A journey tale about love, loss, and what it truly means to come home. Written and read by the author, Michael Thomas Cunningham.Christy, a woman hardened by the streets and clinging to a life of desperation must face her demons as she attends the funeral of an old friend. Jack was the closest thing she ever had to a father even though their relationship had never been revealed to his family. Christy would have preferred for the alternative history of Jacks life to remain a secret, but that was not to be. When Christy is discovered by Jacks biological daughter, Jennifer, the truth is finally revealed as her story begins to unfold. Christy recounts her memories and recollections as Jennifer seeks to understand the father that she thought she knew. Join these two unlikely acquaintances as they put aside their differences and engage in a discovery of their true selves buried in the emotional depths of love, loss, and what it means to truly come home. This heart warming story will enthrall you as Christy unravels the patch work quilt of her life as both women come to understand that a second chance might only be as far as each other.

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  • Christy Episode 09
    Christy Episode 09
    Duration: 31min | 07/12/2009

    As time passed Christy sank deeper into her old ways until it resulted in a night in jail.  This prompted a visit from Jack, but it was too late.  She was too far gone.  He made the mistake of pushing her out of the Community too early which resulted in her just pushing him away.  Christy always regretted the way they had left things, but there was nothing she could do about it now.  Then again Jennifer saw her own redemption in acting as confessor and picking up where her father had left off.  Jennifer helped Christy find a little peace and at the same time found her independence.  Christy was going to get another chance and Jennifer finally committed herself to living her life on her own terms.

  • Christy Episode 08
    Christy Episode 08
    Duration: 34min | 07/12/2009

    Life was good on the farm.  Christy had her struggles of course, but through it all the work, the food, and the lifestyle helped to make her healthier, stronger, and happier than she had ever been.  That is of course until Christy had her baby.  The loss of her child proved to be a dark turning point in her life.  With Jacks help she was eventually able to accept her daughter's passing, but the scare never faded.  The next few years went by in a blur and before anyone knew it she was 18.  After her birthday she did what everyone expected her to do.  She got a job, an apartment, and once again with Jack's help she even started classes at a local community college. This was the first time she had ever lived alone and her old habits worked well to help her make friends.

  • Christy Episode 07
    Christy Episode 07
    Duration: 23min | 07/12/2009

    Christy's mother had been cremated by the city and they had disposed of the remains.  There was absolutely nothing left for her now.  She couldn't even say goodbye.  The only person she had left was Jack, but as it turned that's all she needed.  He took her to an agrarian commune they called the Community.  There were rules, limits, and she would have to go to school, but as long as Christy could abide by this she was welcome to stay.  The real problem was finding something that she could do that would motivate her enough to stay on the straight and narrow.  As they toured the community the chances that they were going to find something were beginning to dwindle.  That is until they finally made it to the barns, and that's when Christy met the love of her life; a Belgian mare named Molly.

  • Christy Episode 06
    Christy Episode 06
    Duration: 26min | 07/12/2009

    Christy had nowhere to go and out of desperation she began to hitch hike, and that's how she met Jack.  He always did have a thing for strays and she definitely looked the part.  He gave her two days to consider if she wanted him to help her, and then left her alone to think it over.  She used that time to rest and when it was over she was ready for him to take her home.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much home for her to go back to.  Her mom was gone and her daddy was in the pen for murder.  Her momma had finally gotten up the courage to leave and there was now way he was going to let that happen.  Even though she was now an orphan Jack had a plan.  He had a place he could take her and they would be willing to help as long as she was willing to let them.

  • Christy Episode 05
    Christy Episode 05
    Duration: 28min | 07/12/2009

    When they arrived at a Waffle House Christy doesn't waste any time ordering the biggest meal on the menu.  Jennifer could tell it had been a long time since she had ate so well and figured she could probably use it.  Christy's biological father died during the Vietnam War.  Four years later her mother would marry again, and this time not to someone nearly as loving.  He was great in the beginning of course, they usually are, but it wasn't long before he quit working and became physically abusive.  Christy was looking for any excuse to get out of that place and one day that opportunity rolled up in a shiny Trans Am.  Those were the good times, but it all changed when the pregnancy test came back positive.  His response to this news was everything she had feared and after that she knew she had to get out.

  • Christy Episode 04
    Christy Episode 04
    Duration: 30min | 07/12/2009

    Christy knew that once she saw Jennifer starring her down the only way to face the situation was head on.  She stepped out from where she had been standing and heads for the car.  She plays it cool though and manages to do some fast talking to explain her intentions.  She convinces Jennifer that she knew her dad well and for the price of a meal she could tell her some things about him that no one knows but her.  Jennifer is intrigued by her offer and decides to take her up on it.  Christy begins her tale by talking about her mother and Henry.  Henry was Christy's biological father.  He was good at the farm and even better to Christy's mom, but that fairy tell would end soon enough.

  • Christy Episode 03
    Christy Episode 03
    Duration: 19min | 07/12/2009

    Mary Beth could tell Jennifer wanted to be alone for a while and as they parted Jennifer resolved herself in her own mind to make her peace with her dad.  However, as she walked toward his grave curiosity got the better of her.  She walked instead to where she had seen the woman earlier.  It was obvious by the signs on the ground that she had been standing there for a while watching them.  The thought brought a chill down Jennifer's spine as she speculated about the woman's motivations.  When Jennifer did finally make it down to his grave all she could think about was how her father had tried to warn her about her husband, but her rose colored glasses would not allow her to listen.  While driving out of the cemetery she noticed that same solitary figure lurking half hidden behind a tree.  This time Jennifer would know the truth.  

  • Christy Episode 02
    Christy Episode 02
    Duration: 31min | 07/12/2009

    Jack's funeral is beginning to wind down.  Jennifer, because of her own selfishness treats her mother as if she had never realized that she has lost someone too.  Mary Beth, for her part can understand her daughters self absorption and it worries her that she has become distant, but she knows it's because of her marital problems.  As they leave the cemetery for lunch Jennifer notices a woman who appears as if she has been watching the funeral from a distance.  Jennifer brushes it off as something too trivial to worry about.  She in turn confirms her mother's suspicions as she contemplates where to go with her life from here.  Then what began with an awkward silence ends in a sudden outpouring of emotion as mother and daughter reconnect as Jennifer finally begins to deal with her problems as they both recount a memory of Jack that brought out the best in them.

  • Christy Episode 01
    Christy Episode 01
    Duration: 24min | 07/12/2009

    The story begins with a woman as she walks alone on her way to attend a funeral.  The man who died had been important to her, but for her own reasons she had not seen him in many years.  At the grave the eulogy for the man, Jack Randall, had begun.  The pastor quickly fell into his recollections of Jack's life well lived and as he did so Jack's daughter Jennifer just as quickly zoned out.  She is angry and grieving, but not necessarily over his passing.  Her mind drifts as she focuses on a formative event in her childhood.  Her father had not been there to share in one of her greatest triumphs and the experience had left a scar she relieved in vivid detail.