Knights Of Wren

Knights Of Wren


A Star Wars podcast hosted by Twitter user @ally_m_andrews on all things Star Wars spreading love of the animated shows, films, & the franchise as a whole! To get in-touch you can contact at

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  • The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Breakdown
    The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Breakdown
    Duration: 47min | 28/10/2019

    Episode 13 I talk about the final trailer we recently got for The Rise of Skywalker I give my reaction and thoughts and feelings about the shots along with some speculationbroader thinking stuff

  • Ezra Blueberry Bridger
    Ezra Blueberry Bridger
    Duration: 01h25min | 21/09/2019

    Episode 12 Im joined by BlueJaigEyes as we talk about Ezra We discus his journey in Rebels his experiences of loss and gain his learning and growth his relationships with other characters and much more

  • Wren Wednesday 3: Alex and Shannon
    Wren Wednesday 3: Alex and Shannon
    Duration: 09min | 18/09/2019

    Episode 11 Todays Wren Wednesday episode is about alexleonis amp McCarterShanon two wonderfully talented and kind ladies who bless us with their podcast Lipstick and Lightsabers Alexs art kind hearts and more

  • Wren Wednesday 2: Maria and Neil
    Wren Wednesday 2: Maria and Neil
    Duration: 13min | 28/08/2019

    Episode 10 Todays Wren Wednesday episode is about MayroftheGalaxy and LoweryNeil two wonderful people who have been amazing friends and are huge positive driving forces in the fandom who bring so much goodness and love pp1 margin 00px 00px 00px 00px font 120px Helveticaspans1 direction ltr unicodebidi embed

  • Wren Wednesday 1: Lynn and Emma
    Wren Wednesday 1: Lynn and Emma
    Duration: 10min | 14/08/2019

    Episode 9 Todays Wren Wednesday episode is about twitter users lynnyneal and EMfysNest Two amazing friends who light up the fandom with their podcast Sapphic Skywalkers humor representation and kind hearts

  • Letting Go and Holding On
    Letting Go and Holding On
    Duration: 01h06s | 05/08/2019

    Episode 8 I talk about the themes of letting go and holding on in Star Wars How the themes are present throughout the shows and movies how they affect the characters and their choices and how as a viewer they can be connected to personal life experiences

  • Space Mom Spectacular
    Space Mom Spectacular
    Duration: 01h22min | 22/07/2019

    Episode 7 Im joined by Twitter users MayroftheGalaxy ClashingSabers katliger amp Maximinalist as we talk about Hera We discuss her role in the rebellion amp as a space mom her journey with flying her relationships with other characters amp more

  • My Celebration 2019 experience
    My Celebration 2019 experience
    Duration: 45min | 22/06/2019

    Episode 6 As Star Wars Celebration 2020 tickets went on sale today I look back at my experience at Celebration this year Listen to hear my experience and my tips thoughts and suggestions for those attending in the future

  • Tribute To Kanan
    Tribute To Kanan
    Duration: 01h07min | 05/03/2019

    Episode 5 Ally is joined by Twitter users lusitania catray and Maximinalist as we talk about Kanan We discus his arc position the Rebellion and Jedi selflessness teaching his relationship with others Kanera thoughts on his final moments and more

  • Karabast its a Zebisode
    Karabast its a Zebisode
    Duration: 52min | 03/09/2018

    Episode 4 We are joined by twitter user AmyWishman as we talk about Zeb We discuss why we love Zeb him facing his past the presence of honor acceptance failurehis dedication to helping others Kalluzebhis relationship with Kallus some of his large episodes our thoughts on his future his relationship with other characters much more

  • Sabine Wren
    Sabine Wren
    Duration: 02h30min | 10/08/2018

    Episode 3 We talk about our favorite Star Wars Rebels character Sabine We discuss Sabine why we love her her arc throughout Rebels her connections to the other members of the Ghost crew how she inspired us to do cosplay amp other art read peoples thoughts they shared with us on her amp much more

  • Episode 9 Casting Reactions-Character amp Film Hopes
    Episode 9 Casting Reactions-Character & Film Hopes
    Duration: 01h03min | 10/08/2018

    Episode 2 We discus our reaction to the casting of episode 9 amp our hopes amp speculations about their characters in this film amp talk about our more general hopes for the film amp also talk about our thoughts after the continuation of our Clone Wars rewatch with the Domino Squad amp Malevolence arcs

  • CW Return, Wantress, amp Vaping In Star Wars
    CW Return, Wantress, & Vaping In Star Wars
    Duration: 29min | 10/08/2018

    Episode 1 We talk about the surprise return of Star Wars The Clone Wars for Season 7 and discuss our thoughts after our Clone Wars rewatch of the 1st arc Cat amp Mouse The Hidden Enemy amp The Clone Wars Movie