Beaconhouse, Usa

Beaconhouse, Usa


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  • Mark 12:41-44 - Someone Who Gets It
    Duration: 22min | 07/09/2015

    Reggie Hundley, Executive Director of Mission Services, preaches on Mark 12:41-44

  • - Refugee Outreach with South African Christian Mission
    Duration: 05min | 28/05/2015

    Listen to the Insight of Africa Podcast episode with Mark Vernik & Steve Zimmerman to learn about the refugee outreach of South African Christian Mission.

  • - Understanding and Dealing with the Anti-Immigrant Violence in South Africa
    Duration: 11min | 12/05/2015

    Anti-foreigner violence in South Africa has been on the rise & in the news around the world. Steve Zimmerman, veteran missionary, helps us understand the situation in this podcast episode.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 11 - "God's Word in Every Language God Has Placed the Goal Within Reach"
    Duration: 01h11min | 30/10/2013

    The task of Bible translation for every language once seems impossible. Just a few years ago, it seemed possible but would be a long time happening. It is now within the reach of this generation.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 10 - "The Future of Education for Bible Translators"
    Duration: 51min | 21/10/2013

    Chris Davis (Vice President for Academic Affairs) and Linda Whitmer (Dean School of Intercultural Studies) of Johnson University discuss the future of education for Bible translators.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 9- "Pinball Wizard-Did God REALLY Call Me to Omnicompetence?"
    Duration: 46min | 01/10/2013

    Being a Bible translator can sometimes challenge us emotionally. Surprise, this is true of everyone. Keeping the pinballs of life bouncing requires God's power!

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 8 - "Beyond Translation: Literacy, Church Planting, Community Development and More"
    Duration: 53min | 18/09/2013

    Steve Whitmer is a veteran missionary. Discover how the work of Bible Translation includes far more than might be thought/

  • - 2012 ICOM Workshop "Short-term Teams Can Fight Injustice"

    Explore positive options for joining God on the mission field and doing good things through a trip that is shalom-centered, intentional & empowering.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 7- "PBT Member Care - The Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Well-Being of Missionaries"
    Duration: 01h03min | 05/09/2013

    David & Sharran Pryor spent 25+ years serving in Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea. David speaks with authority an compassion about how to care for field missionaries.

  • - 2012 ICOM Workshop "Recognize and Overcome Unhealthy Dependency in Short-term Missions"
    Duration: 48min | 21/08/2013

    Learn how dependency can undermine & even destroy healthy ministries. A MUST for all short-term mission (STM) leaders!

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 6 - "More than Meets the Eye - Bible Translation as Ministry"
    Duration: 01h02min | 06/08/2013

    Bible translation is not the work of a techno geek hidden away in sone remote hut. It involves interaction with many and creates great opportunity for ongoing ministry.

  • - 2012 ICOM Workshop "Short-term Mission from the Field Perspective - What Will They Say About Us"
    Duration: 42min | 01/08/2013

    Participate in an honest conversation about what short-term teams are doing: what works & what doesn't. Learn the pitfalls to avoid & grow your passion.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missons 5 - "The Joy of Bible Translation or What in the World Have I Gotten Myself Into"
    Duration: 48min | 25/07/2013

    Jim Bettison shares, from his own experience, the joys, challenges, frustration, and victory encountered in the work of translation.

  • - 2012 ICOM Workshop "Ministering to Students Abroad"
    Duration: 43min | 19/07/2013

    As a multi-cultural youth worker, Rusty Ridgeway shares his passion for Bible-based ministry along with meeting students where they are.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 4 - "Gods Word in Yalunka A Success Story"
    Duration: 01h07min | 10/07/2013

    The translation of God's Word into a language is a long process including many steps. Learn why the translation in Yalunka is one of success.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions 3 - "The Bible Enthroned - The Heritage of Bible Translation from the Protestant Reformation
    Duration: 57min | 24/06/2013

    While Bible Translation is a rapidly growing field of world mission, it is not a new work. Learn of the rich heritage since the Reformation.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Questions Muslims Ask - Did Jesus Have To Die"
    Duration: 44min | 20/06/2013

    This is a good workshop presentation on answering questions Muslims raise when discussing Christianity.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions Session 2 - "Integrating the Translation Task Into Its Cultural and Geopolitical Context"
    Duration: 01h10min | 10/06/2013

    Jerome Prinston presents a case study of Bib Kreyol la, a translation in which he was involved into Haitian Creole.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Mission Opportunities in Retirement"
    Duration: 29min | 05/06/2013

    The apostle Paul urges us to finish strong in our race of life. Our retirement years offer new exciting opportunities to serve God's glory.

  • - 2013 Eubanks Institute for Missions Session 1 - "Ancient Bible Translation - The Long Process Begins"
    Duration: 42min | 28/05/2013

    Bible Translation has been an ongoing process since the the beginning of Scripture. God's desire is for His glory and man to know of his love.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Making Disciples - Developing Relational Ministries that Transform"
    Duration: 55min | 22/05/2013

    Examine principles for creating disciples through building relationships with individuals and within communities.

  • - Testimony
    Duration: 04min | 14/05/2013

    a song from a brother in Africa about his commitment to Christ

  • - 2012 ICOM "Seeking Shalom for the City"
    Duration: 44min | 01/05/2013

    The urban poor, most living in squalor, must be mission's primary frontier for the next century. How do we engage the city for Christ?

  • Luke 15:11-32 - Do We Really Need Missions Reminders
    Duration: 35min | 15/03/2013

    This was the featured missions message during the 2013 Mid Atlantic Christian University Rally. Can WE miss God's passion while we are involved in the busyness of ministry?

  • - 2012 ICOM "Christian Libraries: A Non-threatening Way to Serve the Community in a Foreign Country"
    Duration: 42min | 17/11/2012

    Christian libraries are an effective, non-combative environment to seek conversations. They can serve as points of reference as well as meeting spaces and beacons to the unbelieving community within which they exist.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Effective Prep for Cross-Cultural Short Term Ministry:What R We Missing"
    Duration: 32min | 17/11/2012

    How can we better prepare and send teams for short term, cross-cultural travel? Learn some of the "best practices" that may be replicated and applied by any congregation with a heart for service.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Church Planting in a Postmodern and Pluralistic World"
    Duration: 47min | 17/11/2012

    In general, Canada is 10 to 20 years down the postmodern road than most of the U.S. Gain insight on church planting and missions in an increasingly post-Christian North America.

  • - 2012 ICOM Bridging the Gospel to the Muslim Mind
    Duration: 45min | 17/11/2012

    Acquire tools for reaching Muslims. Understand the New Testament's credibility. Know the four books Muslims must read and follow. Learn the Muslim perception of grace. Know how to explain why God's Word cannot be changed.

  • - 2012 ICOM "How Short-term Missions Can Have a Long-Term Impact"
    Duration: 44min | 16/11/2012

    Short-term missions are here to stay. How can these trips further the Kingdom other than just build awareness?

  • - 2012 ICOM "Creating and Sustaining a Business In a Mission Field"
    Duration: 43min | 16/11/2012

    At the 2012 ICOM, Dennis Bratton conducted a workshop on the philosophy and ministry of KORE. KORE pursues "sustainable solutions to extreme poverty within the Christian community of Haiti."

  • - 2012 ICOM "Intro into Islam as a Religion and Politics"
    Duration: 50min | 16/11/2012

    Learn Islam's origin and how it spread, who Muhammad was and how he lived, the role of the Qur'an and Hadith, the belief system of Muslims and their basic practices and rituals.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Accelerating Global Evangelism Through Media"

    This workshop is not a plug for GNPI, but a presentation on how any ministry or missionary in any place may use media resources to advance the gospel.

  • - 2012 ICOM "The 10-30 Window Why Global Youth are the largest unreached people group and how to reach them"
    Duration: 44min | 16/11/2012

    Aaron Arnold of youthHOPE shares about the 1.8 billion youth living in the world. They should be known as the largest unreached people group and the most strategic group for bringing the transforming power of the Gospel to their communities.

  • - 2012 ICOM "Canada - The Amazing Mission Field Next Door"
    Duration: 49min | 16/11/2012

    Many Americans believe that Canada is like the U.S. Canadian multicultural cities provide tremendous evangelistic opportunities for those who want to reach the world for Christ!

  • - 2012 ICOM Pre-Con "Building Better Relationships with Supporters"
    Duration: 55min | 15/11/2012

    Relationships between a missionary and supporters are critical and can easily become something undesirable and unintended. Here is solid advice on making them strong and lasting.

  • - 2012 ICOM pre-con Pray and Prepare
    Duration: 26min | 14/11/2012

    Tony Twist, President of TCM, leads in a powerful time of devotion, reflection and prayer for those attending the pre-con program of the 2012 International Conference On Missions.