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  • Eden: Chapter 8
    Eden: Chapter 8
    Duration: 44min | 16/04/2009

    Rosalyn makes a final effort to save the Eden research program.

  • Eden: Chapter 7
    Eden: Chapter 7
    Duration: 28min | 31/03/2009

    Malcolm goes for a solo walk on Eden. Something goes tragically wrong on the station in his absence.

  • Eden: Chapter 6
    Eden: Chapter 6
    Duration: 22min | 24/03/2009

    Malcolm works late studying a sample taken from Eden. He has an encounter that makes him question his sanity and he shares a moment of understanding with the station's electrician, Jana.

  • Eden: Chapter 5
    Eden: Chapter 5
    Duration: 19min | 08/02/2009

    Malcolm puts on a space suit and goes for a walk on Eden.

  • Eden: Chapter 4
    Eden: Chapter 4
    Duration: 19min | 08/02/2009

    Eden does something strange and magnificent. The station loses power and there is an accident.

  • Eden: Chapter 3
    Eden: Chapter 3
    Duration: 20min | 08/02/2009

    Malcolm learns the finer points of functioning in zero gravity. He meets Lola's custodial staff.

  • Eden: Chapter 2
    Eden: Chapter 2
    Duration: 16min | 08/02/2009

    Malcolm reunites with Rosalyn and he gets a closer look at Eden.

  • Eden: Chapter 1
    Eden: Chapter 1
    Duration: 24min | 08/02/2009

    Dr. Malcolm Green arrives on space station Lola.