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Steve Kramer


Tune in with Spirit Fire Radio. Listen live every Wednesday @ 9am pacific / 12pm eastern.Purposeful living, practical spirituality... they sound like concepts we would all welcome into our lives!How do we bring compassion, tolerance, and hope to the forefront of our daily endeavors? What role do detachment and discernment play in bringing together our human family? Join hosts Steve Kramer from Spirit Fire and Dr. Dorothy Riddle from the School for Esoteric Studies as they explore spiritual concepts in practical terms. Tune in as they uncover ways that ageless wisdom can guide us in modern times. Spirit Fire Radio will challenge your thinking, offer insights, and discuss activities that foster goodwill in your life and the lives of those you touch.Steve is a certified teacher and practitioner of The Practice Of Living Awareness meditation technique. He is also President of The Board of Directors of Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization focused on cultivating spirituality and educating people on the importance of consciousness in their everyday lives. Steve is a teacher of Esoteric Healing, a form of subtle energy healing developed from the Ageless Wisdom teachings through the Tibetan Lama Djwal-Khul. He is also a certified Reiki Master practitioner. Steve lives in New England where he stewards Spirit Fire Retreat Center which has become a melting pot of spiritual traditions as teachers, students, practitioners, and contemplatives from all over the world come together in the name of conscious co-creation.

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  • Applying the Ageless Wisdom
    Applying the Ageless Wisdom

    As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have access to universal wisdom. Not only do we have access to it, but we are a collective embodiment of it. How do we apply this wisdom to our everyday lives and how does this wisdom assist us in stewarding planetary life? Join us as we explore these questions.

  • The Energy of Organization
    The Energy of Organization

    How do we harness the power to create order and what does this energy provide to us on the spiritual path? We wrap up our 5-part series on mental energies with the energy of organization. Join us.

  • Concrete Knowledge
    Concrete Knowledge

    Concrete Knowledge will be the theme of today's exploration of the various energies of the mind. This energy allows stimulates invention, finds facts, creates order, and develops practicalunderstanding. "Knowledge will set you free." May it be so.

  • Active Intelligence
    Active Intelligence

    For the month of April we will explore the energies of the mind. These discussions are intended to compliment last month's exploration of the energies of the heart. Active Intelligence as a quality of Mind will be the theme of today's show.

  • Idealism and Devotion
    Idealism and Devotion

    We conclude our month-long journey through energies of the heart with a look at idealism and devotion. These energies serve well in dedicating ourselves to a cause; they can also create the fanatic. Join us for as lively discussion on ways to access and express idealism and devotion for the greater good of us all.

  • Harmony Through Conflict
    Harmony Through Conflict

    We continue our month-long discussion of energies of the heart with a segment on harmony through conflict. How do we bridge different approaches to life and the human experience? How do we find common ground with so much diversity in world? We utilize the heart amd its capacity to resonate. Join us.

  • The Energy of Love-Wisdom
    The Energy of Love-Wisdom

    For the rest of March, we will be examining three of the seven types of energy in our universe. In February, we looked at the energy of Will and how we can best work with it. Now we will be examining how we work with three of the seven energies that we can think of as related to Heart energy, starting with Love-Wisdom.

  • The Ethics of Using Will Energy
    The Ethics of Using Will Energy

    How do we wield the powerful force of Will and ensure that it is used for good. On today's show we will discuss goodwill and aligning our actions with a moral compass. Join us.

  • The Destructive Aspect of the Will
    The Destructive Aspect of the Will

    Destruction is usually seen as negative, yet we are costantly breaking down old forms and replacing them with new. This is called progress or evolution. The energy of the will initiates and destroys. We will discuss these expressions on today's show. Join us.

  • The Creative Aspect of the Will
    The Creative Aspect of the Will

    The freedom to choose is one of the great attributes of human life. Generally, we choose our thoughts, our responses, and our actions. In doing so, we are working with the creative power of the Will. It is wise to be conscious of this energetic aspect of living. Join us for this discussion.

  • The Nature of the Will
    The Nature of the Will

    What is the energy that we call Will? What is its purpose and why is our understanding of this powerful force so important? How is it related to spiritual principles? Join us as we begin a new month and a new topic of conversation, the Energy of the Will.

  • How To Ensure Inclusive Social Action
    How To Ensure Inclusive Social Action

    "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is our responsibility to ensure that inclusivity prevails over divisiveness. This is the topic of today's show. Join us.

  • Implementing Social Action
    Implementing Social Action

    The 'when' and the 'how' of effective action in the face of social injustice can be a complex matter. We must be cautious not to fan the flame of evil, put ourselves in harm's way, or cause further divisiveness. On today's show we will offer discussion on the implementation of inclusive social action. Join us.

  • Preparing For Inclusive Social Action
    Preparing For Inclusive Social Action

    We may sense that social action is necessary but lack the skills or the impetus to get involved. On today's show we will discuss ways that we can prepare ourselves for inclusive social response. Join us.

  • The Importance of Inclusive Social Action
    The Importance of Inclusive Social Action

    How do we promote inclusivity and denounce divisiveness? There is a growing need to understand inclusive social action and find ways to impliment this type of action on our daily world stage. We will explore this topic for the month of January and offer an introduction on this show.

  • Cosmic Relations and Hope
    Cosmic Relations and Hope

    As the new year approaches, we will dive deep into the concept and quality of hope. Hope is cosmic in nature because it arises out of perceived limitations. It is expansive, creative, and generative. We will discuss the components of hope and ways to bring it forward in your 2019.

  • Cosmic Relations and Compassion
    Cosmic Relations and Compassion

    "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." This humbling quote is from theDalai Lama From a human perspective,the prospect ofworldwidelove and compassion seems like a tallorder. From a cosmic perspective, the relevance of humanity's presence on Earth seems quite small. So how do we rise to the need? How do we align with cosmic principles which support these qualities. Join us for the discussion.

  • Cosmic Relations and Our Moral Compass
    Cosmic Relations and Our Moral Compass

    A moral compass is an internalized set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making. What if this was in relation to our cosmic selves? How might that affect our outlook and our actions? Join us for this conversation.

  • What Does It Mean To Be A Cosmic Citizen
    What Does It Mean To Be A Cosmic Citizen

    After spending seven months exploring universal principles and theirinfluenceon our personal growth, our society, our spiritual nature, and our capacity to generate goodwill, we look at the ways they shape us as cosmic citizens. Join us as we go galactic and its still all about you, us, amd the greater whole.

  • Strengthening Our Ability To Cooperate
    Strengthening Our Ability To Cooperate

    Learning to respect differences, building trust, and expanding our circle of care are some of the ways we can increaseour ability to cooperate. On today's show we offer insight into strengthening the "cooperation muscle" which moves us toward positive group action. Join us.

  • Cooperation As Altruism and Self-Interest
    Cooperation As Altruism and Self-Interest

    As we learn to see ourselves in others and others in ourselves, we understand that cooperation is not only beneficial, but imperative. Cooperation feeds the cyclical nature of expansion and evolution; as we work with others, we feel better and accomplish more. Join us as we explore cooperation as altruism and self-intertest.

  • The Myth of Competition
    The Myth of Competition

    As we look out into the world we see plenty of belief systems that support the idea of competition being useful, productive, and necessary. We believe differently. As we cooperate and collaborate, we strive. On today's show we will examine competition and ways that we can adjust our approach to living that creates win-win situations and an appreciation on the process rather than the prize.

  • Understanding Cooperation
    Understanding Cooperation

    We begin a new month and a new topic for consideration. Cooperation is the seventh of the seven principles that underlie our reality whichwe have dedicated ourselves to discussing each monthon Season 3 of Spirit Fire Radio. We evolve through symbiosis and cooperation. Learning to approach people, endeavors, and life itself cooperatively leads to abundance and creativity. On this first show wediscuss the components of cooperation.

  • Strengthening Our Ability To Adapt
    Strengthening Our Ability To Adapt

    Human beings use many tools to strengthen their ability to adapt: creativity, will-power, wisdom, courage, hope... and the internet! Increasing your ability to adapt generates flexibility, opens you up to a wide variety of experiences, and facilitates growth. The earth is complex, diverse, dynamic, and incredibly adaptable... perhapswe learned a thing or two from our mother! Join us.

  • Managing The Adaptation Process
    Managing The Adaptation Process

    Adaptability is a principle that governs how we coexist. As an individual, being adaptable is a quality and a skill. Much of the skill set centers on navigating nuances of the process of change... andsince change is inevitable and constant, these are skills worth honing. Adapt and prevail! Join us.

  • When To Adapt
    When To Adapt

    Timing is everything. On today's show we will discuss the value in discerning when action, or adaptation, is required and look into ways to be prepared when the time to adjust to change is right now. Join us.

  • The Process of Adaptation
    The Process of Adaptation

    Cultivating our ability to be responsive to change requires flexibility andresilience; the good news is, they are also the by-product of this process - the process of adaptation.Mother Earth has been adapting for 4.5 billion years - were gonna take a look at her processes andsee if we can make some of them our own!

  • The Importance of Adaptability
    The Importance of Adaptability

    It is adaptability which makes us "the fittest" in Darwinian terms. Most assume that fittest means strongest or most intelligent. Not so. As we strenghthen our capacity to adapt to new conditions, we evolve. On today's show we will discuss the importance of adaptability and its role in our growth as a being, a species, and as an aspect of consciousness.

  • Strengthening Our Interdependence
    Strengthening Our Interdependence

    As we become aware of our innate interdependence, we naturally become more appreciative, compassionate, and generous. And as we become more appreciative, compassionate, and generous, we deepen our understanding of interdependence... wonderful how that works! Join us as we discuss ways support each other and generate reverence for our natural interconnectedness.

  • Service and Interdependence
    Service and Interdependence

    Not a day goes by without our being called upon to help one another... or to be of service. As professionals, neighbors, passers-by, friends, family, or as a humanity, our lives become more efficient andmore meaningful as we exchangewith each other. As interdependent beings, it's natural! On today's show we will discusst the ways service supports and reveals our interdependence.

  • No title
    No title
  • Exploring Interdependence
    Exploring Interdependence

    We are part of an interdependent community of life; or as we could say, we are part of an interdependent community called Life. Each subjectwe've explored this season (interconnectivity, participation, nonlinearity, and nonduality) leads us to this underlying principle that governs the way in which we coexist: interdependence. If fact, we thrive to the degree that webecome efficiently mutually reliant on each other. We will explore this topic for the month of September. Join us.

  • Encore: Hope amp Spirituality
    Encore: Hope & Spirituality

    What is hope? What part does it play in our spiritual evolution? Hope is ever present! By exploring its universal qualities and its relationship to our joy, faith, and optimism we can unlock our personal growth potential; aligning ourselves with positive outcomes.

  • Moving Beyond Duality
    Moving Beyond Duality

    Today's show explores ways to uphold the truth of our interconnectedness and dispell the illusion of duality. Our similarities are stronger than our differences. Join us as we focus on reversing the "this or that" approach to living.

  • Objectification and Its Consequences
    Objectification and Its Consequences

    Objectification reinforces the myth of our dualistic reality. It is so pervasive in our culture that we may not notice that myriad of ways that we objectify one another, the ways we are objectified, and the ways in which we objectify ourselves. Join us as we explore this topic.

  • Addressing Bigotry
    Addressing Bigotry

    Allowing ouruniquenessto shine through highlights the diversityamongstourhumanfamily. Yet, using our differences as a way to separate and divide reinforces bigotry.At our core, we have much more in common with each other than we have differences.We must learn to hate;we are not born this way.We are fed illusory ideas about another person based on their skin, their background, or their religion. We are born with love in our hearts babies do not know prejudice. How does this process unfold? And why?This week we address bigotry as an aspect of the illusion of duality.

  • Dualistic Reality: Is It Actually Real?
    Dualistic Reality: Is It Actually Real?

    The concept of duality seems to define our day to day existence: this or that, us or them, over or under, stop or go, rich or poor, black or white, yes or no. Certainly this way of approaching the world lends itself to the conceot of free-will and choice; both of which we have discussed in terms of creating our own reality. But are we limited to this or that? Is reality more complex than a dualistic approach? Join us as we begin our month's topic of nonduality.

  • Nonlinearity and Social Change
    Nonlinearity and Social Change

    "The only constant in life is change," so it has been said. It's an interesting paradox and feel true. That said, one would think that culturally and socially we are progressing, learning from our mistakes, and changing for the better. What has happened when certain human rights seem to disintegrate while progress is made on others? Can evolution and devolution happen simultaneously? And why do certain social structures outlast others? On today's show we'll discuss nonlinearity and social change in hopes that we can leverage universal principles to help us bring about lasting positive outcomes. Join us.

  • Linearity amp How We Mature
    Linearity & How We Mature

    As we look at the span of our life and consider our maturity, we will often defaut to timeframes; for instance, references such as "when I was three..." or "my college years" create markers on a seemingly straight line of the time-travel we've embarked upon since birth. Yet we mature in spurts as well as at different rates from one another... and some family membersdon't seem to mature at all (mischevious joke). Join us as we discuss the organic nature of our maturity.

  • The Illusion of Linearity
    The Illusion of Linearity

    The perception of linearity keeps our world tidy and manageable.Yet it is merely a perception; in fact, it verges onillusion. An illusion is a distorted idea or mental concept of reality. In that we are constantly creating and shaping our ever changing world,it'suseful to leverage the idea of limitless potential. Join us as we discuss the limitations of perceived linearity.

  • The Concept of Nonlinearity
    The Concept of Nonlinearity

    We usually talk about our lives as proceeding in a linear fashion from past to present to future. But underlying this way of thinking about our lives is an assumption of determinism or cause and effect. We know from our discussion last month that our universe is actually probabilistic rather than deterministic, and that it is our focus and our choices that create our reality. In the same way, time is not an objective, deterministic construct. Rather it is a construct that we create to help us understand our experience. As Einstein has said, The only reason for time is do that everything doesnt happen at once. For the month of July, we will be exploring what this really means in practical terms.

  • Managing How We Act
    Managing How We Act

    Everything happening in the world today is an aspect of a thought precipitated into action somehow, somewhere. Last week we discussed the powerful energy behind thoughts and words. This week we explore the truth behind the expression, "actions speak louder than words."

  • Managing Our Thoughts and Speech
    Managing Our Thoughts and Speech

    Energy follows thought. It is factual, scientifically and spiritually. Managing our thoughts means taking responsibility for the part we play in fostering meaningful relationships and creating the world we live in. The words we choose to present ourthoughts impact that creation all the more. Speech gives form to thought; it makes our thoughts available to others. What are you creating with your words? Do they empower? Do they inspire? Or do they harm? Join us as we discussparticipation through the lens ofour thoughts and words.

  • Attention and Intention
    Attention and Intention

    We wake up and life unfolds before us. With the first thought you think in the morning, you begin participating in creating the reality of your day. Will you continue on with the same stride or will you step to a new beat? We refine the level and quality of our participation in this process through attention and intention. What do you participate in? And how do you participate in it? What is the energy behind your participation?That's for you to decide! Join us.

  • Participation: How We Create Our Own Reality
    Participation: How We Create Our Own Reality

    We move from last month's theme of 'interconnectivity' to this month's theme of 'participation.' We've established that we are all connected and interdependent; therefore, our the way we live our lives... or the level and quality of our participation in life created our reality and shapes the experience of all of those around us. Join us as we introduce the theme of participation.

  • Managing Interconnectedness
    Managing Interconnectedness

    As we learn to navigate group experience we refine our sense of interconnectedness and in the process we become an ever-valuable asset to the whole of humanity. How do we do this? On today's show we will explore the notion of a "cosmic citizen" and the ways to become one and make the most of being one. Join us.

  • Living as Part of an Interconnected Group
    Living as Part of an Interconnected Group

    Group activity fosters a sense of interconnectedness and an awareness that we are part of a greater whole, yet being a part of a functioning group requires effort, discipline and a degree of self-realization. On today's show we will explore the move from self identification to group awareness and its implicit rewards. Join us!

  • The Limiting Belief of Separateness
    The Limiting Belief of Separateness

    On today's show we will explore the illusions that keep us held in the belief that we are independant rather than interdependant. Science has proven that we are all interconnected, so why is it that we so often default to an "us vs them" mentality? Join us.

  • How Our Cosmos Functions
    How Our Cosmos Functions

    Science and spirituality seem to pull from the same pool of words as they describe our reality: energy, connection, expansion, etc. We can learn a lot about ourselves and the spiritual path by exploring our cosmos from a scientific perspective. On today's show we will discuss the principles that underlie or cosmos and the ways that energy creates our manifest reality.

  • Welcome to Season 3!
    Welcome to Season 3!

    We are extremely excited to be back together for a third season of Spirit Fire Radio. Our shows thus far have revealed that the spiritual path need nottake you to the mountain top, into the monastery, or under the Bodhi Tree in order to inspire expansion it can simply direct youout into day to day existence, amongst human beings, immersed in life itself. Last season weprovided insight into the tools to make theexperience of the spiritual path meaningful and purposeful. This year we will zoom out to explore the universal laws and principles that effect our reality and determine the effectiveness of our time on planet earth. We hope you'll join us each week! On today's show we will discuss the principle of interconnectivity and the ways it permeates our existence.

  • Season Two Wrap-Up
    Season Two Wrap-Up

    It's been a wonderfully full year on Spirit Fire Radio. Month to month we examined purposful topics - navigation tools for the spiritual path and we discussedthe challenges and benefits of working with these tools. On today's show Steve and Dorothy will share their personal highlights and the wisdom gained from their experience of exploring these topics. Join us!

  • Generating Love-Wisdom
    Generating Love-Wisdom

    'A life lived from the heart' translates as emobodied awareness of our innate interconnectedness. That awareness is generated from an open and receptive mind. We can cultivate love-wisdom. On this show we will duscuss the various ways in which that is accomplished in daily life.

  • The Barriers to Expressing Love-Wisdom
    The Barriers to Expressing Love-Wisdom

    This month we are discussing the concept of Love-Wisdom, two energetically aligned aspects of the spiritual path. On this episode we will discuss the various barriers which block their expression and the ways that this impacts our personal life, relationships, and the world at large.

  • The Importance of Love-Wisdom
    The Importance of Love-Wisdom

    Love creates bonds based on our similarities; wisdom brings deep understanding and keen discernment to the forefront. Together they create a force for positive change. On today's show we discuss the importance of developing the quality of love-wisdom in our everyday lives.

  • The Relationship of Love amp Wisdom
    The Relationship of Love & Wisdom

    Love and wisdom may sound like two separate concepts, but thier relationship is energeticallyintrinsic. We will spend the month of January discussing the myriad of ways that love and wisdom support each other and support you on the spiritual path. Join us!

  • Cultivating Your Intuition
    Cultivating Your Intuition

    People often refer to intuition as the 'small voice' inside. How do we make room for that voice? How do we transform it to the 'magnificent voice' inside? Intuition must be developed and on the final week of thismonth's theme, we're going to discuss the many ways to do so.

  • Balancing Intuition and Critical Thinking
    Balancing Intuition and Critical Thinking

    This week we move deeper into our monthly theme of intuition and reveal the part that critical thinking plays in our access to and facilitiy with intuition. At first glance, critical thinking and intuition seem to be on opposite ends of the conversation about consciousness, but you'd be surprised how much they rely on each other to maximise the use of your mind and keep you on the cutting edge of awareness! Join us for this interesting exploration.

  • Clearing the Way for Intuition
    Clearing the Way for Intuition

    What interferes with intuition and how does clearing the way for it support or spiritual evolution? What is spirituality if not the interplay of alignment and connection?On this week's show we will discuss factors that may unconsciouly be keeping you out-of-tune. Join us!

  • What Is Intuition and Why Is It Important?
    What Is Intuition and Why Is It Important?

    Our theme for the month of December is intuition. What is it? What gets in it's way? How do we engage and foster it in our everyday lives? And what role does it play in spirituality? Join us for a month of thinking outside of the box (of the brain).

  • Forgiveness and the Field of the Heart
    Forgiveness and the Field of the Heart

    Forgiveness and love are intrinsically connected. When we forgive, we reestablish a connection that was severed and, though it may be subconscious, we acknowledge our innate interconnectedness. Forgiveness allows freedom from resistance, which is a keynote of love. On this episode we will discuss forgiveness as an entry point to the heart and the realm of unconditional love.

  • Strengthening Our Ability To Forgive
    Strengthening Our Ability To Forgive

    Forgiving those who have caused us harm or suffering is necessary in order to feel whole, present, and fully optimistic; yet forgiveness takes considerable effort. On this episode, we will offer insights and tools which make the path to forgiveness easier to tread. The reward of forgiveness is freedom, and freedom is the path to true joy.

  • Our Difficulties With Forgiveness
    Our Difficulties With Forgiveness

    Why is forgiveness sometimes difficult? It may be that forgiveness is complex and may often be misunderstood. "Forgive and forget" is an example of oversimplification. Similarly, "turn the other cheek" may not offer the necessary reconciliation for growth and/or proper detachment. On this episode we will look into the inherent difficulties that present themselves when we move toward forgiveness.

  • Forgiving Ourselves, Forgiving Others
    Forgiving Ourselves, Forgiving Others

    Maya Angelou calls forgiveness "one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself." As with all healing, we must first start within and then focus on the outer-world. The same is true with forgiveness. Often, the anger or resentment we feel toward another is masking the guilt or shame we feel within ourselves. On this episode, we will look at the importance of self-forgiveness and the ways in which it creates pathways to forgiving others.

  • Exploring Forgiveness
    Exploring Forgiveness

    November will see us discussing forgiveness and its place with our spiritual development. The long-lasting quote, "to err is human, to forgive divine," offers much to ponder. Is forgiveness a doorway to the divine? If so, in what ways? We will discuss the primary aspects of forgiveness on our next show. Join us.

  • Balance as Stability
    Balance as Stability

    Stability creates freedom. Freedom generates creativity. Co-creation is foundational to the spiritual path. On this eposode of Spirit Fire Radio, we will discuss the myriad of ways that stability leads to a fully realized state of being and ways to sustain this quality for a productive and meaningful life.

  • Balancing Multiple Perspectives
    Balancing Multiple Perspectives

    Diversity is one of humanity's greatests assets, yet remaining accepting of differences is one of our biggest chsallenges. How do we reconcile this? Balance, integration and synthesis are moves in the right direction. On this episode of Spirit Fire Radio, we will discuss ways to find balance amongst multiple perspectives. Join us!

  • Balancing Our Inner and Outer Lives
    Balancing Our Inner and Outer Lives

    Does your sense of self align with your everyday life? How do we find balance between material aspirations and spiritual aspirations? On today's show we will discuss the meaning of inner-life and outer-life, and offer ways to keep them in balanced comminucation. Join us.

  • Finding Balance on the Spiritual Path
    Finding Balance on the Spiritual Path

    The month of October will see Spirit Fire Radio exploring the theme of balance. How does balance in ones everyday life support a balanced spiritual life and how do we aceive this? Balance is both a state and a process. Join us as we discuss the fundamental qualites of "a balanced state" and ways to foster this.

  • Strengthening Discernment
    Strengthening Discernment

    How do we develop discernment in this fast-paced, fast-talking modern world? A bit of mindfulness, self-knowledge, and the capacity to observe will set you on the right path. On this episose, we will discuss ways to engage your critical mind without creating a critical persona. Join us.

  • Discernment and the Common Good
    Discernment and the Common Good

    Discernment is the ability to judge well, to distinguish between truth and falsehood. On this episode, we explore the ways that truth and common good are inextricably linked. Join us.

  • Developing Discernment: Pt. 2
    Developing Discernment: Pt. 2

    We continue our exploration of discernment throughthe Riddle Scale. This system revealsthe ways that prejudice and discrimination tincure our lives. As we examine the subtletiesof bias in ourselves and in our society, we learn ways to develop a discerning mind.

  • Developing Discernment: Pt. 1
    Developing Discernment: Pt. 1

    The month of September will be dedicated to discernment. How do we discern between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, productive attitudes and limiting beliefs? Through discernmet we come to know our selves, and as a result, create opportunies for being 'a part of the solution' as opposed to being 'a part of the problem.' We will begin by looking at the Riddle Scale which wasdeveloped to analyze homophobia but expanded to other social issues.

  • Strengthening Compassion
    Strengthening Compassion

    We are born with a compassionate instinct; yet, not unlike our muscles, if we don't use it, we lose it. That said, modern life is saturated with stories and examples of the way we harm one another and the life on ourplanet. We are all well aware of sufferring, but are we well aware of the presence of compassion? On this show we will discuss ways to generate compassion and balance suffering with the care and consideration of the human heart.

  • Why Is It Challenging To Be Compassionate?
    Why Is It Challenging To Be Compassionate?

    In the face of suffering, making our way toward comapsssion can sometimes be tough. Recent examples of senseless human tragedy have been hard to process; some have gone as far as saying that finding peace within these events is not useful. What are the challenges withkeeping our inner alignment so as to offer compassion to those in need? This is the topic of today's show.

  • Defining Compassion
    Defining Compassion

    Life on this planet evolves through relationship. Compassion is necessary in this process. But what is compassion, exactly? It is not this same as emapathy or altruism, though they are related. On this episode of Spirit Fire Radio, we'll explore compassion; its meaning, purpose, and place in our lives.

  • Creating Conscious Leaders
    Creating Conscious Leaders

    We constantly look to our guides for inspiration, direction, or advice. Guides can take many forms: our higher-self, Universal intelligence, mentors or spiritual teachers, best friends or life-partners. They assist us and we assist them by being the fullest expression of our true selves.On this episode of Spirit Fire Radio, we get an inside look at the ways that thosewho have dedicated their lives to others as business leaders stay open to guidence themselves.


    Spirit Fire Radio is exactly half-way through our season dedicated to practical spirituality. We have spent 4weeks each month exploring components of the spiritual path and offering conversation about practical ways toincorporate awareness into day to day living. The timing is perfect to have a look back at six months worth of topicsthrough the lens of Mary Shores informative forthcoming book, Conscious Communications. Join host Steve Kramer andhis guest, Mary Shores, as they discuss her inspiring path to successful living and purposeful creation.

  • Strengthening Our Harmlessness Muscle
    Strengthening Our Harmlessness Muscle

    Small things are big things! On this show we will discuss ways, big and small, to incorporate harmlessness into your life. We'll offer daily practices for noticing harm and shifting attitudes and actions toward altruism. Join us!

  • Being Harmless in Thought, Word, and Deed
    Being Harmless in Thought, Word, and Deed

    Being harmless is much more than being kind and it goes beyond having a friendly disposition. Our thoughts form reality. Being harmless is an all-inclusive way of being, living, and breathing which creates an inner and outer environment ofsupport, respect, dignity, and compassion. We'll explore the body, mind, and spirit aspects of harmlessness this week.

  • The Pervasiveness of Harm
    The Pervasiveness of Harm

    It is a fact that our modern culture offers more images and examples of harm than harmlessness. We may not be conscious of the myriad of ways that harmfulness pervades our every day life and thus reinforces separativeness, competition, and dualistic behavior. As we identify harmfulness, we can work towards its undoing.

  • Harmlessness

    What is harmlessness? Why do people choose actions that would harm another? Are there actions which may cause harm unintentionally or unconsciously? We will spend the month of July exploring the concept of harm and looking into ways of developing the ethic of harmlessness in our every day lives.

  • Goodwill As An Agent of Change
    Goodwill As An Agent of Change

    Goodness of heart, kindness in action, and consideration for others: these are the ingredients of goodwill. As we begin to incorporate these qualities into our day to day, we begin to see global change for the better. On this show we will describe the many ways that you are form-fit for goodwill and inspire you toward action which promotes human welfare.

  • Goodwill Toward All Life
    Goodwill Toward All Life

    When we think of acts of goodwill, we often imagine humanity on the receiving end. As stewards of our planet, we must extend goodwill to all kingdoms: human, animal, plant and mineral. Expanding our concept of personhood is a wonderful way to do that. Join us for fascinating discussion about the other"people" in our midst.

  • Why Is Goodwill Challenging?
    Why Is Goodwill Challenging?

    The premise of goodwill is that you do something today and the benefits are received in the future, what's more is that the benefits are for the greater good and not necessarily for personal gain. Between the modern spiritual emphasis on the Now and today's culture of instant gratification, it is easy to see howgoodwill could be overlooked. Join us as we continue June's discussions on goodwill.

  • Goodwill, Its In Your Nature
    Goodwill, It's In Your Nature

    We all posses the capacity for goodwill. In other words, our actions have the potential to move us all toward harmony and peace. On this episode, we explore the definition of goodwill, why it is important, and offer excercises to bring it to the forefront of your actions.

  • Living Right Action
    Living Right Action

    We'll explore the relationship between right action and each of the monthly topics that we've covered thus far on Spirit Fire Radio. How does right action stem from right speech? Can hope create ease around right action? Is right action inherent within our human family? Join us as we revisit our past themes and look at them through the lens of right action.

  • Cultivating Right Action
    Cultivating Right Action

    The future depends on what you do today. -- Mahatma Gandhi Through cultivating right action on a regular basis, we can help create the world we'd like to live in. Do you envision a world in which all beings are treated with dignity?In which well-being is forefront in global priorities? In which integrity is the quality first recognized in our world leaders? It starts with you. Today's show looks at ways we can incorporate right action into our day to day lives.

  • Strengthening Our Moral Compass
    Strengthening Our Moral Compass

    Our moral compass is the internal guide that leads us toward right action in the form of ethical behavior and virtuous decision-making. How do we ensure that our compass still points True North? How do we care for it and calibrate it when necessary? On this episode, we will discuss our moral guidance system and explore the waysthat it can assist us in moving through our world.

  • Why Is Right Action Challenging?
    Why Is Right Action Challenging?

    We are living in a world right now where alternate facts and fake news blur the lines of a clear picture of what is appropriate. We seem to being losing our way, morally speaking. On this show, we will discuss why it can be so difficult to discern what is right action and how we decide to act.

  • Right Action
    Right Action

    Right speech leads to right action. We will spend the month of May discussing the concept of right action. We are moral agents, you and I; we have the capacity to reflect on a situation, decide how we intend to act, and then act. Our actions steward both our personal experience and our planetary existence. Lets get it right!

  • Cultivating Right Speech
    Cultivating Right Speech

    Right speech is foundational in creating a positive, meaningful and productive life.We will wrap up our month-long series on right speech by discussing ways to cultivate it in yourday to day. We will offer suggestionsthat will guide you toward speaking your truth and offerconstructive ways to help you and your aquaintencesbe more mindful of language and its impact on theenvironment. Join us!

  • Making Your Words Worthy
    Making Your Words Worthy

    There is a barometer that right speech has used through the ages to determine if the words that are about to be utteredare worthy of receptive ears. Socrates called it "The Test of Three," Rumi called it "The Three Gates." Before you speak up, ask yourself three important questions. Is what I'm about to saytrue? Is it kind? Is it necessary? If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, then let your words be heard by all. On our next episode, we will discuss the makings of right speech. Join us!

  • The Power of Silence
    The Power of Silence

    It is said that silence is golden. Indeed, learning to know when to speak and when to be silent is a valuable life lesson. On this episode we will explore the power of silence and its connection to wisdom, inner-strength, and authenticity. Join us and discover why right speech has a definite ally in the sweet sound of stillness

  • Right Speech
    Right Speech

    For the month of April, we will explore right speech. The spoken word is thought made manifest. Words make sentences, sentences make conversation, and conversations move us into creative action. What are you creating with your words? Do they empower? Do they inspire? We will look at the positive effects on right speech and the influence that our words have on creating our reality.

  • The Hope Generators with Rabbi Rami
    The Hope Generators with Rabbi Rami

    If options and optimism are key components to harnessing the power of hope, then our spiritual guides are hope generators of sorts. On todays show we invite author, teacher and speaker, Rabbi Rami Shapiro. His advice column for Spirituality Health, Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler, generates hope for the masses and ponders many of the spiritual questions that weve pondered on our show. Join us for this light-hearted conversation.

  • The Hopeful Traveller on the Spiritual Path
    The Hopeful Traveller on the Spiritual Path

    Hope is an integral part of our spiritual development. Weve become certain of this over the course of this months theme. Hope shows itself as we move in the direction of our evolution:change creates options, options create optimism, optimism opens the door to hope. How can we apply this to our spiritual evolution? And how can we ensure that hope guides our footing on the spiritual path? Join us for this discussion!

  • Flexing Your Hope Muscle
    Flexing Your Hope Muscle

    Hope is not an emotion, it is an aspect of your life. Creating environments that make room for hope will bring it to the forefront of your experiences and allow for it's magic to pervade. Not unlike your muscles (you've gotta use 'em or loose 'em), hope is there to serve.

  • Hopes Challenges
    Hope's Challenges

    Is your glass half full or half empty? Generating hope has its basis in how we approach life and its challenges. Do we learn hopelessness and can it be undone? We will discuss how life's challenges are actually challenges to hope itself.