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Less Than Negative Podcast


Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

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  • LTN Podcast s2e12
    LTN Podcast s2e12
    Duration: 02h03min | 22/09/2019

    The LTN crew would like to think they would be Will Smith during the alien invasion, but we know in our hearts we would just be a drunk Randy Quaid. The boys discuss the Area 51 raid and rogan envy, clenching for truth, candy vapes and doucheflutes, politics and segues, trying to stop more politics talk, Far From Home, chiaboos, America numba wan, 3d cankles, and fat shaming.

  • LTN Podcast S2 The Dumbball Rally 2019
    LTN Podcast S2 The Dumbball Rally 2019
    Duration: 03h59min | 03/09/2019

    It's GROUNDPOUNDING, HEART STOPPING RALLY MAYHEM as over FIFTY famous movie vehicles slug it out down the tracks of DEATH in their HIGH OCTANE, NITRO BURNING, SUICIDE MACHINES as they shake hands with the DEVIL when they SCREAM down the burning gates of HELL!!!! We'll sell you the seat. but you'll only need THE EDGE!!!!

  • LTN Podcast s2e11
    LTN Podcast s2e11
    Duration: 02h52min | 29/07/2019

    Armed with their parent’s phone lines and a stack of AOL cd’s the LTN crew gets ready to HACK THE PLANET. This week, Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, EmTee, and Frank discuss around more presidential snafus, boners and kfc Cheetos, Phase 4, The Boys and shitty product placement, Ninja Turtles vs. Batman, Child’s Play, Alita, Neo vs. John Wick, Walking Dead in Texas, bat water connoisseurs, pedophile clowns, Playstation Classic mods, Tetris Effect, and the best Tiger Woods game.

  • LTN Podcast S2E10
    LTN Podcast S2E10
    Duration: 02h04min | 09/07/2019

    Missing out on minute by minute California earthquake news? The Action 4 LTN news crew will keep you updated when it finally sinks into the ocean. This week, Phil, Cody, Tio, and Frank give the play by play on fun with explosions, flipper olympics, civic irresponsibilities, Us, Toy Story IV and the bravery of retarded characters, Twilight Batman, Uma Thurman isn’t hot?, movie soundtracks, Chris Tucker cash, DMX, R Kelly’s happy rape dungeon, and Shamalambda.

  • LTN Podcast S2E9
    LTN Podcast S2E9

    The LTN is currently in talks with producers for a musical bioptic, but will only green light it if it narrated by the cryptkeeper. Soundtrack by Biz Markie. This week, Phil Cody, Frank, and EmTee discuss the heat wave, our mystery influx, cold water showers, music bioptics, Wick 2 and 3, Keanu, Stadia, the sexually confusing black mirror episode that is not the one with the pig, and the cryptkeeper.

  • LTN Podcast S2E8
    LTN Podcast S2E8

    The LTN crew figures out how to salvage Game of Thrones with a followup movie. Game of Thrones: Falkor’s Revenge. It’s a full house this week. Phil, Cody, Em-Tee, Frank, and El Tio hash around Gojira, John Wick 2 fella flatta, Robert Patterson’s Batman, Chernobyl, Michael Keaton 2, and the best Catwoman. We even try to fix the last season of Game of Thrones with some pretty good results. I’m mean…come on. It’s not like we had to try hard.

  • LTN Podcast S2E7
    LTN Podcast S2E7
    Duration: 03h45min | 08/05/2019

    This episode brought to you by slurred speech, wreckless opinions, and fat shaming. We also spoil the hell out of Endgame. You were warned. This week Phil, Cody, and the Tio-Bob talk shit about sonic fans, rule 34 Mario porn, the old TMNT movie, Big Birds kidnapping traumatizing Phil, Sonic looking retarded, turning on the lights in Game of Thrones, chillin in the Endgame, time travel, bigguns, and nobody wanting Toby Maguire.

  • LTN Podcast S2E6
    LTN Podcast S2E6
    Duration: 02h32min | 24/04/2019

    What do you get when you mix three guys and an experimental voice changer? Two guys doing a podcast! This week, Phil and Cody tackle Shazam, an alien in the cupboard, midnight meat train, art sucks, old and new dune, #justjohnwickthings, disney plus, and handicap acceptance in medieval times.

  • LTN Podcast S2E5
    LTN Podcast S2E5
    Duration: 02h55min | 04/04/2019

    As Fiesta looms on the horizon, the boys wonder how to make a quick buck selling bootleg pins at premium prices. The boy kick the bag about Will Smith playing Will Smith, The Inventor’s cigarette throat, make-your-own-scam, Tio-Bob pitches bidets, Cody’s bathroom horrorshow, arguing over the shitty season of True Detective, gatekeeping, Michael Jackson sleepovers, and PG-13 Aliens.

  • LTN Podcast S2E4
    LTN Podcast S2E4
    Duration: 02h16min | 13/03/2019

    The boys are in agreement. While Amy Poehler is okay, Tina fey is the superior choice. This week, Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, and the Frank hash out Tina Fey's ass, Cody secretly loving Gossip Girl, Captain Marvel, black Spider-Man is amazing, Phil reports the Favourite really does have tits, Oscar noms, Alex Jones has autism, America was won by drunk retards, Apex Legends and Titanfall, and getting away from R. Kelly's pee.

  • LTN Podcast S2 Halloween Special 2018
    LTN Podcast S2 Halloween Special 2018
    Duration: 03h40min | 03/11/2018

    If you missed us live, we have the Halloween Beatdown here! Phil, Cody, and EmTee tackle the big issues in the world and try to figure out who would win in a random draw for the top horror villain. 64 participants. 3 judges. 1 to take it all. Disclaimer- The LTN Crew simultaniously stands by their decisions while blaming any fallacies on alcoholic consumption.

  • LTN Podcast S2E3
    LTN Podcast S2E3

    If the LTN crew were tobacco, then we would be half a pack of Pyramids that you lost under your car seat. Phil, Cody, and EmTee kick around cigars and cigarettes, booze and the cures, menudo, saving the planet, Titans, Iron Fist 2, the dead action movie genre, Heridetary and American Psycho 2, and weaponized tits.

  • LTN Podcast S2Special1
    LTN Podcast S2Special1
    Duration: 20min | 17/09/2018

    The long rumored special is here! Join the boys as they fuck up three timeless scenes of the cult classic, Blood in Blood Out. Phil, Cody, Em Tee, El Tio, and The Frank in this very special episode. You bluff in this game, gabacho, and you better be holding five aces.

  • LTN Podcast S2E2
    LTN Podcast S2E2

    Always bet on black, just like the boys do. You'll get broke quicker! This week, Phil, Cody, EmTe, and el Tio hash out celebrity steakhouses, Vegas, Rodney Dangerfield, and Cody's fight with AC. I would also like to add that this podcast was also interrupted on the outside by an argument about transgenders by two people not transgendered. Thanks guys.

  • LTN Podcast S2E1
    LTN Podcast S2E1

    THE BOYS RIDE AGAIN!!! We kick the new season off with Cody's guest and the shit paper dilemma, wild wild bullshit, Star Wars going back in the box, Marvel fatigue, Deadpool 2, Legion tripping balls, and a NEW THING. Brand new intro courtesy of Zombie Dandies and their song The Friendly Monstershop.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 76
    LTN Podcast Episode 76
    Duration: 02h31min | 18/09/2017

    Don't go! I swear we do reviews! I swear! This week, the gang gets warm and fuzzy over chick fights, the Mark Walburg, Batman TAS, Bill Finger getting screwed over and comic creators, Queen and Highlander, creepy Stephen King and IT, and wrapping it all up with sports.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 75
    LTN Podcast Episode 75

    Harvey is like the friend you never wanted and just comes over to your house and just pisses everywhere. Get out Harvey. No one likes you. The boys are back with the round table of topics like harvey harvey harvey, the mayweather endurance dance,North Korea's photoshop art, your very own button, defenders sucks less than iron fist, hugging Terry Crews, Game of Thrones spoilers, and HBO show recommendations you will never watch.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 74
    LTN Podcast Episode 74
    Duration: 01h24min | 10/08/2017

    The executive order is given. As the LTN crew prepares to go behind North Korean lines, the boys have enough time to crank out a podcast! Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, and EmTee discuss Wu-Tang hidden album, the Defiant Ones, Spiderman and Aunt May's ass, giant monster movies, RIPD vs The Dark Tower, the superpower of getting through Iron Fist, Grey Worm's sex game, perversions of science, nipple opening robots and the king of horror twists (he's not).

  • LTN Special Episode 3
    LTN Special Episode 3
    Duration: 03h31min | 11/07/2017

    Backed up in a corner and running low on booze, the LTN crew finds themselves against an event the like of which they could have never forseen. Can they survive....the Steven Seagalcolypse! Say that three times fast. The crew rambles on about movies and other dumb shit before they run through the pony-tailed gauntlet of Seagal slaps that is his filmography. The final showdown pits the crew against each other in an trivia battle that takes LTN through the darkest corners of Seagal's action fueled life. It's not just a podcast anymore. It's....THE SEAGALCOLYPSE!

  • LTN Podcast Episode 73
    LTN Podcast Episode 73

    The LTN boys don't agree on everything, but when they do, it revolves around Gal Gadot tying us up with a lasso. The week the Cody, Rob, and Em Tee run through why the show avoids politics, Cody talking down to everyone again about the Aliens movies, fixing the DC mythos, Rob's supreme hatred of Tarantino and Uma Thurman, Wonder Woman wrecking shit and its bondage roots, Chris Pine vs. Chris Evans, War Machine is a two long Veep episode, and new movies sucking right out of the gate. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Aliens: Covenant is retarded. Thanks Ridley Scott.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 72
    LTN Podcast Episode 72
    Duration: 02h31min | 18/05/2017

    If the LTN boys ever got the Guardians of the Galaxy gig, I'd imagine it would just be drinking in space bars and bitching about new Star Wars. This week with a full house, Cody, Phil, Rob, and M.T. give their thoughts on the new Guardians flick, not getting raped from sci fi movies, hot wee, DC and Marvel TV, who would be the better power bottom Terrence Howard or Don Cheadle, overpaid actors, video game ass, and soccer fun.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 71
    LTN Podcast Episode 71
    Duration: 02h48min | 26/04/2017

    Armed with Wrestlemania X t-shirts and bad puns, the boys take the the crap around the world down in the most epic ladder match of all time. Really. The week they take on shaky cam horror films and discover the fate of the furious, peter and the porno, alaskian mass murder and Oregon Trail, Cheers, enjoying the refreshing taste of Kohana on a United flight, wrestling beefs and Doink, Robs extensive Star Trek knowledge, and burning out on Star Wars.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 70
    LTN Podcast Episode 70
    Duration: 02h36min | 11/04/2017

    The boys at Less Than Negative would like to reiterate they are neckbeards by lazy circumstance and not by choice. I personally think they are in denial. The gang this week takes on Ghost in the Shell and a neckbeard assault, Vader hacking rebel scum in Rogue One, the magic powers of Ghost Dog, and love in all the wrong places.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 69
    LTN Podcast Episode 69
    Duration: 02h02min | 13/03/2017

    As Rob, Phil, and Cody hold the line defiant against the orcish hordes, the battle is joined by Mike the White and Frank of Rohan! It's a full house as the the gang returns for episode 69! This week we dive into the new Zelda and Super Nintendo nostalgia, comics and wiping your ass with the X-men, Logan, Wolverine STD's, Get Out, the porn code, robot babies, and wanting to be a ScarJo bot. We also mourn the passing of one of the greats. We put Bill Paxton down proper by drinking to every movie we have never seen. See you at the crossroads, homie.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 68
    LTN Podcast Episode 68
    Duration: 02h50min | 12/04/2016

    When the robot wars are upon us,the LTN crew is ready to put you human scum in the camps. Pushing through robotic audio, Phil, Bert, and Codytron2000 get the chance to discuss salt and diet bullshit, hangovers and parking lot ettiquette, an agreement on cyclist hate, petrol, the poison in your body, Beerhunter, tough guy tatoos and Gen X bullshit, poetry, getting paid with dat hypocrit cash, and a very Disturbed sexual encounter.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 67
    LTN Podcast Episode 67
    Duration: 02h34min | 05/04/2016

    If you are going to change your diet, make sure that you stay committed, get an app to count the calories, and adjust for all the alcohol you are still going to consume. The duo meet in the studio again to discuss the nice groceries, white rap, Spotify and Youtube bullshit, Batman v Superman, DC vs Marvel (again), Suicide Squad reshoots, practical effects, trash picking, and Fitness v Batman.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 66
    LTN Podcast Episode 66
    Duration: 01h23min | 19/03/2016

    When the Less Than Negative crew shops for rubber sheets, we only buy the best for hosing off the shame. This week, Rob, Phil, and Cody discuss mattress cover purchases, Saint vs. Sir, religious fun, 60 Days In, the $5 footlong boss, John Goodman and Cloverfield Lane, book stuff, and Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman stealing Rob's sandwiches.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 65
    LTN Podcast Episode 65
    Duration: 02h44s | 11/03/2016

    We would finish the LTN cocktail guide if we would stop using up all the mixers. Where the hell is all the Diet Coke? This week, Phil and Cody start talking about fixing up Phil's house, The Expanse, House of Cards supervillainy, a zombie buddy cop show, comicbook villains and Batman Blues, throwing a man through the sun, the monkey brain wheelchair, 50 million dollar tits, baby powder bumpers and Cody being fucking wrong, and future ghost adventures.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 64
    LTN Podcast Episode 64
    Duration: 02h54min | 01/03/2016

    The Less Than Negative crew ain't afraid of no ghosts....except that chick from the Ring. Fuck dat. This week Phil, Rob, and Cody talk about Phil's new house, ghosts, boring X-files, TV talk, orange Klingons, Jesus movies, the Terminator of pedophiles, no giving a shit about the Oscars, and Apple's privacy bullshit.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 63
    LTN Podcast Episode 63
    Duration: 02h54min | 16/02/2016

    The only thing hotter than Cody's luck right now is Papa John's pizza sales. This week, while Cody flaunts his second consecutive Superbowl win, Phil and Cody talk about Youtube cash and Germany blocking Smashmouth, uber and lazy food delivery, romantic weekends, Deadpool and supertits, Horace and Pete, Claire Danes ugly (pretty) face, theme park scams and online D&D. This podcast also includes 50% more Rob. What's up, bro.

  • LTN PodcastEpisode 62
    LTN PodcastEpisode 62
    Duration: 02h40min | 02/02/2016

    The foundations of the second annual Superbowl Bet Party are formed with an air of dread and feigned confidence from a quartet of hopefuls looking to ease their way out of this years Humiliationing. Rick, Rob, Phil, and Cody set their picks and plans in motion while shooting the shit about SPORTS!, open containers, Ginger vs. Mary Ann, PAX South and Twitch culture, Phil trying out for the Spurs, throwing your kids in pools, Bumfights, and the Girls Gone Wild guy.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 61
    LTN Podcast Episode 61
    Duration: 02h39min | 26/01/2016

    In a touching episode of the Less Than Negative Podcast, the two cope with their recently cancelled vacation package to Burma and decide to just get drunk and go to Fiesta, Texas. This week, the two chop up Phil's magic vacation to Colorado, Beasts of No Nation, the Less Than Negative travel guide, potential Superbowl songs, making more murders, Facebook fun and Syria, Mexico Happy Fun Land, and Suicide Squad.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 60
    LTN Podcast Episode 60
    Duration: 02h44min | 19/01/2016

    While Phil is vacationing to much greener pastures, Cody takes a strict stance against drugs out of jealousy. The battle is joined with Rob and Rick while the two ramble on about Narc and pot circles, elitism, 13 Hours, FOOTBALL!, converting to Islam and lip syncing on Youtube, horrible internet search suggestions, DNA on dead hookers, Judge Rob, super cool houses bro, no Netflix but having sports, and Rick selling Daredevil.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 59
    LTN Podcast Episode 59
    Duration: 02h53min | 11/01/2016

    Who the hell needs a gym when you can get drunk and fight bears in the wilderness? Take that stupid resolutions! This week, the two throw on the table missed movies and verbal Street Fighter, getting mad at Making a Murderer, Mario Van Peebles film classics, the 5 x 5 workout and fitness goals, shitting your shorts on a run, lettuce billboards, bacon spray, and which president would look more dapper with the Hitler 'stache.

  • LTN Podcast Episodes 57-58
    LTN Podcast Episodes 57-58
    Duration: 02h01min | 05/01/2016

    Missed last weeks podcast? So did we! That's why we pack a dance interpretation of episode 57 during the recording of episode 58! Double the LTN! Double the fun! Rob joins the crew in spirit as the two hash out New Years, hobbit foot fetishes, Colorado pot and mass shootings, Neil Tyson's film fun, food truck blues, how to cook a steak, the bullshit economy, toilet troubles, and old ladies yelling about dogshit.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 56
    LTN Podcast Episode 56
    Duration: 02h49min | 21/12/2015

    This week Phil and Cody take a trip to Star Wars Spoiler City. Seriously, if you haven't seen the movie, don't listen to this podcast. If you did, then you get to see them break it down. This week, in addition to the Star Wars chop shop, the two discuss the upcoming Hateful Eight, the Revenant, Buzzard, the Indiana Jones racist buffet, and Trader Joe's sweet meat. AW SHIT STAR WARS HYPE, SON!

  • LTN Podcast Episode 55
    LTN Podcast Episode 55
    Duration: 02h04min | 15/12/2015

    The fate of their kebabs hangs in the balance as the duo struggles to decide what sauce goes best! This week Phil and Cody tackle grocery bags, free Mexican candy, the Anime problem, spicy meats, Cajun food with a side of genocide, bareknuckling with McGregor, Star Wars ticket blues, fake spaceships, imaginary enemies, the Ted Williams success story, and a shitty version of the Bourne Identity.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 54
    LTN Podcast Episode 54
    Duration: 02h45min | 08/12/2015

    The Jedi’s battle is joined when Rob enters the fray against the evil Emperor Darth Dryer. This week, the three tackle making your own tub hootch, Creed, Chocolate Town tourism, the Teddy Ruskin gateway to hell, Cannon Films, Executive boobs, In Living Color forever, Sports stuff, and the dark beginnings of the next Super Bowl bet.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 53
    LTN Podcast Episode 53

    Here at Less Than Negative, we will always encourage you to follow your dreams. So what if we use violence or extortion. Following their hearts, Phil and Cody banter about Thanksgiving blues, The Man in the High Castle, name dropping in Master of None, juicing out of boredom, gun talk, zombies and the tragedy of Glenngate, the power of dreams, and Cody's over the top hatred for internet super-sleuths.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 52
    LTN Podcast Episode 52

    On Thanksgiving, I hear that the Less Than Negative turkey is fantastic. We assure you the sex with the mash potatoes was consensual. This week we have Frank the Tank in the (his) house to get drunk and talk about Dope, Beavis and Butthead riding into the sunset, Keith Richard’s cocaine dad, butt sex show vs. Supergirl, the birth of Jimbo McFatstuff, infiltrating Scientology, the 15 million dollar clock wholesale, old people skin vs. coffee, the homeless job interview, plastic bags, and Austin moving to California.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 51
    LTN Podcast Episode 51

    So many ninjas, so little time. This week is mostly about how Phil lost and had to talk about American Ninja I-III while Cody got sick of it. We also sneak in some talk about 80's action stars, Bone Tomahawk, Dope, and the remake of Delta Force in the Middle East.

  • LTN Podcast Special 2
    LTN Podcast Special 2

    It's a very special Wurstfest episode! Phil and Cody look back fondly on their newly found memories of stacking pitcher of beer, old men bartering sex for drink tickets, sausage as far as the eye can see, the dangers of public exposure, crooked cab drivers, 4am drunken Whataburger runs, and a sleepless night. PROST!

  • LTN Podcast Episode 50
    LTN Podcast Episode 50

    It's our 50th episode! The two gladiators square off in the Drunkademic Decathalon. Hosted by Bert the Judge. Special Appearances by Rob the Editor, Frank, Mike the Mike, and alcohol!

  • LTN Podcast Episode 49
    LTN Podcast Episode 49

    It's been a long sad ride through the episodes of the sobercast, but the dark days of sobriety are over with the 50th episode around the corner! This week as we serenade self-control goodbye, we look at the super storm hype train losing to the Star Wars juggernaut, Michael J. Fox shoes, Primer and stupid time travel, self-checkout lanes and the coming of the robots, Amazon pour more water into the Wal-Mart boat, Phil's Maxi pad hand and Cody's piss fence, and hawking anything for that sweet retirement check.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 48
    LTN Podcast Episode 48

    With elections in the horizon, would you rather vote for a bunch of assholes who shrug a lot or two assholes who are unfraid to say the word "asshole"? The choice is clear, America. This week we throw on the table cops and the fear of getting pulled over, our own rap sheets, the half limp presidential debate, more comic talk, elitist Star Wars fans, horror films and shaky cam bullshit, the Martyrs remake, the Professional's creepy vibes, the unfortunate truth about Powder, all while getting excessive with a stupid soundboard.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 47
    LTN Podcast Episode 47

    Watch out for our new show on NBC where Phil and Cody solve murders as super-powered zombies practicing law in Vegas. Guest-starring Mario Van Peebles. This week, the two chat up about the Astros, more wrong numbers and the Jerky Boys, embarrassing music and ICP, the Disappointing Spider-Man, Disney/Cruises/Booze, saving baby seals in Antarctica, self-driving cars, TV talk, and taking care of the zombie problem in San Antonio.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 46
    LTN Podcast Episode 46

    Mark Watney can grow potatoes on Mars but can he make a podcast? Didn't think so, buddy. This week, Bert joins us to talk about chasing booze with Theraflu, Hockey vs. Sports, upcoming shit and Tarantino, The Martian, if Interstellar or Contact had the worse ending, war Films and history, politics and.....(holy shit, guys, did we go off the fucking rails on this) other unnecessary controversial bullshit. There goes our fucking Coca-Cola sponsorship.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 45
    LTN Podcast Episode 45

    What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here? Go to Mars? As Phil and Cody struggle with their sobriety, they talk discuss Phil's sweet powerslide, condescending waiters and food poisoning, Terminator Genisys, the shitty movie weekend, e-juice flavors of the month, our bullshit collections, Soma, robot bodies and superpills, Superman what-ifs, and dick-cars.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 44
    LTN Podcast Episode 44

    Phil and Cody once built a clock for their science project using a carborator, uranium, and a lot of love. It was so successful, they used their fame to start a podcast! This week, they talk about the dangers of Chris Madrid's and cherry limeades, D&D sliders, Diversions, Facial Recognitions and the porn issue, superweapons on super planes, the mission to Mars with mechs, the Charlie Tuna massacre, FuckBurger, Bomb boy and conspiracy theories, and President Schwarzenegger vs. President Jackie Chan.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 43
    LTN Podcast Episode 43

    Bert the Bert swings by to tell Phil and Cody how pretty their Japanese schoolgirl cosplay looks. This week, the three talk about the Alamo City Comic Con, the weird void cosplay fills, 4k tv's and gaming, 360 videos, VR and the porn application, the Apple hype machine, ordering shit with Echo, beard bros, Quiet shakin' dat ass, the Mr. Robot finale (no spoilery), and upcoming sci-fi.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 42
    LTN Podcast Episode 42

    Looks like another murder in Sober Town. Detectives Phil and Cody are on the case! This week we discuss Phil's fawning over vape gear, comic con cosplay, dog handler etiquette in the arena, the Sober Report, Kazaam's magic boombox, Goon 2, Diane Lane typcast into a respectable lady, Cody being a dumbass with computer security, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, bath and Body Works our fucking patience, and the plans for the upcoming 50th episode.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 41
    LTN Podcast Episode 41

    As veterans of the Laser Wars, Phil and Cody proudly support the vocational rehabilitation of all cyber-commandos. This week, the duo discusses the economics of Phil's faggot coffee, 40 year olds smell like cheese, laser tag bodies and shitty memes, our first times with booze, Kanye West tourettes and shitty award shows, dentist beauty shops, the best blood pressure ever, trolling politics, drug legality and PCP bars, and Nicholas Cage's best is totally not Face-Off.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 40
    LTN Podcast Episode 40

    The Less Than Negative Podcast is brought to you by SOBRIETY, the letter B, and the number 13. This week, Phil and Cody tackle retro games, Phil's Houston beer spill, Cody caving to the vape train, 3d printing your second amendment, cotton candy love recipes, left and right extremism, Pokefest neckbeards, electric cars, TV Time!, The Disaster Artist, good acting, the Amazing Jonathan, and Phil doubling down with sobriety.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 39
    LTN Podcast Episode 39

    Two men divided by their feelings of Pauly Shore are locked in mortal combat. This week, the two discuss the explosive properties of tonic water, Phil's cave in to vaping, kosher e-juice, drugs and the creepy eyes in Mr. Robot, The Room, anticipation for The Martian, True Detective 2: The Suck Acceptance, Phil taking a leak while Cody rambles about Rasplex, Pauly Shore in Point Break, and fake river tits.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 38
    LTN Podcast Episode 38

    The Less than Negative Podcast is 100% natural and gluten free! Now with extra Rick! This week with Phil, Cody, and Rick we talk about losing expensive shit, Fantastic Four sucking, the Island of Dr. Moreau and baby pianos, more Star Wars hype and Yoda as Willie Wonka, Deadpool, Dragonball Z time chambers, movie experiences with lube, segways and hoverboards, the bus, rikshaw mules and bike tragedies, and Phil losing his shit over Rick's vaping gear.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 37
    LTN Podcast Episode 37

    While Phil and Cody wrap up defending their tag team championship belt, they manage to make time for a podcast. This week, they discuss more bad habits, running with beer, baseballs in the face, responsible drinking, Hulk vs. Kramer, that state of porn and imagination in youth, Flavortown and Fuckeduptown, Tyler Perry and the Adam Sandler showdown, VR, Warcraft and movie franchises, and Michael Jackson taking the magical role of Jar Jar Binks.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 36
    LTN Podcast Episode 36

    Phil and Cody are repealing the 18th amendment with 9th...or something. This week, they discuss Red Fox's coke problem, little dogs and weak bloodlines, Hitler's dog, shit shaming and Ant-Man, the Tick, documentaries and the end of knowledge, saving the world with Facebook likes, HEB and hairbuns, good cyclists, and gun paster with the tasty cakes shitshow.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 35
    LTN Podcast Episode 35
    Duration: 02h19min | 14/07/2015

    Phil and Cody take a break from coaching an inner city hockey team to bring you a new podcast! This week they discuss the Comic-Con leaks and culture, Youtube reaction vids, panels being weird, dog abuse intervention, Enchanted Rock climbing, Reague of Regends, Big Trouble in Little China, new Evil Dead, Jared vs. Cosby, where baby flags come from, Richard Simmons marital art master, functional crackheads, and Reddit burning.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 34
    LTN Podcast Episode 34
    Duration: 02h24min | 03/07/2015

    Rainbows and Unicorns forever! This week Phil and Cody discuss the aftermath of the Commando drinking game, Sense 8 and Wachowski dissappointments, True Detective, Rick and Morty cooler than sliced bread, the Soprano's vs. Breaking Bad, boycotting zombies, remembering Superman vs. Doomsday, Warren Ellis and more comic talk, Gay people getting all gay and stuff over gay marriage, silly flags, and marrying your horse.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 32
    LTN Podcast Episode 32

    Now with more shovels! Rob visits for this weeks audio trauma. This week we discuss Cody's tale of the broken website and customer support nightmares, Jurassic Park and Independence day sucking, the Area 51 shakey cam adventure, drunk alien abductions, sitting down to pee and clown stall rape, fight or flight club, pubes are not gross (but are), racist Tom and Jerry, and Phil's shaved Ewok.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 31
    LTN Podcast Episode 31

    This week, we offer apologies to Spider-bitch who is actually really nice, Rebow's shit party, dick neighbors, Phil and Cody just want to drink, getting glasses from "African Americans", Phil's high blood pressure, pizza, transgender bullshit, the Rock in Big Trouble, and the upcoming Commando drinking game.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 30
    LTN Podcast Episode 30

    The only two people who have successfully pass the 36th chamber of Shoalin take on their 30th episode. This week we talk about Spider-Bitch, beards and stupid fashion, embarrassing AOL chatroom roleplaying, Superhacks!, Silk Road and Roman Polanski's buttsex, Fifa and the World Cup, fuck Qatar, seriously fuck that place, Fury Road being awesome, reboots and the power of Kung Fury.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 29
    LTN Podcast Episode 29

    Can our two heroes endure the harsh and hostile terrain of the dreaded dick planet? This week, Phil and Cody ponder being astronauts in the worst of ways, belly bands and dog piss, feeding dogs pizza, MSG: the wonder condiment, KFC is gross/kinda, steak perfection, Tim sauce (seriously fuck you Tim), Grocery hunts and guns, bullet boners with gun safety, HEB slaps, and Cody not getting over how much he hates cyclists.....again.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 28
    LTN Podcast Episode 28

    The heroes return to fill your heads with more bullshit. This week Cody and Phil discuss coffee being too much work, the allure of catshit coffee, weird food, Mad Max: Fury Road, Real Sex vs. Skinimax, missing Vegas and strip clubs, the case of the Cannibal Cop, Liquid Television, weird music and weirder books, and Cody ranting against cyclists again.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 27
    LTN Podcast Episode 27

    The defenders of liberty take on episode 27. This week, Phil and Cody discuss WWII, the real meaning of Idiocracy, Burger Showdown II, eating like a college student, more shilling for the Drink-a-thon, Punch-Out fun, the Occulus Rift and immersion in gaming, Apple Watch suckers, more VR, Martial Law in Texas, Texas is awesome even though Phil secretly loves it, and tolerance in politics.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 26
    LTN Podcast Episode 26

    Phil and Cody double down on dissappointment this week. In the 26th episode, we discuss old friends on Facebook, the Spurs loss, Jamie Fox's finger waving and boxing being dumb, Cody punching a woman in self defense, learning martial arts, the Marvel super movie universe, the Hulk's oil barrel dick, the Age of Ultron movie, videogame super violence and the importance of youth indoctrination, the Powerwall, and Battlestar Galactimormons.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 25
    LTN Podcast Episode 25

    With only a spoon to dig their own grave, Phil and Cody tackle episode 25! This week, we discuss super underwear, Ex Machina, A.I. and the iWatch being dumb, wipey wipey toilet fun, our Sewage Heroes, Trannies and Dickfloppers Anonymous, Bruce Jenners transformation into an ugly woman, Daredevil and the Mighty Ducks kid, TV TV TV, Drinking without Borders Charity, Baltimore vs. The Avengers, and more Star Wars hype.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 24
    LTN Podcast Episode 24

    Cody, Rob, and Felipe tackle the podcast! This week we talk about the Star Wars trailer, homosexual vibes in Foxcatcher, Whiplash, the announcement for Drink-a-thon, Mexican bullshit recipes, husband beatings, Mortal Kombat fatalities, Bodies the exhibit, Bruce Tranny, and shitty Kanye raps.

  • LTN Podcast Special 1
    LTN Podcast Special 1

    It's a bonus episode for LTN! While Phil was out honeymooning and Felipe heeds the call.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 23
    LTN Podcast Episode 23

    Rob is back! This week, we talk about Jinx and HBO documentaries, Daredevil on Netflix, book adaptions, SPORTS!, heckling at a ball game, Mad Max vs. Fast and Furious, Twilight Zone decapitations, Vladimir Kamarov, Cody digs a hole with the jewish community, and Hypno Hitler vs. Hypno Jesus.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 22
    LTN Podcast Episode 22

    You better ride or die. This week, we cover the Fast and Furious franchise, Vin Diesel love, RIP Paul Walker, gatling gun death, Phil and Cody the superhero duo, eggrolls and future firefighters, the current state of action films, Grand Theft Awesome, Kim dot Cool, revenge porn and scientology, religion fun, Grimaldi's vs. Yagghi's, and the implications of Fallout 3 on religion.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 21
    LTN Podcast Episode 21
    Duration: 02h07min | 30/03/2015

    Phil's back from Spain with no diseases! This week, we discuss Phil's honeymoon trip to Spain, Picasso!, the Spanish actually having explorers, Spain vs. Belgium, European toiletries and bathroom ettiquette, custom fun, Cody's porn loss in Japan, employee of the year with a pornstar, more comic cards, Masters of the Universe, Computer upgrades, catching up with TV, and getting back to anime.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 20
    LTN Podcast Episode 20
    Duration: 02h55min | 08/03/2015

    We made it to episode 20 without dying! This week, we reminisce about disgusting school bathroom antics, Innerspace, discuss Michael Jackson with love and respect, The Wiz tanking black cinema, the Walker swap, fashion trends in Chappie, Avengers hype, the movie theater experience, drive-in handies, and Spain- the great unknown.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 19
    LTN Podcast Episode 19
    Duration: 02h19min | 01/03/2015

    The Phil got married episode! Special guest: Mike the sequel. This week, we discuss the Rock's workout, Mike vs. Shaun Michaels, Vision sucking less than Ant-Man, comic book wife beaters, smoking is good for kids, bean water, Cody's comic card obsession, Phil hates D&D, $26 dollar underwear, the 300 workout, stress, what is life?, trained raptors are fucking stupid, and more Freddy Mercury fellatio.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 18
    LTN Podcast Episode 18
    Duration: 02h55min | 22/02/2015

    Few days remain in the shackles of Phil's sobriety. These week we talk westerns, anime vs. cartoons, wrestling and the Sgt. Slaughter legacy, superfans, Hockey, Band of Brothers, Cody's cartoon crushes, Afro slaps, the upcoming Aliens film, What We Do In The Shadows, and Narc the video game.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 17
    LTN Podcast Episode 17
    Duration: 02h16min | 15/02/2015

    Phil shambles through another week of sobriety. For our Valentines Day special, we discuss the awkwardness of buying 50 Shades of Grey tickets alone, being rich and buying stupid shit, Iron Eagle, He-Man and other fish outta water stories, John Wick, Less Than Negative being pro-gay marriage, wedding anxieties, and Dick Dry with other penis related mishaps.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 16
    LTN Podcast Episode 16
    Duration: 02h41s | 08/02/2015

    The aftermath of the superbowl bets is here! This week, we discuss the final minutes of the superbowl, Patriot cheerleaders, the Terminator quiz show, Environmentalism, corporate geek culture and punk ethos, fuck you DIY mentality, Venture Brothers on drugs, and Arnold as McClane.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 15
    LTN Podcast Episode 15
    Duration: 02h51min | 01/02/2015

    LTN SUPERBOWL I: The HUMILIATIONING Phil, Rob, and Cody step into the arena. This week, we discuss the Last Boy Scout, Kermit the announcer, FOOTBALL!, the Riders, the pregame assessment, the wagers are set and picks are made, squeezing the juice, Mr. Rogers sniper extraordinaire, Full House, the stupid anti-vaccine moms, and Work Fridges: The Tabernacles of the Unholy.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 14
    LTN Podcast Episode 14
    Duration: 02h13min | 26/01/2015

    This week we discuss Phil's upcoming sobriety, comic card opening, Gotham, 12 monkeys the show, one death away from enjoying heroin, Houston blues, roller coaster fun, getting fucked up on planes with strangers, equality, Ernest vs. Peewee, and Starbucks overdrive.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 13
    LTN Podcast Episode 13
    Duration: 02h45min | 19/01/2015

    Special Guest: Rob The Editor. This week we discuss the superflu, stupid yardwork, Mr. Holland's jailbait, Highlander 2 is retarded, the crazy Dune movie, Dwight Yoakum, McConaughey AIDS, playing with toys for cash, and crying like bitches during Warrior.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 12
    LTN Podcast Episode 12
    Duration: 02h06min | 29/12/2014

    The timer for Phil's relapse continues. This week, we discuss the decline of Fast Eddie's, McDonalds not being food, a burger showdown, RGV ettiquette, bandwagon Cowboy fans, lumbersexuals, Cody representing the gay community, and why the Interview sucks.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 11
    LTN Podcast Episode 11
    Duration: 02h58min | 21/12/2014

    This week we discuss porno viruses, Kim Jong Un sucking more than The Interview, javelina butt sauce, Plex, dickhead cyclist, introversion and feelings, our friend bigotry, ground control to Major Balls, and being gay for Freddy Mercury. Merry Christmas to all our LTN fans!

  • LTN Podcast Episode 10
    LTN Podcast Episode 10
    Duration: 02h21min | 15/12/2014

    This week we tackle Christmas lights, Sex-bot Judgement Day, wine breathing snobbery, relapses, the terror of the platypus, no more Florida, Detroit our new home, Sean Connery's amazing accent, and the battle between Repulitards vs Demotards.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 9
    LTN Podcast Episode 9
    Duration: 02h02min | 07/12/2014

    The Four Loko Challenge. Two reluctant gladiators enter the arena...

  • LTN Podcast Episode 8
    LTN Podcast Episode 8
    Duration: 02h45min | 30/11/2014

    It's a LTN Thanksgiving! This week we explore the amazing movie intros, pigs on planes, Burt's Buzz and the Robocop comparison, dino burgers, Thanksgiving family fun, Tokyo vs New Orleans strippers, and still missing smoking.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 7
    LTN Podcast Episode 7
    Duration: 01h29min | 24/11/2014

    Special Guest: Marco the Marco. This week explore doctors and anal adventures, Irish car bombs, Long John Silver's cruchies, Commander Mark, Picture Pages and Cosby rapies, building volatile PC's, and too many rapies on the board.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 6
    LTN Podcast Episode 6
    Duration: 02h33min | 16/11/2014

    Special Guest: Felipe the Felipe. This week, we discuss Wurstfest, dickdogs, The Run of Champions, magic tea or rape, The Grandslam Supercombo, The Legend of Weeks, Burt's Bees bitches, the 4 Loko Challenge, and dial-up porn.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 5
    LTN Podcast Episode 5
    Duration: 02h48min | 09/11/2014

    Special Guest: Mike the Mike. This week we discuss sex with fighter planes, Sylvestor vs. Arnold, Nightcrawler, the hotness of Eve Mendes, Twins 2, and the nipple on the three breasted woman. Oh yeah. We talk about Interstellar too.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 4
    LTN Podcast Episode 4
    Duration: 02h41min | 02/11/2014

    Special Guest: Decent Audio Equipment. This week we tackle mourning cigarettes, comic store blues, midget superpowers, Phil hating Top Gun, Kubrick's super camera, and squishy faces turning to Skeletor.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 3
    LTN Podcast Episode 3
    Duration: 02h37min | 26/10/2014

    The Whiskey Episode! We dive in to the arcade tits of our youth, the Oculus Rift, Full Metal Jacket vs. Apocalypse Now, the Death of Superman, stupid science practices in Prometheus, and how to escape being typecast by giving Kevin Bacon a blowjob.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 2
    LTN Podcast Episode 2
    Duration: 02h33min | 19/10/2014

    Phil caves into social networking, EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA, KFC spices, dental best practices, and drunken ramblings about Unicron.

  • LTN Podcast Episode 1
    LTN Podcast Episode 1
    Duration: 01h23min | 19/10/2014

    In our first podcast we discuss the Retropie, the absurdity of grudge lyrics, and the retarded awesomeness of Tusk all with shitty audio mixing skills.