Dear Malcolm...

Dear Malcolm...


Welcome to Dear MalcolmThis is a collection of letters, thoughts, musings to my son, Malcolm, from We hope this lifts your spirits, challenges you, and hopefully, puts a smile on your face. With love...Dad.

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  • I am very, very bummed
    I am very, very bummed
    Duration: 16min | 20/12/2019

    Something pretty sucky has happened recently and I need to talk about it. But don't worry; you and Mama have been amazing :) 

  • ...Jumping at a Crossroads
    ...Jumping at a Crossroads
    Duration: 19min | 19/11/2019

    We chat about what you're really excited about, how you've become a Chatty Cathy, and a bit of a crossroads I'm at. 

  • Fall is just around the corner!
    Fall is just around the corner!
    Duration: 15min | 07/09/2019

    The leaves are getting to turn to the amazing Autumn colors, you are a geek just like your Dada, you love sleeping like Mama, and you got favorite many words!

  • Toddler bed incoming!
    Toddler bed incoming!
    Duration: 10min | 30/06/2019

    Catching up on your recent happenings, looking forward to your toddler bed, and all of the hectic things happening in our family. 

  • Im adding a visual element
    I'm adding a visual element
    Duration: 12min | 10/06/2019

    I ramble on a bit about how this is also being filmed. Note: The video component is blurry and very amateur-hour...I'll get better, I promise. 

  • Lets Talk about 2018
    Let's Talk about 2018
    Duration: 01h01min | 09/04/2019

    *Trigger Warning* This letter is about Malcolm's mom and I discussing the struggles we went through in 2018...there are very sensitive topics touched about (loss of family, gun violence, loss of a pet, etc.) So we want to make sure we are upfront about that. We take a look at the many struggles we endured in 2018. It was a rough one. But we came out stronger as a family in the end. 

  • Were back!
    We're back!
    Duration: 08min | 03/04/2019

    I'm sorry I've been away buddy! But we're back now and that's all that matters. I'll explain a bit in this letter why I've been away.

  • Two wheels and a doggo
    Two wheels and a doggo
    Duration: 19min | 15/04/2018

    I update you on the crazy energy you possess, your favorite goofy sound, my new passion/hobby, and one of the doggos gave us a scare!

  • Moms Love, Back Pain, and Wakanda Forever!
    Mom's Love, Back Pain, and Wakanda Forever!
    Duration: 16min | 21/03/2018

    I catch up on how amazing your Mom's letter was, my horrid back pain, and why Black Panther is the greatest MCU movie ever!

  • Its Mom.
    It's Mom.
    Duration: 11min | 08/03/2018

    In honor of International Women's Day, we wanted to celebrate by having our first guest letter be from one of the strongest, bravest, most amazing women in Malcolm's life...his Mom. Bonus: Stay through the credits for another bonus!

  • Kevin Smith, Keto, and a Long Life
    Kevin Smith, Keto, and a Long Life
    Duration: 16min | 04/03/2018

    I take some time telling you about the shocking health scare Kevin Smith (a personal hero) endured recently and how that impacted my views on life and my own health.

  • Con Stuff!
    Con Stuff!
    Duration: 20min | 18/02/2018

    It's been a minute! Due to lots of crazy life stuff and sickness, we've been on hiatus. But things have calmed down (finally) and I can push through the sickness. I want to talk about positive stuff so we'll talk about the future of these letters and do a quick recap of the awesomeness that is Planet Comicon!

  • Gabriel.
    Duration: 16min | 02/02/2018

    I read an old short story for ya! I wrote it in college and I'm gonna give it to ya, blemishes and all. Enjoy!

  • ...its clobbering time!'s clobbering time!
    Duration: 13min | 27/01/2018

    Let's talk about "wrasslin", otherwise known as SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! Be prepared to see your pops stepping over into "nerddom" and never step back.

  • what makes you pound the table?
    "what makes you pound the table?"
    Duration: 09min | 23/01/2018

    It's a long journey trying to figure out what to do with your life. But when you find something that makes you pound the table, then you're on the right track.

  • ...the check is in the mail!
    ...the check is in the mail!
    Duration: 24min | 18/01/2018

    The love I have for "Big Trouble in Little China" knows no bounds, as you will find out as you get older.

  • Embrace the Excitement!
    "Embrace the Excitement!"
    Duration: 12min | 15/01/2018

    It's never a bad thing to be over-the-moon-never-ashamed-so-pumped-you-could-fly excited about something! Embrace it!

  • Lets Talk About the Fear of Being a Parent
    Let's Talk About the Fear of Being a Parent
    Duration: 12min | 12/01/2018

    Being a parent is scary! But don't let that hold you back!

  • Its a Slice of Life
    "It's a Slice of Life"
    Duration: 10min | 07/01/2018

    Let's talk about PIZZA!

  • Lets talk about hope and fear.
    Let's talk about hope and fear.
    Duration: 11min | 02/01/2018

    Hope and Fear are tied together like day and night.