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  • I Will Build My Church - Audio
    I Will Build My Church - Audio
    Duration: 2129h00s | 26/03/2017

    Have you heard the Church is dying? Don't believe it. Pastor Matt delivers his final message at GBC giving four constants about the church.

  • Sound Doctrine - Audio
    Sound Doctrine - Audio
    Duration: 1974h00s | 19/03/2017

    The truth isn't always what we want to hear, but we need to hear it. From Paul's final charge to the young pastor Timothy, Pastor Matt teaches four realities about God's Word. Also, Pastor Matt gives an announcement at the end of the message.

  • Excellence - Audio
    Excellence - Audio
    Duration: 1484h00s | 12/03/2017

    Work can be tough. We sometimes have bad bosses. Sometimes we're not doing what we want to do. But work doesn't have to be a four-letter word. In fact, for Christians it should be a seven-letter word.

  • In Suffering - Audio
    In Suffering - Audio
    Duration: 2273h00s | 05/03/2017

    Mark Johnson examines how God relates to us and us to him in our suffering. He looks at the theology but also shares his personal experience with suffering.

  • Addition  Subtraction - Audio
    Addition & Subtraction - Audio
    Duration: 1911h00s | 26/02/2017

    Have you ever felt out of place? That you just don't belong? Sometimes it's because of who we are or where we are, but we often feel like foreigners. As Christians this is our calling. And it should shape how we live in the world. From 1 Peter 2:11-12 we will learn that what we do & what we don't do will make us stand out in the world. And it involves a simple math equation.

  • Confident - Audio
    Confident - Audio
    Duration: 2383h00s | 19/02/2017

    Do you wish you were more confident? Find out how you can stand confidently and move ahead boldly in your life. Because once we understand the theology of what Jesus is, then we can have more confidence with God and more confidence in every area of our life.

  • Hated - Audio
    Hated - Audio
    Duration: 2410h00s | 12/02/2017

    For generations the U.S. was known as a "Christian nation." Not so much anymore. With the rise of the "nones" and the increasing power of secular institutions in our culture, being a Christian is no longer viewed in such positive light. In fact, sometimes we are hated. Thankfully, Jesus addressed this 2000 years ago.

  • Loving - Audio
    Loving - Audio
    Duration: 1723h00s | 05/02/2017

    Super Bowl Sunday! The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons square off on the world's biggest stage. Each team has a reputation. They are known for something. Unlike the indomitable Denver Broncos, who last year were known for their stifling defense, both teams this year are known for their offensive prowess (though New England is also known for some other things). In Part 3 of our Stand Out series we see what Christians are supposed to be known for. Hint: it's not our potlucks.

  • Following - Audio
    Following - Audio
    Duration: 2089h00s | 29/01/2017

    This week we're looking at Jesus' first call to the disciples, and what it means for us today. Because we are to stand out as Christians because we're moving ahead, following hard after Jesus.

  • Gods Faithful Presence - Audio
    God's Faithful Presence - Audio
    Duration: 2435h00s | 22/01/2017

    Greg Mamula, associate executive from American Baptist Churches of Nebraska teaches how we should look at the world around us, to see God's presence and join him in his work within our three circles.

  • The Kingdom of God in Bolivia - Audio
    The Kingdom of God in Bolivia - Audio
    Duration: 2382h00s | 15/01/2017

    Missionary JD Reed, an American Baptist Missionary to Bolivia shares about his ministry in Bolivia and teaches on two short parables of Jesus about the Kingdom of God.

  • What is Our Role in Spiritual Growth? - Audio
    What is Our Role in Spiritual Growth? - Audio
    Duration: 2168h00s | 08/01/2017

    Doug Cline fills the pulpit to answer the question: what is our role in spiritual growth?

  • Unashamed - Audio
    Unashamed - Audio
    Duration: 2024h00s | 01/01/2017

    How can you go from embarrassed and shy about your faith to bold and unashamed? Learn from this simple message, which answers three objections to Christianity.

  • He Came for Joy - Audio
    He Came for Joy - Audio
    Duration: 2133h00s | 25/12/2016

    GK Chesterton once said, "Joy is the gigantic secret of the Christian." Joy is one of my favorite subjects. In fact, three years ago, I did a whole series on it. For joy is TRUE HAPPINESS and happiness is what we all crave. In this final message about why Jesus came, learn how Jesus came for joy. More importantly let's grasp that joy for ourselves.

  • He Came for Me - Audio
    He Came for Me - Audio
    Duration: 586h00s | 24/12/2016

    You probably have heard that Jesus came to save the world or that he died for all mankind. But do we ever stop to consider that Jesus died for me and for you. When Jesus came, God made things personal. This brief message from Christmas Eve 2016 packs some punch.

  • He Came for Hope - Audio
    He Came for Hope - Audio
    Duration: 1967h00s | 18/12/2016

    For many, the holidays are a time of happiness. But for others, it is the most difficult time of the year. Whether this season for you is "merry and bright" or more "bleak midwinter", Sunday's message from Isaiah 8:19-9:7 will show how Jesus' birth can bring you hope.

  • He Came for Love - Audio
    He Came for Love - Audio
    Duration: 1797h00s | 11/12/2016

    Do you ever feel as if people in our world you have hearts "two sizes too small?" That people are just plain nasty to each other? This week we will learn from Titus 3:3-5a how Jesus came for love--to change the very fabric of how we relate to one another.

  • He Came for Peace - Audio
    He Came for Peace - Audio
    Duration: 1717h00s | 04/12/2016

    700 years before the Birth of Christ, the prophet Micah gave a startlingly accurate prediction about a Messiah who would come. In this message see how Jesus is our peace, and how he brings peace to us.

  • The Sweet Singer of Israel - Audio
    The Sweet Singer of Israel - Audio
    Duration: 2143h00s | 27/11/2016

    A person's final words are always intriguing. King David's are certainly that. This is it. The final message in all of the Samuel epic comes this Sunday as we learn four lessons from David about his success.

  • A Little Help from My Friends - Audio
    A Little Help from My Friends - Audio
    Duration: 1867h00s | 20/11/2016

    History remembers the great men and women who won battles, made discoveries, ruled nations, and accomplished feats. Their names and images are part of our collective memory. Yet whenever you look a little closer, you see that there were other factors at work. From two passages about David we learn five truths about great men (and women).

  • The Price of Atonement - Audio
    The Price of Atonement - Audio
    Duration: 2689h00s | 13/11/2016

    I'll never forget the young man who came into my office burdened with guilt. He knew he was not living as he should, so he confessed he had gone out and picked up a hitchhiker, hoping a good deed would "atone" for his sin. Each of us has sin in our past (in our present and future too). How can we atone for our sin? What does it cost? Through two stories, we will see David grapple with this and with him we will learn the true price of atonement.

  • Cleaning Up A Mess - Audio
    Cleaning Up A Mess - Audio
    Duration: 2350h00s | 06/11/2016

    We all have messy lives. Whether we're directly to blame for the mess or not, we still need help cleaning it all up. Even if you missed King David sharing his mistakes in fatherhood, you'll want to hear this message about how David sought to clean up the mess he had in his life.

  • The Sins of the Father - Audio
    The Sins of the Father - Audio
    Duration: 1652h00s | 30/10/2016

    Does what we do as parents impact our children? This message is a special first-person sermon from David's perspective covering his mistakes and sins as a father so we can learn from them. This message is for fathers in particular and parents in general. Warning: the message will reference rape and violence.

  • Consequences - Audio
    Consequences - Audio
    Duration: 2149h00s | 23/10/2016

    Can we get away with sin? It can just stay in the past, right? As his life takes a major turn, let's not just learn from David's successes but also his failures--because in them we can connect even more. In this message we'll learn the truth about sin...and it's consequences.

  • Just  Right - Audio
    Just & Right - Audio
    Duration: 2098h00s | 16/10/2016

    Leaders take what they want & serve their own interests, right? Though we're accustomed to selfish leaders, God wants a different type of leader. If you're contemplating what type of leader you want to vote or work for, or if you're considering what type of leader you want to be, this message is for you.

  • Our Plan, Gods Plan - Audio
    Our Plan, God's Plan - Audio
    Duration: 2039h00s | 09/10/2016

    In conversations lately a theme has emerged...many of us are striving to have a better faith life. We want to try harder. We plan to do better. But we feel like we're falling short. Thankfully, God has a better plan, because it's not so much about what we do.

  • Undignified - Audio
    Undignified - Audio
    Duration: 2650h00s | 02/10/2016

    Well dressed and well behaved. Proper, dignified, and boring. Is that how God wants us to act before him? Let's learn from David how we are to approach our powerful and loving God.

  • How Much Longer?!? - Audio
    How Much Longer?!? - Audio
    Duration: 2419h00s | 25/09/2016

    Are you in a trial right now and wonder when life's gonna get better? David was promised the Kingdom, yet even after years of grueling waiting, there were still years more. Sunday we'll learn from David what to do during these extended trials.

  • Respect Him? - Audio
    Respect Him? - Audio
    Duration: 1888h00s | 18/09/2016

    You know that person--that teacher, that boss, that politician, that parent--who you despise. Yet they are in that position, and you are beneath them on the org chart. Do we really have to respect him? (or her). As we start our new series into 2 Samuel, let's learn about respect from David.

  • I Have A Community - Audio
    I Have A Community - Audio
    Duration: 1633h00s | 11/09/2016

    Acceptance. We all want it. We want to fit in. We want to be liked. We want assurance that others care about us. Find out how the gospel shapes how and why we can be accepted and accept others.

  • I Have a Purpose - Audio
    I Have a Purpose - Audio
    Duration: 2155h00s | 04/09/2016

    We all want more meaning in life, to find our purpose. In this message, find how we can hone in on our individual, unique purpose.

  • I Am Transformed - Audio
    I Am Transformed - Audio
    Duration: 2079h00s | 28/08/2016

    Transformation. We all want to be different. To grow. To be mature. But how do we go from the person we are to the person we want to be? In this message discover the three must-haves of transformation. It's time for a new wardrobe, because of the gospel.

  • Self Control in Spiritual Maturity - Audio
    Self Control in Spiritual Maturity - Audio
    Duration: 2676h00s | 22/08/2016

    Doug Cline teaches on the issue of self-control and the role it plays in our spiritual maturity.

  • Youre Not Alone - Audio
    You're Not Alone - Audio
    Duration: 2234h00s | 14/08/2016

    A dark and tragic story has a strange ending. In it we find a truth that will bring hope to the hopeless and light in our darkness.

  • When Youre At Your Worst - Audio
    When You're At Your Worst - Audio
    Duration: 2098h00s | 07/08/2016

    When you're at your worst, your lowest, your darkest moment what can you do? How do you respond? Learn from David and Saul what to do and what not to do when you're at your worst.

  • Again? - Audio
    Again? - Audio
    Duration: 1961h00s | 31/07/2016

    Deja vu? Haven't we heard this story before? Yes, Saul is after David again. Don't we all have things in our life that happen again? That same person keeps hurting you, that sin keeps tempting you, that person you need to forgive again. What do we do when it happens AGAIN?

  • Dont Be A Fool - Audio
    Don't Be A Fool - Audio
    Duration: 2407h00s | 24/07/2016

    We all have conflict in our lives, and our approach to it can be either foolish or wise. From this passage learn four traits of a fool, and four of a wise person when it comes to conflict.

  • With Great Power - Audio
    With Great Power - Audio
    Duration: 2365h00s | 17/07/2016

    We often don't like the term "power" but we all have varying degree of power and influence over others in our lives. But power itself is like fire, it can be used for great good or great harm. In this message, we can learn an important lesson about power as David learns it.

  • Accepting Responsiblity - Audio
    Accepting Responsiblity - Audio
    Duration: 1961h00s | 10/07/2016

    When we sin there are consequences, but most of us try to blame others instead of accepting responsibility. From Saul we learn what happens when we blame others and from David we learn the antidote.

  • O, Valiant Warrior - Audio
    O, Valiant Warrior - Audio
    Duration: 1708h00s | 03/07/2016

    Rev. Robin Stoops, Executive Minister of Nebraska for ABC, fills the pulpit to share this faith-building message about Gideon.

  • Surviving Failure - Audio
    Surviving Failure - Audio
    Duration: 2864h00s | 26/06/2016

    Guest speaker Greg Mast shares five important truths that will help you recover from failure.

  • Desperate Times - Audio
    Desperate Times - Audio
    Duration: 2103h00s | 19/06/2016

    Why does God immediately send David to run for his life immediately after anointing him king? Perhaps the trials David endured were on purpose. Perhaps God wanted to teach him something. In these two extraordinary stories, we can learn what David learned through his trial. This time, about what to do in desperate times.

  • When Others Succeed - Audio
    When Others Succeed - Audio
    Duration: 2670h00s | 12/06/2016

    What do we do when others succeed? Often, we respond with a gut reaction of jealousy. But this feeling isn't just something we keep inside, it can overwhelm us and destroy us and those around us. But there's a better way. By examining the reactions of Saul and his son Jonathan to David's rising success we can learn to turn our jealousy to selflessness.

  • More Than Meets the Eye - Audio
    More Than Meets the Eye - Audio
    Duration: 2565h00s | 05/06/2016

    What is the mark of a leader God chooses? What sets him (or her apart). See one of the most popular stories from the Bible in a new light.

  • Who Do You Seek Honor From? - Audio
    Who Do You Seek Honor From? - Audio
    Duration: 2677h00s | 29/05/2016

    We're human. We want to be accepted. We want to be liked. We want people to honor us and respect us. But sometimes it goes to far and it gets us into trouble like it did for Saul.

  • Faith that Risks - Audio
    Faith that Risks - Audio
    Duration: 2923h00s | 23/05/2016

    King David. We know him. We love him. He's all over our culture. But what about Saul? Wasn't he the first king? What happened to him. Through this message we will examine why it is that Saul was rejected, and what leaders should do instead if they want to succeed.

  • You Messed Up, Now What? - Audio
    You Messed Up, Now What? - Audio
    Duration: 2627h00s | 15/05/2016

    Sometimes we get ourselves into a mess. Whether its from foolish decisions, things out of our control, or our own sin, we find ourselves in tough situations. So what are we supposed to do? From Samuel, we learn five things we should do.

  • What About Those Who Dont Know Jesus? - Audio
    What About Those Who Don't Know Jesus? - Audio
    Duration: 2265h00s | 08/05/2016

    We've talked a lot about heaven. It sounds awesome. But what about those who don't know Jesus? What is their fate? This message answers this question, but it also ends this series with a commission...we've got a job to do.

  • What Difference Does It Make Now? - Audio
    What Difference Does It Make Now? - Audio
    Duration: 2104h00s | 01/05/2016

    Ever heard the saying, "Too heavenly minded to be any earthly good?" Is it true? I don't think so, I think we're not heavenly minded enough. Through this message we will discuss why knowing about and thinking about heaven is a good thing; because we're not home yet.

  • Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? - Audio
    Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? - Audio
    Duration: 1924h00s | 24/04/2016

    Like the dumb and rather dark children's movie, we often wonder if dogs (our pets) and other animals will be in heaven? Like we've done throughout this series, we look to the Bible to see what God tells us. And through this, we will learn more about the New Earth.

  • Will I Like It There? - Audio
    Will I Like It There? - Audio
    Duration: 2146h00s | 17/04/2016

    Isaac Asimov once said, “I don't believe in an afterlife, so I don't have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.” Have you ever been afraid of heaven? This message addresses and corrects some of the fears we have about heaven, and talks about what kind of place it will actually be.

  • Do I Get Wings? - Audio
    Do I Get Wings? - Audio
    Duration: 2099h00s | 10/04/2016

    Do we get wings in heaven? Will we turn into angels? Will we become ghosts? Will we be spirits who float around on the clouds? Find out what the Bible says about what we will be like in heaven.

  • Whos Gonna Be There? - Audio
    Who's Gonna Be There? - Audio
    Duration: 2330h00s | 03/04/2016

    Who is gonna be in heaven? Will our friends and family be there? Will everyone be there?

  • Jesus, the Key - Audio
    Jesus, the Key - Audio
    Duration: 1816h00s | 29/03/2016

    How do you get to heaven? This Easter message looks at Jesus' words to answer that simple question. Do you want to be SURE you're going to heaven? Listen to this message and learn what the historical fact of Easter can mean for your eternal future.

  • The Unsure King - Audio
    The Unsure King - Audio
    Duration: 2585h00s | 21/03/2016

    Have you ever been unsure of yourself? Lacking in confidence? Unclear if you can face it? Saul was that way. From him we can learn what to do when we're unsure of ourselves.

  • Give Us A King! - Audio
    Give Us A King! - Audio
    Duration: 2241h00s | 14/03/2016

    Israel wants a king. Just like the other nations. Only one problem: God told them not to have a king like that. We do the same thing. We want to do what everyone else does. It's easier. Is that so wrong?

  • God Speaks through Victory - Audio
    God Speaks through Victory - Audio
    Duration: 2747h00s | 06/03/2016

    What do you do when you or someone you know is desperate? In a difficult spot and not knowing what to do? Find out from the Israelites who found victory from a desperate situation.

  • God Speaks in Unlikely Ways - Audio
    God Speaks in Unlikely Ways - Audio
    Duration: 1461h00s | 28/02/2016

    This special message is told from the perspective of someone who was there, Kalathos, the commander of the Philistine armies. Kalathos, the Philistines, and the Israelites learned an important truth. Through this message, you too will experience God's power and holiness.

  • God Speaks through Defeat - Audio
    God Speaks through Defeat - Audio
    Duration: 1944h00s | 21/02/2016

    Some carry a rabbit's foot for good luck. Others bury a statue of St. Joseph so they can sell their house. Others grow a long beard or wear the same clothes to win games. We laugh about superstitions, yet we all seem to have them when it comes to God. Learn from Israel's defeat for an important lesson for our own lives.

  • God Speaks, Will We Listen? - Audio
    God Speaks, Will We Listen? - Audio
    Duration: 2455h00s | 15/02/2016

    Family is good. We love our families. But there is something more important than our families. Blood is thicker than water, but there is something thicker still.

  • God Speaks in Our Suffering - Audio
    God Speaks in Our Suffering - Audio
    Duration: 1996h00s | 07/02/2016

    Hannah wanted to have a child. Yet year after year she was tormented by her husband's second wife who had several kids of her own. In her suffering, Hannah finally made a decision and overcame her situation. How did she do it? And how can we overcome our suffering?

  • How Did We Get the Bible? - Audio
    How Did We Get the Bible? - Audio
    Duration: 2434h00s | 31/01/2016

    Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? Pastor Sean Doughterty of First Baptist Kearney taught on the origins of the Bible and why we should USE IT.

  • Bible QA 5 - Audio
    Bible Q&A 5 - Audio
    Duration: 1035h00s | 31/01/2016

    Sean Dougherty takes and answers questions from the church about the Bible.

  • Bible QA 4 - Audio
    Bible Q&A 4 - Audio
    Duration: 617h00s | 24/01/2016

    Tim Stratton answers questions from the audience about logic, evangelism, the Old Testament, etc.

  • Is the Bible Reliable? - Audio
    Is the Bible Reliable? - Audio
    Duration: 2953h00s | 24/01/2016

    Tim Stratton, of FreeThinking Ministries, teaches why Christians can and should have a reasonable faith. He argues logically why the Bible is true and we can rely on it.

  • Bible QA 3 - Audio
    Bible Q&A 3 - Audio
    Duration: 526h00s | 18/01/2016

    Pastor Matt fields some questions about the Bible. Questions cover topics like polygamy, the blood moons, what does it mean that some are least and some greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, etc.

  • Whats the Bible All About? - Audio
    What's the Bible All About? - Audio
    Duration: 2143h00s | 18/01/2016

    Have you ever wondered what the Bible is all about? In this message, not only will you get an overview of the entire Bible, but you will learn what the Bible truly is all about.

  • How do we Know the Bible is True? - Audio
    How do we Know the Bible is True? - Audio
    Duration: 1919h00s | 10/01/2016

    The Da Vinci Code, Bart Ehrman, vocal atheists. There have been attacks on the Bible in our times. So how do we know it is true? Learn from David four reasons why we can know the Bible is true.

  • Bible QA 2 - Audio
    Bible Q&A 2 - Audio
    Duration: 429h00s | 10/01/2016

    Pastor Matt took questions that were sent in or texted in. He answers questions about sharing your faith, what the Bible says about suicide, etc.

  • Is the Bible Relevant? - Audio
    Is the Bible Relevant? - Audio
    Duration: 1792h00s | 03/01/2016

    People respect the Bible. They think of it as holy or sacred. But do they even know what it contains? Most think of it as a good book, but too old and out of date and inapplicable for their life today. So is the Bible relevant?

  • Bible QA 1 - Audio
    Bible Q&A 1 - Audio
    Duration: 889h00s | 03/01/2016

    Pastor Matt answers questions from the congregation about the Bible.

  • How to Become Closer to God - Audio
    How to Become Closer to God - Audio
    Duration: 2116h00s | 27/12/2015

    Do you want a better relationship with God? Brian Gangwish shares a message on how we can become closer to God.

  • A Light in the Darkness - Audio
    A Light in the Darkness - Audio
    Duration: 686h00s | 24/12/2015

    Our world sometimes seems so dark. Our lives seem so hopeless. But through the prophecy given through Malachi we learn about a light that would shine in the darkness. A new dawn would come. Thankfully, we know what that light is--or more specifically, who that lights is.

  • The Fathers Redemption - Audio
    The Father's Redemption - Audio
    Duration: 2010h00s | 20/12/2015

    If you've ever seen a picture that has had its colored inverted you know that something isn't quite right. Things are backwards. Sometimes our world is like that in the spiritual realm: good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. We wonder why we should be faithful and good when it doesn't seem to pay off. Thankfully, God has a plan to put all things right.

  • The Fathers Generosity - Audio
    The Father's Generosity - Audio
    Duration: 2537h00s | 14/12/2015

    Christopher Wright has argued that how we handle money is a thermometer to gauge the temperature of our faith. God measured the Israelites faith through their giving and he wasn't pleased. How would we measure it with you?

  • The Fathers Justice - Audio
    The Father's Justice - Audio
    Duration: 1845h00s | 06/12/2015

    Why do good things happen to bad people? Does injustice have the last word? Where is God? Is God just? These are the questions the Israelites had in Malachi's day and we still have today. Thankfully, injustice doesn't have the last word, Jesus does.

  • The Fathers Faithfulness - Audio
    The Father's Faithfulness - Audio
    Duration: 2364h00s | 29/11/2015

    We love our families. But they also have some issues. God has some words to help. But why should we listen to him? Because he knows and he cares. We can be faithful to our families because God is faithful to us, his family.

  • The Test of (True) Religion - Audio
    The Test of (True) Religion - Audio
    Duration: 2464h00s | 22/11/2015

    There are many today who are religious but not spiritual. This was true in Jesus' time as well. What is the test of true religion?

  • The Fathers Messengers - Audio
    The Father's Messengers - Audio
    Duration: 2156h00s | 15/11/2015

    "No such thing as bad student," quipped Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, "only bad teacher." God knows that one of the main reason his people sin is because his messengers fail to deliver the right message. Through the prophet Malachi, God delivered a stinging rebuke to the priests of Israel that we in turn can apply to the preachers and pastors of today.

  • The Fathers Honor - Audio
    The Father's Honor - Audio
    Duration: 2189h00s | 08/11/2015

    When someone does something great, we honor them. If someone important was coming over for dinner, you would do something special. How much more should we honor God? An excellent God deserves excellence.

  • The Fathers Love - Audio
    The Father's Love - Audio
    Duration: 2222h00s | 01/11/2015

    "For God so loved the world..." We've heard that God loves us, but what about when we don't feel it? Or what about when it seems life is so hard, how could he love me? This was the same question the Israelites asked almost 2500 years. And God answered.

  • Order - Audio
    Order - Audio
    Duration: 2368h00s | 25/10/2015

    Why do we do things the way we do at church? Why the order of the service? Why do we have the leadership? From this passage we learn an important concept of what God is like, and in turn, how we should worship him.

  • God is Really Among You! - Audio
    'God is Really Among You!' - Audio
    Duration: 2191h00s | 21/10/2015

    Some things that Christians do are weird. Let's admit it. But it doesn't have to be that way. For worship isn't just supposed to be for US, but for ALL.

  • Edification - Audio
    Edification - Audio
    Duration: 2693h00s | 11/10/2015

    We live in a society in which we often pick exactly what we want, at Subway, with computers, houses, etc. And we carry over this mindset into churches and we "church shop." But through the details of instruction on tongues and prophecy we learn the bigger principle that connecting in Christ is about WE, not ME.

  • The Most Excellent Way - Audio
    The Most Excellent Way - Audio
    Duration: 2042h00s | 04/10/2015

    We sing about it. We talk about it. We long for it. But we don't really know what it is. Paul teaches us the most excellent way: love.

  • One Body, Different Parts - Audio
    One Body, Different Parts - Audio
    Duration: 2308h00s | 27/09/2015

    Though we are different, when we become Christians we become a part of the one body, which is Christ. In this body, every different part is important to the whole.

  • Same Spirit, Different Gifts - Audio
    Same Spirit, Different Gifts - Audio
    Duration: 2504h00s | 20/09/2015

    We value the individual who achieves greatness, but behind every great person is a great team. We need to connect to each other. Thankfully God has given Christians his Spirit. This same Spirit gives different gifts for the same purpose: the common good.

  • Let All People Come - Audio
    Let All People Come - Audio
    Duration: 1722h00s | 13/09/2015

    We all have a deep longing in our soul that nothing in our world can fulfill. We try all sorts of things, but to no avail. Thankfully, God invites us to come and find it in him.

  • Share the Gospel with All People - Audio
    Share the Gospel with All People - Audio
    Duration: 1945h00s | 06/09/2015

    Sharing what you believe can be one of the most awkward, nerve-wracking things ever. But it doesn't have to be. In this message, Pastor Matt teaches how we can be prepared by having one verse and a simple illustration memorized.

  • Be With All People - Audio
    Be With All People - Audio
    Duration: 2224h00s | 30/08/2015

    Doctors don't avoid sick people, they seek them out. Jesus knew this, and this is how he operated in ministry. We must learn how Jesus did ministry and learn to be with all people.

  • Pray for All People - Audio
    Pray for All People - Audio
    Duration: 1899h00s | 25/08/2015

    We long for a transformed world, and it comes from a world of people changed by the gospel. But how do we get there? First off, we need to pray for all people.

  • Greater in Death - Audio
    Greater in Death - Audio
    Duration: 1915h00s | 16/08/2015

    Samson had his issues. He had his sin. And he reached his lowest point. Yet it wasn't too late for him, nor is it for us. Learn from Samson's death and the greater death that it points to.

  • Blinded by Sin - Audio
    Blinded by Sin - Audio
    Duration: 2767h00s | 09/08/2015

    Sin & temptation blind us to the consequences of our own behavior. Samson was blinded to the consequences of sin and his addictive relationship. As things go from bad to worse, their is a glimmer of hope.

  • Fighting Fire with Fire - Audio
    Fighting Fire with Fire - Audio
    Duration: 2350h00s | 02/08/2015

    An eye for an eye. Getting even. Karma. This is the force at work in the world, as it was with Samson. We need something better to break this cycle. We need a better savior.

  • Stronger than Samson - Audio
    Stronger than Samson - Audio
    Duration: 2592h00s | 26/07/2015

    Samson was strong and had some amazing feats of strength, including two in this chapter. Because of this, we focus on him, but when we do this we miss the one stronger than Samson.

  • The Birth of a Savior - Audio
    The Birth of a Savior - Audio
    Duration: 2581h00s | 19/07/2015

    Samson seems like the one of the strangest people to be a hero of the Bible. Yet God foretold and accomplished his birth through using a dense doubter of a father and an undistinguished mother to save his people from their enemy.

  • Death - Audio
    Death - Audio
    Duration: 2346h00s | 12/07/2015

    Not everyone goes through all the seasons of life. But everyone ends their seasons of life with death (unless Jesus returns first). But instead of addressing this important topic, they ignore it and deny it. Instead, we must take death to heart.

  • Living with a Purpose - Audio
    Living with a Purpose - Audio
    Duration: 2148h00s | 05/07/2015

    Pastor Greg Gangwish shares a message about living with a purpose.

  • Widowhood - Audio
    Widowhood - Audio
    Duration: 2636h00s | 29/06/2015

    Though widowhood is a season no one chooses, it is one that God has a plan for. Even though you may be alone, God is always there with you. This message looks at the differences between a godly and an ungodly widow.

  • Retirement - Audio
    Retirement - Audio
    Duration: 1893h00s | 21/06/2015

    Retirement is sometimes thought of as the finale, but it is meant to be a time of flourishing through further fruitfulness and faithfulness. Discover 3 ways to flourish in this season.

  • Work - Audio
    Work - Audio
    Duration: 2140h00s | 14/06/2015

    Work is a four-letter word, right? We often think of work as toil and labor, but God wants us to see it as something much greater than this. He wants us to have a season of meaningful work.

  • Parenting - Audio
    Parenting - Audio
    Duration: 2700h00s | 08/06/2015

    Parenting is hard work. Thankfully, God gives us five principles of a healthy marriage in one simple verse.

  • Marriage - Audio
    Marriage - Audio
    Duration: 2814h00s | 01/06/2015

    Our stories and our movies focus on the exciting time of falling in love, all pre-marriage. But what we really need to do is focus on the marriage itself. God has some important things to teach us about how to have a great marriage.

  • Singleness - Audio
    Singleness - Audio
    Duration: 2712h00s | 24/05/2015

    There is a lie that we hear that makes it seem that singles are less than married people. But this is not true. Paul, a single man, teaches that the season of singleness should be a good one, sometimes better.

  • Youth - Audio
    Youth - Audio
    Duration: 2619h00s | 17/05/2015

    What does God have to say to those in the season of youth? Solomon shares his wisdom to youth, in a short, but happy season.

  • Childhood - Audio
    Childhood - Audio
    Duration: 1888h00s | 04/05/2015

    Solomon, who was the wisest man in the world, shares wisdom to children in their season of life. The Season of Childhood is a fun season, but it was created by God for something more than just fun.

  • A Time for Everything - Audio
    A Time for Everything - Audio
    Duration: 1842h00s | 26/04/2015

    There are many different seasons in our lives. None of them are on accident, and all of them have a purpose. Learn from "The Teacher" of Ecclesiastes some important truths about the seasons of our lives as we look ahead to the Seasons of Life sermon series.

  • Pure Faith - Audio
    Pure Faith - Audio
    Duration: 3181h00s | 19/04/2015

    The ending of Nehemiah seems anti-climactic. But it is important. Because it shows us that we need someone to lead us out of sin.

  • Dedication - Audio
    Dedication - Audio
    Duration: 2016h00s | 12/04/2015

    The work of the wall was done. The people came together. But there was one step left: celebration. Learn from Nehemiah chapters 11 and 12 why celebration with joy is a crucial aspect of the Christian life.

  • From Crown to Crown - Audio
    From Crown to Crown - Audio
    Duration: 1947h00s | 05/04/2015

    We all want to be more than we are. But we can't become great by ourselves. To find glory we must look to Jesus.

  • Covenant - Audio
    Covenant - Audio
    Duration: 2231h00s | 29/03/2015

    Imagine going to a wedding, and instead of the traditional vows: "to death do us part," "in sickness and in health," etc. they start describing a series of demands and conditions. If you do this, then I'll do that. That would be crazy right? It's because that's a contract, not a covenant. But God makes a covenant with us in relationship. Learn about the old covenant and what it means for us in the new covenant.

  • Confession - Audio
    Confession - Audio
    Duration: 2283h00s | 23/03/2015

    We wonder if the sins we have committed are too awful, too often repeated, or too much for God and other Christians to deal with. That isn't the case. As we learn from the Israelites, no matter how often we sin, God is constant in compassion and ready to forgive.

  • The Book - Audio
    The Book - Audio
    Duration: 2707h00s | 16/03/2015

    If the Bible seems old and out-of-date, you're doing it wrong. The Bible is not just another good book, it is the most important book in the world. From Nehemiah 8, we learn 6 actions that we must do with the book.

  • Gods People - Audio
    God's People - Audio
    Duration: 2111h00s | 08/03/2015

    In a chapter that is described by one Bible scholar as one of the "most uninviting" is there anything helpful? This chapter, one we often skip, we will learn four important traits about what it means to be God's people.

  • Finishing Strong - Audio
    Finishing Strong - Audio
    Duration: 2564h00s | 01/03/2015

    It's not about starting strong, but finishing strong. Learn 6 steps to finishing strong from Nehemiah.

  • True Greatness - Audio
    True Greatness - Audio
    Duration: 2548h00s | 22/02/2015

    The world makes us think that the way to greatness is through accumulation--of money, power, and influence. But Nehemiah reveals us the path to true greatness.

  • Dealing with Opposition - Audio
    Dealing with Opposition - Audio
    Duration: 2562h00s | 15/02/2015

    Nehemiah and God's people now enter into the time with the biggest opposition to their rebuilding efforts. Things looked really bleak and they are close to giving up. We can learn how to deal with opposition and difficulties from their approach.

  • A Spot on the Wall - Audio
    A Spot on the Wall - Audio
    Duration: 2490h00s | 08/02/2015

    In the type of passage people typically skip over when they read the Bible (filled with foreign names and places), Nehemiah 3:1-32 contains some important truths. Learn 8 truths about building something through our lives from Nehemiah and the people who each had a spot on the wall.

  • A Vision from God - Audio
    A Vision from God - Audio
    Duration: 2123h00s | 01/02/2015

    God puts something on our hearts, then shows us how things ought to be. Learn from Nehemiah how we might have a vision of the future from God.

  • Courageous Faith - Audio
    Courageous Faith - Audio
    Duration: 2393h00s | 25/01/2015

    We think of the great heroes but feel that they are somehow other. But we can have the courageous faith of Nehemiah if we learn these 6 lessons from his approach to king Artaxerxes.

  • Broken Down - Audio
    Broken Down - Audio
    Duration: 2333h00s | 18/01/2015

    There is brokenness around us. In our families, our communities, and world. God wants us to open our eyes to the brokenness, have our hearts broken, and be broken before him. Only then will we be able to rebuild.

  • From Mimic to Model - Audio
    From Mimic to Model - Audio
    Duration: 1957h00s | 11/01/2015

    We all want to be influential and have significance on those around us. In order to become people of influence we have to become mimics and then models of faith.

  • Whats Your Talent? - Audio
    What's Your Talent? - Audio
    Duration: 1843h00s | 29/12/2014

    Brian Gangwish fills the pulpit to share his message. Then he shares his talent by playing his song, "Gift of Christmas."

  • Grow in Prayer - Audio
    Grow in Prayer - Audio
    Duration: 2711h00s | 21/12/2014

    Why are some prayers and others not? James addresses this and other questions as he teaches on prayer. Then he closes his letter with an important section on seeking the lost.

  • Grow in Patience - Audio
    Grow in Patience - Audio
    Duration: 2300h00s | 14/12/2014

    It's easy to grow impatient, but we have to change our mindset if we want to grow in patience. James teaches us three metaphors to help us understand how we should be patient.

  • Grow in Stewardship - Audio
    Grow in Stewardship - Audio
    Duration: 2347h00s | 07/12/2014

    Many people hate the rich and call them evil. At first glance, that is what James sees to be saying. But once you read closer you see that having money isn't a sin, but not stewarding your money well is. We can learn five sins about using money, and from them five ways we ought to steward money.

  • Grow in Humble Speech - Audio
    Grow in Humble Speech - Audio
    Duration: 2445h00s | 30/11/2014

    Words matter. They reveal our heart. And they have a deeper theological significance because they reveal who is God in our lives.

  • Grow in Submission - Audio
    Grow in Submission - Audio
    Duration: 2372h00s | 23/11/2014

    We all submit to something. We can either choose submission to sin, which leads to conflict with others and God and enslaves us or submission to God which leads to reconciliation and favor.

  • Grow in Wisdom - Audio
    Grow in Wisdom - Audio
    Duration: 2238h00s | 18/11/2014

    According to one study, each person makes on average 17,000 decisions. In order to pursue the good life then we must have wisdom to be able to handle the many decisions we have to make every day. Therefore, James teaches us to differentiate between false wisdom and authentic wisdom.

  • Grow to Control Your Tongue - Audio
    Grow to Control Your Tongue - Audio
    Duration: 2339h00s | 09/11/2014

    Everyone messes up and says things they wish they could take back. Things come out of our mouths without even entering our brains. Our tongue gets us in trouble. We must all learn to control our tongues. Thankfully, James provides us some help.

  • Grow Authentic Faith - Audio
    Grow Authentic Faith - Audio
    Duration: 2865h00s | 02/11/2014

    Authentic faith doesn't just walk the walk, it talks the talk. It shows itself in deeds. It works.

  • Grow in Mercy - Audio
    Grow in Mercy - Audio
    Duration: 2802h00s | 26/10/2014

    Playing favorites does nothing good for a family, classroom, or any social situation. James provides 3 reasons why we should not show favoritism, and how mercy is instead how we should respond to all.

  • Grow by Doing - Audio
    Grow by Doing - Audio
    Duration: 2710h00s | 19/10/2014

    Authentic faith is active faith, but in order to grow this type of faith it takes the source of the gospel, removing all the hindrances to growth, and encouraging growth by doing.

  • Grow through Temptation - Audio
    Grow through Temptation - Audio
    Duration: 2185h00s | 12/10/2014

    Temptations are not from God, but we can grow through them if we learn to overcome temptation. Learn which of the three responses to temptation is best, and three ways to overcome temptation.

  • Grow Through Trials - Audio
    Grow Through Trials - Audio
    Duration: 2305h00s | 05/10/2014

    We all undergo trials of many kinds. Yet we don't need to dread them, because God can use them to make us grow.

  • ISIS, Persecution,  Our Response - Audio
    ISIS, Persecution, & Our Response - Audio
    Duration: 2587h00s | 22/09/2014

    For a special Sunday, we let people pick the topic. And they picked one that is in the news everyday yet few of us understand, let alone understand from a biblical point of view. The topic: ISIS, the persecution of Christians, and how we should respond.

  • Grow. Build. Connect. - Audio
    Grow. Build. Connect. - Audio
    Duration: 2385h00s | 14/09/2014

    Pastor Matt presents the vision of our church, Grow. Build. Connect. by looking at how the early church did things.

  • Bless the Lord - Audio
    Bless the Lord - Audio
    Duration: 2170h00s | 07/09/2014

    Why do we sing music on Sundays? What's the point? Find out from this short little song. And learn how we are to bless God, for he deserves it, and he blesses us, even though we don't.

  • Together in Unity - Audio
    Together in Unity - Audio
    Duration: 2461h00s | 31/08/2014

    We all long for true community. We look for it all over the place. But it takes something deeper to find the true blessings of community.

  • Remember David - Audio
    Remember David - Audio
    Duration: 2032h00s | 24/08/2014

    The Israelites relied on the promise made to David in order to call on God to fill his promise to them. Likewise, Christians can call on the promises God has made on behalf of Jesus.

  • I Am Content - Audio
    I Am Content - Audio
    Duration: 2001h00s | 17/08/2014

    Contentment. At busy times it can seem like the most impossible thing to find, but like David, we can say, "I Am Content" with these 3 keys, an attitude, an action, and an anticipation.

  • Full Redemption - Audio
    Full Redemption - Audio
    Duration: 2069h00s | 10/08/2014

    We are all drowning. In sin. And we are in desperate need of redemption.Thankfully, there is redemption available.

  • Oppressed - Audio
    Oppressed - Audio
    Duration: 2332h00s | 03/08/2014

    We all have scars. Some are fun to show off, others, not so much. But the worst scars aren't even the visible ones, they're the emotional, spiritual, and psychological things that keep pain in our past alive. This Psalm teaches us how to have victory and healing over our past scars.

  • Blessed - Audio
    Blessed - Audio
    Duration: 2016h00s | 27/07/2014

    "A chicken for every pot and a car in every garage to boot." This was the slogan for Herbert Hoover's 1927 presidential campaign, and it has set the ever increasing standard of the American middle class dream. Yet this idea of a happy life is different than the biblical vision of Psalm 128.

  • Unless the LORD Builds the House - Audio
    Unless the LORD Builds the House - Audio
    Duration: 2879h00s | 20/07/2014

    Unless God is in it, all is vain. With God, there is great reward.

  • Restore Our Fortunes - Audio
    Restore Our Fortunes - Audio
    Duration: 2041h00s | 13/07/2014

    What about when the storm hits? What can we do to bring back our happiness?

  • If the LORD had not been on our Side - Audio
    If the LORD had not been on our Side - Audio
    Duration: 1788h00s | 29/06/2014

    King David used his imagination to wonder what it would have been had God not been on his side, and we can do the same. We can learn that God preserves his people, though he does't always prevent. However, not matter what, we should praise.

  • Have Mercy On Us - Audio
    Have Mercy On Us - Audio
    Duration: 2103h00s | 22/06/2014

    When we feel like we've had it up to here, we need mercy from God. Learn how to call out to him with a simple prayer.

  • Let Us Go to the House of the LORD - Audio
    Let Us Go to the House of the LORD - Audio
    Duration: 2367h00s | 15/06/2014

    Have you ever not wanted to go to church? What do we do then? Like David, we can and should rejoice when we go to the house of the LORD.

  • Where Does My Help Come From? - Audio
    Where Does My Help Come From? - Audio
    Duration: 1913h00s | 08/06/2014

    Like asking for directions, sometimes we wait unit "there's nothing left to do but pray," but asking God for help should be our first, continual, and last step.

  • From Distress to Peace - Audio
    From Distress to Peace - Audio
    Duration: 2731h00s | 01/06/2014

    How do we move from distress to peace? This song will help us get there as we experience real hurt and pain with three steps toward peace.

  • New Family - Audio
    New Family - Audio
    Duration: 2032h00s | 25/05/2014

    Believing in Jesus Christ does not just leave you on your own, it gives you a new family.

  • New Mind - Audio
    New Mind - Audio
    Duration: 1737h00s | 18/05/2014

    Finding God's will doesn't have to be like asking a magic 8-ball, God wants us to have a new mind.

  • New Heart - Audio
    New Heart - Audio
    Duration: 1753h00s | 11/05/2014

    We don't just need an update, we need a new heart.

  • New Life - Audio
    New Life - Audio
    Duration: 1696h00s | 04/05/2014

    What life to the full? Well it's not about you, it's about Jesus.

  • New Birth - Audio
    New Birth - Audio
    Duration: 1896h00s | 27/04/2014

    It's not enough to just try to be a better person, we need to be made entirely new, we need to be born again.

  • This Changes Everything - Audio
    This Changes Everything - Audio
    Duration: 1980h00s | 20/04/2014

    Something happened some 2,000 years ago that changed everything.

  • The Cross - Audio
    The Cross - Audio
    Duration: 1964h00s | 13/04/2014

    In all its irony, the cross is the central image and concept of Christianity. Find out why in this message.

  • Trial - Audio
    Trial - Audio
    Duration: 2169h00s | 06/04/2014

    Jesus went to trial, but in reality, it was the people around him who were guilty. We too are all guilty, and what matters in how respond to that guilt.

  • Gethsemane - Audio
    Gethsemane - Audio
    Duration: 2291h00s | 30/03/2014

    Many people feel that Jesus is so different and sinless that he's basically like superman, an invincible alien. However, the real Jesus is not superman, he is fully human like us. He knows what it's like to experience spiritual, emotional, and mental anguish. We have an empathetic savior.

  • The Last Supper - Audio
    The Last Supper - Audio
    Duration: 2205h00s | 23/03/2014

    Jesus specifically chose the Passover as his last meal. Find out why that night had so much significance.

  • The Betrayal of Jesus and the Sovereignty of God - Audio
    The Betrayal of Jesus and the Sovereignty of God - Audio
    Duration: 1905h00s | 16/03/2014

    Jesus receives a beautiful gift, then a terrible betrayal on the same night.

  • The Judgment - Audio
    The Judgment - Audio
    Duration: 3075h00s | 09/03/2014

    We will all one day be judged. The question is: are you ready? Jesus presents two parables to reveal to us what the judgment will be like.

  • Christs Return - Audio
    Christ's Return - Audio
    Duration: 2337h00s | 02/03/2014

    When will Christ return? Find our about what Jesus said.

  • End Times - Audio
    End Times - Audio
    Duration: 3479h00s | 23/02/2014

    Everyone seems to have their own theory about the end of the world. Instead of listening to the Doomsday Preppers and the "experts" let's listen to Jesus.

  • Rebuking the Pharisees - Audio
    Rebuking the Pharisees - Audio
    Duration: 2371h00s | 16/02/2014

    Not all of the real Jesus' words were nice. Some were painful. Especially when he talked to the Pharisees. But instead of pointing fingers at them from a distance, Jesus' convicting words should instead cause us to examine our own hearts.

  • Answering Tough Questions - Audio
    Answering Tough Questions - Audio
    Duration: 2419h00s | 09/02/2014

    Different groups asked Jesus some difficult question, which he answered with grace and wisdom. In reality, in him is the answer to all our tough questions.

  • The Invitation of the King - Audio
    The Invitation of the King - Audio
    Duration: 2136h00s | 02/02/2014

    Sometimes we forget that God is throwing a party. But he is. And you're invited!

  • The Authority of the King - Audio
    The Authority of the King - Audio
    Duration: 2844h00s | 26/01/2014

    We don't trust authority in our lives. It's hard to submit. But Jesus demands we take him seriously and submit to his authority.

  • The Return of the King - Audio
    The Return of the King - Audio
    Duration: 2707h00s | 21/01/2014

    Jesus fulfills all our religious institutions and spiritual longings.

  • Ransom for Many - Audio
    Ransom for Many - Audio
    Duration: 2031h00s | 12/01/2014

    If you've ever heard the gospel preached you've heard it said that salvation & eternal life are a "free gift." But many look at that incredulously. They think, there's no such thing as a free lunch. They're right. Redemption isn't free. It cost a great deal.

  • Workers in the Vineyard - Audio
    Workers in the Vineyard - Audio
    Duration: 2453h00s | 05/01/2014

    God isn't fair. He's better than fair. He's generous.

  • Happy, Happy, Happy - Audio
    Happy, Happy, Happy - Audio
    Duration: 2535h00s | 22/12/2013

    We always think "I'll be happy then." But that time keeps moving backwards, or forwards. But God wants us to be happy NOW.

  • Happily Ever After - Audio
    Happily Ever After - Audio
    Duration: 2560h00s | 15/12/2013

    We all know believing in Jesus doesn't make life "happily ever after." So what do we do about it? How can we have happiness even in the desert?

  • The Pursuit of Happiness - Audio
    The Pursuit of Happiness - Audio
    Duration: 2240h00s | 08/12/2013

    Does God want us to be happy? If so, do we have to wait till heaven? Find out in the first of this Advent series called Joy to the World: How Jesus Brings Happiness.

  • Entering the Kingdom - Audio
    Entering the Kingdom - Audio
    Duration: 2574h00s | 24/11/2013

    How do you enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

  • Marriage, Divorce,  Singleness - Audio
    Marriage, Divorce, & Singleness - Audio
    Duration: 2908h00s | 17/11/2013

    Jesus had a lot to say about marriage, divorce, and singleness…and it says a lot for us today.

  • Dealing with Sin - Audio
    Dealing with Sin - Audio
    Duration: 2731h00s | 10/11/2013

    Jesus took sin seriously, but forgiveness more seriously still, and so should we.

  • True Greatness - Audio
    True Greatness - Audio
    Duration: 1888h00s | 03/11/2013

    Jesus teaches us what it truly means to be great in the Kingdom of Heaven…and it's different than what you might think.

  • No One Except Jesus - Audio
    No One Except Jesus - Audio
    Duration: 2439h00s | 20/10/2013

    There is no one except Jesus who had all glory and emptied himself to live and die for us.

  • Take Up Your Cross - Audio
    Take Up Your Cross - Audio
    Duration: 2129h00s | 13/10/2013

    Jesus willingly gave up his life, and calls us to do likewise, but when we do, we are rewarded.

  • Who Do You Say I Am? - Audio
    Who Do You Say I Am? - Audio
    Duration: 2351h00s | 06/10/2013

    Jesus challenged his disciples and in turn us to declare with our mouths who Jesus is.

  • Yeast of the Pharisees  Sadducees - Audio
    Yeast of the Pharisees & Sadducees - Audio
    Duration: 2792h00s | 29/09/2013

    Jesus warned us about the false teachings of the Pharisees & Sadducees.

  • Connect. - Audio
    Connect. - Audio
    Duration: 1838h00s | 15/09/2013

    Part 3 of our vision series. What it means to be a church that connects.

  • Build. - Audio
    Build. - Audio
    Duration: 2465h00s | 08/09/2013

    Our Vision series part 2. A Church that Builds

  • Grow. - Audio
    Grow. - Audio
    Duration: 2465h00s | 01/09/2013

    Our vision series.

  • Little Faith, Big Faith - Audio
    Little Faith, Big Faith - Audio
    Duration: 2522h00s | 25/08/2013

    5 Characteristics of Great Faith

  • Feeding the Multitudes - Audio
    Feeding the Multitudes - Audio
    Duration: 2653h00s | 18/08/2013

    Jesus satisfies our deepest needs.

  • Prophets Without Honor - Audio
    Prophets Without Honor - Audio
    Duration: 2543h00s | 11/08/2013

    Have you ever not gotten the ending you wanted? Jesus & John the baptist faced something similar.

  • The Parables of the Weeds  the Net - Audio
    The Parables of the Weeds & the Net - Audio
    Duration: 2521h00s | 04/08/2013

    Just as the sentence of Ariel Castro (life + 1000 years) shows, there are some crimes that cannot receive their just punishment in one lifetime. In these two parables, Jesus explains how we will all face a judgment to separate the righteous from the wicked.

  • The Parable of the Sower - Audio
    The Parable of the Sower - Audio
    Duration: 2698h00s | 28/07/2013

    Why is it that one person hears the good news and believes when another person rejects it? Jesus explains the answer through a parable.

  • The Greatest Treasure - Audio
    The Greatest Treasure - Audio
    Duration: 1641h00s | 21/07/2013

    Why should we get together for 125 years as a church? Because we possess the greatest treasure.

  • With or Against? - Audio
    With or Against? - Audio
    Duration: 2553h00s | 14/07/2013

    There is no middle ground with Jesus, you are either with him or against him. And he challenged us with three criteria we should examine to see which side we are on.

  • The Chosen Servant - Audio
    The Chosen Servant - Audio
    Duration: 2207h00s | 07/07/2013

    Jesus is greater than...

  • The Easy Yoke - Audio
    The Easy Yoke - Audio
    Duration: 2788h00s | 30/06/2013

    When we seek after the real Jesus, we find that he had some words that are hard to hear, others that are even harder to hear, but then the sweetest and easiest words of all.

  • The Unexpected Messiah - Audio
    The Unexpected Messiah - Audio
    Duration: 2620h00s | 23/06/2013

    Jesus often is different than anything we might expect, but he is greater than we could ever imagine.

  • Jesus Predicts Opposition - Audio
    Jesus Predicts Opposition - Audio
    Duration: 2428h00s | 16/06/2013

    When Jesus calls us to follow him and be sent out on a mission, he doesn't promise it will be easy and comfortable, instead he predicts opposition.

  • Jesus Sends - Audio
    Jesus Sends - Audio
    Duration: 2462h00s | 09/06/2013

    In order to save the lost, we must develop a heart for the harvest, pray for harvesters, receive the authority of Jesus, be the person we're waiting for, and be sent out to harvest.

  • Jesus Makes New - Audio
    Jesus Makes New - Audio
    Duration: 2194h00s | 02/06/2013

    Jesus did not come to establish a new religion, but a new relationship.

  • Jesus Commands - Audio
    Jesus Commands - Audio
    Duration: 2124h00s | 26/05/2013

    Jesus is someone we must pay attention to because he has authority over nature, evil, & sin.

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