Winning Posture

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Winning Posture is about you achieving the goals and objectives that are important to you & being fulfilled in the achievement of those goals and objectives. In other words, winning your lifes game.


  • Affirmations for Achievement

    23/05/2018 Duration: 18min
  • Eliminate Self-Doubt

    12/01/2018 Duration: 14min
  • The Power of a Declaration

    09/09/2016 Duration: 17min
  • Take Small Steps To Make Big Gains

    07/10/2015 Duration: 12min
  • Conviction - Being Bound By a Promise

    25/09/2015 Duration: 21min
  • Overcoming The Fear That Stops You

    21/09/2015 Duration: 19min
  • Achievement Starts with Conviction

    16/09/2015 Duration: 18min
  • Introduction to Winning Posture

    10/07/2015 Duration: 13min