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WrenRadio makes bird songs memorable with each short episode focusing on bird songs by habitat.

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  • Episode 25 – Summer Songsters
    Episode 25 – Summer Songsters
    Duration: 03min | 19/04/2013

    We welcome spring and summer with the killdeer on this episode!  

  • Episode – 24 Nighttime Migrants
    Episode – 24 Nighttime Migrants
    Duration: 04min | 22/09/2010

    Some birds migrate by day and some by night- this podcast covers the Wood Duck, Redhead and the Common Loon. Enjoy!

  • Episode 23 – Why Chickadees are the Best Birds
    Episode 23 – Why Chickadees are the Best Birds
    Duration: 06min | 02/05/2010

    Here is a cute article from Mike O’Connor, owner of the Bird Watcher’s General Store about chickadees!

  • Episode #22 – Waterfowl
    Episode #22 – Waterfowl
    Duration: 03min | 15/02/2010

    Join me today as we lean about the Canada Goose, the Mallard and the Wood Duck. All of these waterfowl are early migrators and can easily be identified by sight and sound!

  • Episode #21 – British Invasion
    Episode #21 – British Invasion
    Duration: 03min | 30/12/2009

    Join us this time as we hear the European starling and the house sparrow. These are two of our most common “invaders”, which are non-native species.

  • Episode #20 – Game Birds
    Episode #20 – Game Birds

    Today we will learn the calls of game birds including the wild turkey, the bob-white and the ruffed grouse.