Podcast Podcast: A Busy Night Podcast

Podcast Podcast: A Busy Night Podcast


The only podcast where the guests ARE the hosts! Each week join the panel as they explore ridiculous pitches and premises for podcasts, tv shows, sketches, and more! Think Shark Tank, but stupider.

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  • Disney Warped Tour
    Disney Warped Tour

    Warped Tour: The Mecca of Pop Punk. This multi-city, touring festival has given us memorable line ups year after year but none quite as monumental as this. Millennials, get ready to shell out some bucks because Disney Channel is ready to give the people what they want…a reunion concert tour! Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, … Continue reading Disney Warped Tour →

  • Drew Essig Has No Pitch
    Drew Essig Has No Pitch

    For almost two years, Podcast Podcast has been the beacon of creativity and ideas in the podcasting world but this week one man threatens to destroy it all. That man is Drew Essig and he showed up with…no pitch. That’s right folks, some ideas sure, but a full fledged pitch, NAY. Join the panel for … Continue reading Drew Essig Has No Pitch →

  • Turn of a Phrase
    Turn of a Phrase

    Don’t beat around the bush with this week ‘cause Jacob Sciarrotta is here with a new anthology season ready to take to be a picture worth a thousand words on your TV screens. With an episode based on a different idiom, Jacob won’t beat a dead horse with existing ideas but give you ones only … Continue reading Turn of a Phrase →

  • Riverdale: South Side
    Riverdale: South Side

    In 2017, CW’s “Riverdale” captured the hearts and minds of the world with a dark retelling of Archie Comics. In 2019, the lore continues. Matt and Ashley are here to give the CW audience more ’sodes to binge with their prequel “Riverdale: South Side” about their favorite badass, gang member father FP Jones. Renew those … Continue reading Riverdale: South Side →

  • New Host Part II
    New Host Part II

    Coty Barnhart phone home. That’s right- he’s going home to Ohio. Part II picks up right where were we left off, more interviews and even more CHAOS. Join us as we reach an exciting conclusion of an era here at Busy Night Productions!

  • New Host Part I
    New Host Part I

    All good things must come to an end. Sadly, Podcast Podcast host Coty Barnhart is moving back to Ohio and his shoes must be filled. In this special two part episode, the search is on for the next host of the show! Submit your resume, practice those interview questions, and strap in for a very … Continue reading New Host Part I →

  • The Year With a Christmas Action Movie
    The Year With a Christmas Action Movie

    Die Hard is not hard enough for us here at Podcast Podcast, we need straight up, heart pounding action in our stockings for Christmas! Ho ho hold-up because Andrew Essig is here this week to share with us his idea for a brand new action Christmas movie that’ll get you ready to unwrap some presents … Continue reading The Year With a Christmas Action Movie →

  • Whoville

    The Seuss-iverse is about to get dark, gritty and violent. This week’s podcast covers the hot new TV universe by Exec Producer Ryan McGee’s reimagining of Dr. Seuss’ characters in a ready-for-HBO series that isn’t afraid to kill some Whos and drop some F-Bombs. If you ever thought “Hey, I wish Illumination’s The Grinch was … Continue reading Whoville →

  • Phil of the Future 2134
    Phil of the Future 2134

    Year: 2134. The earth has been devoid of classic Disney Channel show reboots until now! Ashley Thomas’ got your fix with this pitch, as she launches a Phil of the Future reboot into your bluetooth car speaker and onto your screen. Turn on your time machine and crank up the volume on another time bending … Continue reading Phil of the Future 2134 →

  • The Parking Revolution
    The Parking Revolution

    Viva la revolution! Parking is god awful in the city of Los Angeles and Jen Meyer is here to plant the seeds of a full blown parking revolution! With a new parking app set to do war with the parking police and DMV, this episode of Podcast Podcast is ready to cruise into your ears … Continue reading The Parking Revolution →

  • Blockbuster Bowl II
    Blockbuster Bowl II

    Kyle Henke vs. Corey Spanner- the heavyweight fight everyones been waiting for! This week they face off in the second ever Blockbuster Bowl- spewing out their take on the next hit blockbuster series in front of a room ready for a fight. That’s right folks- largest Podcast Podcast ever, with a record 9 people on … Continue reading Blockbuster Bowl II →

  • Vine Returns
    Vine Returns

    Vine is back with a vengeance to out-meme any meme in existence, out-tweet any Twitters, and out Face ALL the Books. That’s right folks, Matt Serafini is here to reboot Vine in new and unique avenues to keep the legend living and destroy the internet as we know it. RIP Internet “Sometime in the 90’s … Continue reading Vine Returns →

  • Spitballin’ with Joe Vol. 3
    Spitballin’ with Joe Vol. 3

    Red alert! Red alert! An unidentified object has entered the atmosphere and is heading right toward your ears! And that object? Joe Kalavity. That’s right folks- cult hit Spitballin’ with Joe is back again for more ideas ready to launch into your ears and heart.

  • Working Title: The Anthology Series
    Working Title: The Anthology Series

    HEADLINE: Anthology Series are back! That’s right folks, you heard it here first: Working Title is genius. Join the panel this week as Logan Fouss shares his take on a Twilight Zone/Black Mirror-esc anthology show with a comedy twist. Lets get weird on another superb Podcast Podcast!

  • Titanic Reboot
    Titanic Reboot

    Dwayne Johnson deserves an Oscar and we’re gonna give it to him. In a reboot of one of the most popular movies of all time, Andrew Essig puts a new twist on Titanic, a movie he hasn’t even seen. Nonetheless, Dwayne will put on a performance of a generation to win the hearts and minds … Continue reading Titanic Reboot →

  • Blockbuster Bowl I
    Blockbuster Bowl I

    Are you ready for a brand new segment?  This week Joe Kalavity and Matt Serafini go head to head choosing a famous property or brand at random out of a bowl and putting together a pitch for the next Blockbuster hit in under 10 minutes. Who will come out victorious this week in the first … Continue reading Blockbuster Bowl I →

  • Jurassic Galaxy
    Jurassic Galaxy

    Its time to reboot the Jurassic Park series…again. After being disappointed by both Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Corey Spanner is here to tell the world how to fix these terrible films, including a fleshed outline of the final film: Jurassic Galaxy. Let’s blast off and space out in this edition of Podcast … Continue reading Jurassic Galaxy →

  • Matt Damon Cinematic Universe
    Matt Damon Cinematic Universe

    Cinematic Universes are typically pretty shit outside of Marvel or Star Wars but what if I told you that this cinematic universe is one interwoven so deep, its been there the whole time. That’s right, America’s sweetheart Matt Damon finally has a cinematic universe! Hop on in as Jacob Sciarrotta reveals his plan to create … Continue reading Matt Damon Cinematic Universe →

  • Hyrax Brands™ Presents
    Hyrax Brands™ Presents

    Elon Musk watch out because the world has a new innovator to take the world by storm. Dan Bush from Hyrax Brands™ joins the podcast this week to roll out three different experiences that’ll blow any Shark outta their Tank. Pull out your wallet because these are ideas you need to get in on the … Continue reading Hyrax Brands™ Presents →

  • Fortnite: The Movie
    Fortnite: The Movie

    Fornite has quickly become the most popular game in the world but now its time to take the Battle Royale to the big screen. This week Ryan and Corey pitch the next critically rotten video game adaptation that’s sure to make a buck or two at the box office. Where we dropping, boys? More like, … Continue reading Fortnite: The Movie →

  • Stripping for Play-Doh
    Stripping for Play-Doh

    Risky pitches come and go but this week our panel brings us our riskiest yet. This week Jamie Vaughan brings Podcast Podcast the idea of a minor strip club, run by minors, for minors. Let me be clear this is a joke. Joke-ity, joke, joke. You hear that FBI/NSA? Please don’t shut down our show … Continue reading Stripping for Play-Doh →

  • Ben Kramer Vs. Little Big Shots
    Ben Kramer Vs. Little Big Shots

    Little Big Shots is a show for incredible kids with unbelievable talent…but not for long. Local 23 year old man Ben Kramer is here to take on these kids at their own game and show off that he has just as much talent as them. Join the panel this and laugh along with us on … Continue reading Ben Kramer Vs. Little Big Shots →

  • Lights, Camera, Background!
    Lights, Camera, Background!

    BOOM! BLAM! EXPLOSION! What was that? Doesn’t matter because this story isn’t about that, it’s about everything else BUT that. Join Matt Serafini as he pitches his idea for an action movie that takes place in the background of a series of everyday short stories. In a world of superheros, action blockbusters, and Pacific Rim … Continue reading Lights, Camera, Background! →

  • Drakeanity

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Hotline Bling, amen. This week on Podcast Podcast Coty Barnhart gives the New Testament on his brand new Drake-based religion, “Drakeanity.” Step into this God’s Plan as Coty preaches the gospel for all the Views in the land on Busy Night’s premiere podcast!

  • Killing Hitler
    Killing Hitler

    In an alternate timeline where Hitler may or may not be alive, the time has come to uncover the truth. Join Matt Winters as we dive into his Wes Anderson/Coen Brothers-esc movie pitch that explores that conspiracy that after WWII Hitler escaped to South America to hide. Alive or not, join the panel as they … Continue reading Killing Hitler →

  • Spitballin’ with Joe Vol. 2
    Spitballin’ with Joe Vol. 2

    The mad man Joe Kalavity is back with his hottest segment in the Podcast Podcast world! With three pitches hot and loaded, our panel is prepared and ready for anything to be thrown their way. Are you? Join us for another edition of Spitballin’ with Joe….Volume 2!

  • Kids Have Sitcoms Too
    Kids Have Sitcoms Too

    Lets flip the script on sitcoms! The classic American sitcom storyline has revolved around young adults to family age demographic but no more! In Corey’s pitch, we hear about the first sitcom entirely about kids that’s not afraid to take on real problems in their lives. At Quasi Modo’s kid-bar, full of root beer and … Continue reading Kids Have Sitcoms Too →

  • Queen Bond or Bear Bond
    Queen Bond or Bear Bond

    Idris Elba?  Nah.   Tom Hardy?  No thanks.  Join the Busy Night gang as Tyler makes his case for Queen Latifah or Paddington Bear to take over the thrown as the iconic 007.  This hot take will leave you shaken, not stirred in the latest and greatest Podcast Podcast!

  • Blue Mattress Trash Fire
    Blue Mattress Trash Fire

    Crawfishin’ on the Kentucky River ain’t easy!  In this four part series, Chris brings us the story of the O’Marley family, their houseboat on the Kentucky River and the cultural impact of crawfishing.  

  • Spitballin’ with Joe Vol. 1
    Spitballin’ with Joe Vol. 1

    Three pitches.  One episode.  Join Joe Kalavity on his brand spankin’ new segment where he spitballs around a few of his ideas you won’t soon forget.      

  • The Santa Clause Experience
    The Santa Clause Experience

    Come one, come all to Disney’s latest Christmas themed experience sweeping the nation….The Santa Clause Experience. Join Podcast Podcast as Ashley pitches her idea for a traveling carnival themed to the legendary franchise “The Santa Clause.”

  • Marvel’s Comedians
    Marvel’s Comedians

    In a world where laughter makes people explode, a new group of heroes must arise to use this power for good…or evil! Join Jeremy and the panel this week as he discusses his latest addition to the MCU where stand-up comics are the ones who save the day.

  • Escape from Area 51
    Escape from Area 51

    Corey and Ben complete the Snake Plissken “Escape Trilogy” with Escape from Area 51. When his son is taken prisoner in an alien quarantine in Area 51, Snake must break into the most highly secure government facility on the planet to liberate the prisoners, stop the weather machine, and bring down the government.

  • Taking Chances- A Celine Dion Musical
    Taking Chances- A Celine Dion Musical

    Dani pitches her new broadway hit combining her love for Celine Dion music and the theater.

  • Middle Sheldon
    Middle Sheldon

    Ryan and Matt bridge the gap between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory and offer to bring no new ideas to the table with a pitch destined to the CBS Prime Time 8:00PM slot…”Middle Sheldon.”

  • Narrating a Sandwich
    Narrating a Sandwich

    Coty pitches a look into the world of Sam Elliot with plenty of stories, whisky, and most importantly…sandwiches.

  • Cruisin’ with Tom
    Cruisin’ with Tom

    Bens pitch for a brand new podcast on the filmography and brilliance of the man, the myth, the Tom Cruise.