J. Avery

J. Avery


The purpose of this podcast is to get involved and find out what people are talking about, listening to and to introduce everyone to the hottest/newest music available.

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  • Are You Making Room to Receive Gods Gifts?
    Are You Making Room to Receive God's Gifts?
    Duration: 15min | 25/05/2019

    J. Avery's Sessions for Your Soul Weekly Words of Encouragement. This week's word encourages us to make room to receive what God has for us. Self reflect and find what things and people need to be removed from your life to make room to receive God's greatness.

  • J. Averys Sessions for your Soul
    J. Avery's Sessions for your Soul
    Duration: 12min | 03/05/2019

    Today we talk about the importance of giving support to our friends who have businesses as much as we support celebrities.

  • How to Heal After Being Hurt
    How to Heal After Being Hurt
    Duration: 14min | 02/05/2019

    J. Avery’s Sessions for your Soul is a podcast designed to empower, encourage and strengthen individuals to be the best person they can be as well as challenge them to put God first in all that they do. This is a mini encouragement podcast on how to move on after being hurt by someone. #RealHurt

  • Forgiveness Featuring Ashley Sampson
    Forgiveness Featuring Ashley Sampson
    Duration: 38min | 17/06/2018

    Today's podcast covers the tough topic of forgiveness and the importance of why we as Christians should forgive others and ourselves all while letting go of grudges.

  • Happy Mothers Day
    Happy Mother's Day
    Duration: 41min | 13/05/2018

    Today's podcast gives thanks and honor to the mother's.