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  • Jesus is Real - Audio

    Jesus is Real - Audio

    02/12/2012 Duration: 2694h00s

    When is a genealogy intriguing? When it's Jesus'! Pastor Matt begins GBC's new series into The Gospel of Matthew with a look at the scandalous and sinful past that God redeemed in Jesus Christ.

  • Coincidence or Providence? - Audio

    Coincidence or Providence? - Audio

    18/11/2012 Duration: 2468h00s

    A wrap up on Esther as it relates to remembering, recognizing, and reflecting God's Providence.

  • Victory - Audio

    Victory - Audio

    11/11/2012 Duration: 2693h00s

    Jewish Victory came through the Persian government; our victory comes through Jesus Christ.

  • Hamans Hubris - Audio

    Haman's Hubris - Audio

    04/11/2012 Duration: 2531h00s

    Haman displays incredible pride. Yet we can learn much from his story, for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

  • If I Perish, I Perish - Audio

    If I Perish, I Perish - Audio

    28/10/2012 Duration: 2428h00s

    Esther faced death for her people, and Jesus faced death for all.

  • For Such a Time As This - Audio

    For Such a Time As This - Audio

    14/10/2012 Duration: 2599h00s

    As God positioned Mordecai & Esther for such a time as their's, God positions us for such a time as ours.

  • The Bachelor - Audio

    The Bachelor - Audio

    07/10/2012 Duration: 2164h00s

    Though Esther lived in an evil kingdom with an evil kingdom God had placed her there for a purpose. In the same way, God gives us hope even when things are dark because there is a greater king, a greater kingdom.

  • On a Mission - Audio

    On a Mission - Audio

    02/09/2012 Duration: 1778h00s

    Zacchaeus watched from a distance, but thankfully Jesus got up close. Jesus was a man on a mission, "To seek and save the lost." And we have been called to be a church on a mission.

  • Curses  Hope - Audio

    Curses & Hope - Audio

    28/08/2012 Duration: 2503h00s

    The origin of sin in this world, and how from the very beginning God provided hope.

  • Marriage - Audio

    Marriage - Audio

    12/08/2012 Duration: 2297h00s

    5 things that God designed marriage for.

  • Complimentarity - Audio

    Complimentarity - Audio

    05/08/2012 Duration: 2136h00s

    In "Complimentarity" Pastor Matt talks about the differences between men and women, their different emotional needs, and how God made them to compliment each other through the roles of "head" and "helper."

  • In the Beginning - Audio

    In the Beginning - Audio

    08/07/2012 Duration: 1981h00s

    Pastor Matt talks about creation v. evolution & how all truth fits together. He focuses on the main points of the passage: God is Creator of all, he is sovereign over all, and he is to be worshiped with all you got.

  • The Designer - Audio

    The Designer - Audio

    22/04/2012 Duration: 2497h00s

    Who is the designer of everything? If it's God, why is there so much evil and tragedy?

  • The Secret of Contentment - Audio

    The Secret of Contentment - Audio

    25/03/2012 Duration: 2609h00s

    A church is not a country club. It's not the local community center. It is something so much more profound than that. It is something that is meant to impact the world for Jesus Christ As we look at Paul's Letter to the Philippians, come learn what it means to truly join in the partnership that God calls us to.

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