hair and sweater vests, olly oxen free, scolding mode.

  • 059 It’s Never Okay to Peek
    059 It’s Never Okay to Peek
    Duration: 01h14min | 02/12/2016

    A crappy acronym, it stays broke, a gimpy duo. Opening music: “Robert’s Box” by Procol Harum

  • 058 It Never Snows in San Diego
    058 It Never Snows in San Diego
    Duration: 23min | 24/11/2016

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 057 Make Music, Not War
    057 Make Music, Not War
    Duration: 02h39min | 17/11/2016

    Kiss preschool, the annoyance component, a long life on Lifetime.

  • 056 Contemplating Crash Course
    056 Contemplating Crash Course
    Duration: 01h22min | 11/11/2016

    Auto pots, robot pronunciation, post vomit euphoria. Opening music: “Seth Runs on Track” by Lyle Workman

  • 055 A Dignified Silence
    055 A Dignified Silence
    Duration: 02h32min | 04/11/2016

    Worst solo ever, some latin asides, a Canadian pie.

  • 054 Play, Magic Fingers!
    054 Play, Magic Fingers!
    Duration: 02h32min | 28/10/2016

    Boatload of screaming girls, murder ballads are a thing, heavy reverb phase. Opening music: “Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington

  • 053 Fresh Ears and an Open Mind
    053 Fresh Ears and an Open Mind
    Duration: 01h01min | 21/10/2016

    One of the cats, leave hallelujah alone, a lot of tourists.

  • 052 Feminine Goddess Energy
    052 Feminine Goddess Energy
    Duration: 02h50min | 14/10/2016

    Soupcon of 1956, all Klingon tribute band, salad dude. Opening music by David Cassidy and Aretha Franklin

  • 051 Warped Like a Clam
    051 Warped Like a Clam
    Duration: 54min | 07/10/2016

    Nostalgia bath, Australian spelling with John Cleese, dreamy poster inside. Opening music: “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb

  • 050 Looking for Mayberry
    050 Looking for Mayberry
    Duration: 01h08min | 30/09/2016

    Sandbox boundaries, wine and cheese police, Hamsterdam. Opening music: “Ol’ Bombay” by Barry Cowsill

  • 049 A Trail of Hopscotch
    049 A Trail of Hopscotch
    Duration: 43min | 22/09/2016

    Duffy the Ginger Pony, witches in the sky, Aristotelian Beast God Dynamic. Opening music: “Wide Open Spaces” by Olivia d’Abo

  • 048 Answer Me These Questions 3
    048 Answer Me These Questions 3
    Duration: 22min | 16/09/2016

    Two percent jokes, Hamilton references, ancient Chinese invention. Opening music: “The Sea” by Morcheeba

  • 047 Half Assed Bro Grab
    047 Half Assed Bro Grab
    Duration: 33min | 09/09/2016

    Hallucinogenic jet lag, baby bird @ 20, fresh Egyptian cabbie. Opening music: “Joe Slam and the Spaceship”  – Harry Connick Jr.

  • 046 En Vacances
    046 En Vacances
    Duration: 31min | 02/09/2016

    The best hair in the business, lactating bitches, perilous Parisian parenting.

  • 045 Secret Pimps of Boston with Ken Reid
    045 Secret Pimps of Boston with Ken Reid
    Duration: 01h25min | 26/08/2016

    Kermit’s frustrating social experiment, Ecuadorian basket weaving, the sum total of human knowledge in our pockets. Opening music: “My Favorite Car” by Lyle Workman

  • 044 Jetpacks  Segways
    044 Jetpacks & Segways
    Duration: 25min | 19/08/2016

    The direction of laziness, the comforting presence of fallible humans, pet peeve mashup. Opening music: “Grace in the Bubble” by Jim Beard

  • 043 Me and My Teddy Bear
    043 Me and My Teddy Bear
    Duration: 30min | 12/08/2016

    A nut with a berry, off the deep end, name dropping seal. Opening music “Wildcat” by Ratatat

  • 042 Bachelorette Threat
    042 Bachelorette Threat
    Duration: 53min | 05/08/2016

    Peyote of the comedic shaman, recipriversexcluson, God’s flashlight Opening music “Tequila” by Larry Carlton

  • 041 Bernard Rose (Part 3)
    041 Bernard Rose (Part 3)
    Duration: 56min | 29/07/2016

    We close out our trilogy by discussing when to shoot a close up, the magic and the mystery, valuing the banal and much more!

  • 040 Bernard Rose (Part 2)
    040 Bernard Rose (Part 2)
    Duration: 55min | 22/07/2016

    A discussion of the films Paperhouse, Candyman and Immortal Beloved.

  • 039 Bernard Rose (Part 1)
    039 Bernard Rose (Part 1)
    Duration: 01h06min | 14/07/2016

    The acclaimed director talks about his famous 80’s music videos. Opening music “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  • 038 Rise of the Honey Badger
    038 Rise of the Honey Badger
    Duration: 01h03min | 07/07/2016

    Listener feedback, snot rockets, two schools of lion taming. Opening music: “Anyone” by Monkey House

  • 037 Bullet Point Flyers
    037 Bullet Point Flyers
    Duration: 45min | 01/07/2016

    Parental pot picnic, speed dating @20, a friend in the end. Opening music: “Bring on the Night” by The Police

  • 036 Vestigial Tails of Cultural Memory
    036 Vestigial Tails of Cultural Memory
    Duration: 47min | 24/06/2016

    Triskaidekaphobia, spine cracking sneezes, avocado cooties. Opening music: “I Ain’t Superstitious” by The Jeff Beck Group

  • 035 Mike d’Abo Tribute
    035 Mike d’Abo Tribute
    Duration: 55min | 17/06/2016

    Celebrity basement, Brit backwash, pastoral handbags and buttercups.

  • 034 Dirty Sorry
    034 Dirty Sorry
    Duration: 47min | 10/06/2016

    Human beef, asian born, two named boy. Opening music “Misunderstanding” by Genesis

  • 033 Peacock Envy
    033 Peacock Envy
    Duration: 53min | 03/06/2016

    Jeopardy moment, zen driver, meet Max & Wally. Opening music: “Crazy Days” by Danny Kean

  • 032 Maggie London Tribute
    032 Maggie London Tribute
    Duration: 01h46s | 27/05/2016

    Olivia fondly remembers her mother who recently passed away.

  • 031 Fingers and Toes
    031 Fingers and Toes
    Duration: 13min | 19/05/2016

    As our hiatus comes to an end we thank you for your patience! Opening music: “Fly Away” by Mark Herrick

  • 030 The 80’s Remixed
    030 The 80’s Remixed
    Duration: 54min | 13/05/2016

    Climb into our DeLorean and travel back with us to an alternate Eighties.

  • 029 Queen Remixed
    029 Queen Remixed
    Duration: 43min | 06/05/2016

    This week we mashup Queen so get on your bikes and ride!

  • 028 Chart Sweep
    028 Chart Sweep
    Duration: 01h18min | 28/04/2016

    Spend an hour taking a journey through 40 years of American pop music!

  • 027 The Beatles Remixed
    027 The Beatles Remixed
    Duration: 49min | 22/04/2016

    Our hiatus continues with a fab set of gear mashups.

  • 026 Led Zeppelin Remixed
    026 Led Zeppelin Remixed
    Duration: 33min | 15/04/2016

    Have a Whole Lotta Mashups and enjoy every inch of our love.

  • 025 Be Right Back
    025 Be Right Back
    Duration: 10min | 07/04/2016

    A brief hiatus announcement. Opening music: “Lovely Day” by Elliott Randall

  • 024 Candy and Soap
    024 Candy and Soap
    Duration: 50min | 01/04/2016

    The saddest of all sonatas, double dated piece of work, Langford the Lame.

  • 023 The Truth Bar
    023 The Truth Bar
    Duration: 54min | 24/03/2016

    Limitless omnipotent power, Steven Spielberg ride, charming sociopath. Opening music: “Before You Go” by Lyle Mays

  • 022 Wanting to Connect
    022 Wanting to Connect
    Duration: 43min | 17/03/2016

    Obvious joke, host boy lingo, people pleasing business. Opening music: “Porky & Beans” by Jeff Berlin

  • 021 Ziggy the Starman
    021 Ziggy the Starman
    Duration: 56min | 10/03/2016

    Strong thumbs, almost asexual, showing the potential of art. Opening music: “Changes” by David Bowie

  • 020 Little Hidden Gems
    020 Little Hidden Gems
    Duration: 42min | 03/03/2016

    Reaching for the alien shore, homework in Hungarian, we’re Americans too. Opening music: “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole

  • 019 Stars and Garters
    019 Stars and Garters
    Duration: 43min | 25/02/2016

    Lavender to pink haired little ladies, death death death lunch, the return of the native. Opening music by Derek and Clive

  • 018 The Fourth Realm
    018 The Fourth Realm
    Duration: 48min | 18/02/2016

    Ominous coat rack, Indian dog child, phantom limb. Opening music: “Smoking Jesse’s Pot” by Dave Porter

  • 017 Mastering Life
    017 Mastering Life
    Duration: 34min | 11/02/2016

    Amish teenager, the farmer and the talking shoe, nightmare date.

  • 016 Puppies and Butterflies
    016 Puppies and Butterflies
    Duration: 29min | 05/02/2016

    Who’s in the freezer, alcohol and testosterone, the country for me. Opening music “Bombacha” by Leo Sidran

  • 015 Wood, Metal and Vibrating Air
    015 Wood, Metal and Vibrating Air
    Duration: 37min | 28/01/2016

    Foreigner kiss, participating in genius, tools and artifacts Opening music: Mashup by DJ Earlybird

  • 014 Bad Ass Gloves
    014 Bad Ass Gloves
    Duration: 31min | 22/01/2016

    Birthday girl in my soup, multi tasking on air, 7 levels. Opening music: “Breezin” by Al Jarreau

  • 013 An Awkward Oh
    013 An Awkward Oh
    Duration: 37min | 14/01/2016

    Billy Idle, red headed chickity poo, perversion of idolatry Opening music “Last Good Time in Town” by Eagles

  • 012 Serious Cool Factor Points
    012 Serious Cool Factor Points
    Duration: 32min | 08/01/2016

    Rocking the androgyny, general consensus of women globally, Spoon style rant Opening music: “Hairstyles and Attitudes” by Timbuk 3

  • 011 Let Him Find the Eggs
    011 Let Him Find the Eggs
    Duration: 30min | 31/12/2015

    Tail end of an era, orchid in your soul, same stratosphere as Mozart Opening music: “Love Too Good” by Jefferson Starship

  • 010 Triple the People
    010 Triple the People
    Duration: 35min | 24/12/2015

    Waterski wife, Thom@20, Sci Fi EGOT Opening music: “Sleigh Ride” by The Blenders

  • 009 Merchandise Epidemic
    009 Merchandise Epidemic
    Duration: 40min | 17/12/2015

    Club Thursday, stoned demonic muppet, emergency triage. Opening music by The Tijuana Brass

  • 008 The Oreo Milkshake Effect
    008 The Oreo Milkshake Effect
    Duration: 36min | 10/12/2015

    Learning curve, wasp nipples, Alan September with a prog twist. Opening music: “Push Comes to Shove” by Van Halen

  • 007 That Cheerleader Vibe
    007 That Cheerleader Vibe
    Duration: 24min | 04/12/2015

    Praising for the little things, nerd befriending, sibling reports. Opening music: Mashup by DJ John

  • 006 A Real Dame Presence
    006 A Real Dame Presence
    Duration: 27min | 26/11/2015

    Belters of the seventies, hippie uncles, theatre for the people. Opening music: “Border Line” by Deodato

  • 005 Take the Compliment
    005 Take the Compliment
    Duration: 22min | 19/11/2015

    Sweeties and honeys, outsider grumbling, his name was Herb. Opening music: “Come Dancing” by Jeff Beck

  • 004 Modern Salad Ordering
    004 Modern Salad Ordering
    Duration: 21min | 12/11/2015

    Standing in your truth, heroes in your hood, one composite thing. Opening music: “Love Magic” by Deodato

  • 003 Don’t Forget to Take the Girl
    003 Don’t Forget to Take the Girl
    Duration: 22min | 06/11/2015

    The fine art of screaming, Partridge Family boots, a matched set of concussions. Opening music: “Keep on Movin” by Deodato

  • 002 Attack of the Energy Vampires
    002 Attack of the Energy Vampires
    Duration: 24min | 30/10/2015

    Lost dreams revisited, dumpers & dumpees, dumb ass coaches & disgruntled referees. Opening music: Mashup by Go Home Productions

  • 001 Let’s Check That Clock
    001 Let’s Check That Clock
    Duration: 21min | 19/10/2015

    Dan Miles and Olivia d’Abo explain their new show’s format and invite listeners to make them a part of their weekly routine. Opening music: “Knucklehead” – Eumir Deodato