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Welcome to John Big John poetry.

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    Voicemail poetry 2
    Duration: 06min | 27/08/2019

    I might be gone for a bit, Peter Gabriel and Strings

  • Voicemail Poetry #1. (Children Of Babylon, Prayers, First Place)
    Voicemail Poetry #1. (Children Of Babylon, Prayers, First Place)
    Duration: 07min | 29/07/2019

    My love, it’s going going and soon it will be gone. We were always going to be the lost children of Babylon.

  • The three voicemails I left you.
    The three voicemails I left you.
    Duration: 10min | 16/05/2019

    • breathe •covet •passing

  • April Showers
    April Showers
    Duration: 06min | 17/04/2019

    The Poetry Of Kissing • The Sniper Became A Preacher • •Xxoo •

  • Valentine Poems
    Valentine Poems
    Duration: 07min | 13/02/2019

    One • Two • Three poems for February

  • School Of Gunshots
    School Of Gunshots
    Duration: 02min | 23/08/2018
  • the rising of two
    the rising of two
    Duration: 02min | 10/07/2018

    I saw a red balloon rising that was once tied to a small hand floating up like a buttercup straight to the promised land I lifted too right up out of my socks to chase a racing cloud and as I reached the gates to life I heard my name called out loud “John, why are you way up here,” a cirrus asked through the crystals in her lips I told her that I was abandoning gravity to avoid the apocalypse She gladly let me pass after we shared a glass of rain that made my heart become a wingless dove and left me with no shame as I danced into the stratosphere I came across a prayer that long ago had been offered by a girl with dirty blonde hair she asked God for a pure heart and a love that would be true but her prayer got stuck up in the sky and for years never could breakthrough so I took her psalm that had got lost and wrapped it around my wrist I promised that I would go find her and come to know her kiss I felt the pull of Earth’s long reach it’s desire for me too great

  • sublime
    Duration: 02min | 06/07/2018
  • Easter Light
    Easter Light
    Duration: 01min | 31/03/2018

    A poem for Easter Morning

  • claimed by a lighthouse
    claimed by a lighthouse
    Duration: 03min | 27/03/2018

    the lighthouse is singing