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Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, Its socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.

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  • Maureen Cavanagh
    Maureen Cavanagh
    Duration: 28min | 15/01/2020

    Discovering her daughter’s addiction to opioids forced Maureen Cavanagh into the dark work of caring for a child with addiction.  Now, she is the founder of Magnolia New Beginnings, a nonprofit peer-support group for those living with or affected by substance use disorder. She has been recognized by The New York Times, CNN, and other […]

  • One Hundred Aspirins
    One Hundred Aspirins
    Duration: 22min | 14/01/2020

    Born in Europe, Reva’s childhood was an unhappy one, and depression set in so badly she tried taking her own life at age 13 by swallowing 100 aspirins. She survived her suicide attempt, but upon waking from a deep sleep she learned nobody in her family noticed she had tried to kill herself. But it […]

  • Severe Drunk
    Severe Drunk
    Duration: 21min | 13/01/2020

    Kim grew up in a “beautiful suburb” as an only child of a “severe” alcoholic father. She says he was drunk daily. She remembers as a child telling her father that their lives would be okay if he didn’t keep drinking. But in her early teens, she began drinking herself. Kim would steal booze from […]

  • Hospital Corners
    Hospital Corners
    Duration: 21min | 12/01/2020

    Raymond is an alcoholic and an addict. Growing up in with an alcoholic mother in Brooklyn, he now knows it was booze which killed his mom. As a child, he would sneak drinks but his true drinking began at age 14 when sneaking out with friends. His drinking persisted from that moment on. His drinking […]

  • New York
    New York
    Duration: 17min | 11/01/2020

    Tommy was raised in New York’s Staten Island.  He was eleven years old when his father gave him his first drink, declaring Tommy to “be a man, now.”  But his regular drinking started age 13 with friends.  His mother beat him when he came home drunk.  Tommy’s drinking continued though his teenage years, dropping out […]

  • Nickels
    Duration: 19min | 10/01/2020

    Sophie’s problematic compulsive gambling started later in life, when she was 60-years old. She had achieved sobriety from other addictions much earlier but started gambling as an activity and it quickly progressed into a problem. While making beach walks near her home in Atlantic City, she took a liking to slot machines in the city’s […]

  • Not About Winning Or Losing
    Not About Winning Or Losing
    Duration: 17min | 09/01/2020

    Paul’s life revolved around gambling from the time he was young. He played poker and flipped baseball cards. Paul always wanted to be a winner and pursued winning aggressively. He worked in a bowling alley at 12 years old and loved to watch the men play poker afterwards. He liked the “action” of gambling. It […]

  • Family Game
    Family Game
    Duration: 20min | 08/01/2020

    David’s first time gambling was at age six.  His father taught him to play poker, making penny bets, and it soon became a family activity.  Later in life, David can see that other kids would enjoy a range of activities but he only wanted to play poker.  Soon his family games went from pennies to […]

  • To Be The Bookmaker
    To Be The Bookmaker
    Duration: 19min | 07/01/2020

    Sean grew up in a neighborhood in which if you didn’t gamble, you didn’t belong.  Bets began at a young age with friends, as they would play baseball with each other.  In his early teens, a friend introduced him to a bookie, and Sean made bets on sports games right away, putting up bets of […]

  • Confronting Marbles And Ponies
    Confronting Marbles And Ponies
    Duration: 37min | 06/01/2020

    Compulsive Gambler Joel’s first bet was, as it often is, during childhood.  Joel was a fantastic marble player; and not only one the games among the kids, he would up winning all the marbles and taking them home.  But as a teen, his parents took him to the track, giving him two dollar to play […]