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Nicolas' Cage


Welcome and settle in as we lock you inside Nicolas' Cage, inside you'll find snakeskin leather jackets, a mysterious hair lines, and your fearless hosts Alexia and Alice! Join us as each week we watch a Nicolas Cage movie and Alexia will try (desperately) to connect the film of the week with an aspect of Cage's real life. The man somehow manages to be outrageous both on and off screen and we just can't get enough. So lock yourself inside Nicolas' Cage, we won't bite, but we can't make the same promise about Cage...


    Duration: 37min | 22/08/2019

    This is it! Our very first episode of Nicolas' Cage. Join us as we shout about our all-time fave Cage movie, Vampire's Kiss, there's truly nothing like watching Cage turn into a vampire. We also cover the long standing internet rumor that Cage is actually....a vampire. Get it? Because the movie's about vampires? Please listen to us. 

  • 2-The Cheddar Goblin and Cage
    2-The Cheddar Goblin and Cage
    Duration: 32min | 22/08/2019

    WOW this one blew our minds guys, it's Mandy this week and boy did we love it! There's some crazy evil in this movie and Cage is out for revenge and we are HERE FOR IT. 

  • 3-Hotter than Georgia Asphalt
    3-Hotter than Georgia Asphalt
    Duration: 44min | 22/08/2019

    We talk another rare hit inside Nicolas' Cage, David Lynch's Wild at Heart! We also get into Cage's Elvis obsession and his tumultuous relationship with none other than The King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley and of course, talk about that iconic snakeskin jacket. 

  • 4-Nicolas Blaze
    4-Nicolas Blaze
    Duration: 37min | 22/08/2019

    We cover Ghost Rider 1 and 2 in this ep and cover Cage's history with being obsessed with comics. 

  • 5-Dickolas Cage
    5-Dickolas Cage
    Duration: 39min | 22/08/2019

    We chat a movie we both liked (a rare find) and Cage's Oscar turn in Leaving Las Vegas. We also talk about some of the alcohol fueled drama Cage has had in his own life. 

  • 6-The Golden Cage
    6-The Golden Cage
    Duration: 37min | 22/08/2019

    It's a biggie this week, we talk Con-Air and discuss how exactly Cage managed to be the 90's most unlikely action star. 

  • 7-Pube Wig
    7-Pube Wig
    Duration: 44min | 22/08/2019

    We'll cut to the chase: we LOVED this movie, but hated Cage's wig. It's double the Cage and some MERYL FRIGGIN STREEP in Adaptation this week and we shout about all the reasons Cage is actually a great actor. 

  • 8-Nutsville: A love story
    8-Nutsville: A love story
    Duration: 37min | 22/08/2019

    We happen across the cutest love story inside Nicolas' Cage this week, covering Martin Scorcese's dark 1999 film Bringing Out the Dead and Cage's real life romance and marriage with co-star Patricia Arquette. Sometimes Cage can be cute too. 

  • 9-Jingle Cage
    9-Jingle Cage
    Duration: 26min | 22/08/2019

    Ho ho ho! Check out our holiday ep covering Christmas centered movie, Jingle All the Way, and tell the short story of Cage turning on the Christmas lights in Bath. It's not our best Cage story, I won't lie, still listen please. 

  • 10-Cage Dump
    10-Cage Dump
    Duration: 42min | 22/08/2019

    We had too much food over Christmas and the only thing that will help is a good ol' fashioned Cage dump. We talk three movies we didn't like enough to make a full episode about, Next, Season of the Witch, and Gone in 60 Seconds. Sorry to anyone who digs these flicks, because we didn't.

    Duration: 49min | 22/08/2019

    It's literally an entire episode about snakes, we chat Brian De Palma's Snake Eyes and Alexia takes full advantage of the movie title to talk about every moment Cage has been in the vicinity of a reptile. Spoiler alert: Cage knows his way around a cobra. 

  • 12-FACE
    Duration: 24min | 22/08/2019

    We couldn't help it, we started talking about Face/Off and just. couldn't. stop. It's an easy thing to do, there's just so many weird things to talk about, so we've made this a two part episode all about the movie, make sure to check out part 2 in ep 13!

  • 13-Off
    Duration: 36min | 22/08/2019

    WE LIKE TALKING ABOUT FACE/OFF. Check out Part 2 of our special two part extravaganza about a movie you can easily waffle on about for two hours. 

  • 14-You mean my wang?
    14-You mean my wang?
    Duration: 49min | 22/08/2019

    Ok this episode is all about DRAMA surrounding Francis Ford Coppola's Peggy Sue Got Married. We talk about the bad vibes between co-stars Cage and Kathleen Turner and Cage's on set antics. Our man once said that if his uncle hadn't been the director of this movie he would've definitely been fired, listen to find out what Cage got up to!

  • 15-Snap out of it!
    15-Snap out of it!
    Duration: 50min | 22/08/2019

    Mama mia! This might be yet another unpopular opinion, but we just don't like Moonstruck, listen to us and tell us why we're wrong. We scream bread and missing limbs and CHER. We also get into Cage's short foray into owning a haunted New Orleans mansion, because, of course. 

  • 16-Lord of Cage
    16-Lord of Cage
    Duration: 25min | 22/08/2019

    We dive into arms dealing this week, people! It's Lord of War this week with pretty boy ya wanna punch Jared Leto (Fight Club, anyone?) and of course our main man Cage. We also get into the crazy real life story of the arms dealer Cage plays in the movie. It. Is. Wild. 

  • This sausage is a cigar
    This sausage is a cigar
    Duration: 59min | 22/08/2019

    Ok ok this was a depressingly real movie for us in the Cage, we watched Matchstick Men this week! We scream at Michael Caine's terrible American accent, and get into the nitty gritty details of Cage's past financial problems and what our man did when the IRS came after him. 

  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage
    Duration: 56min | 22/08/2019

    New week, new Cage, and this week it's Ridley Scott's Matchstick Men. We also talk about a random assortment of other things including Arnold Schwarzenegger, our obsession about Terrace House, and of course some light general Scientology/Tom Cruise shade. 

  • Driving Mrs. Cage
    Driving Mrs. Cage
    Duration: 35min | 22/08/2019

    Just another weird early 90s Cage film here: this time teaming Shirley Maclaine and Cage together in Guarding Tess. We also dive headfirst into Cage's real life drunk wedding drama in Vegas. I guess it's almost impossible to go to Vegas without getting wrapped up in a quickie marriage. 

  • Holy Cage
    Holy Cage
    Duration: 33min | 22/08/2019

    Nothing spells creepy like a Goo Goo Dolls soundtrack, it's City of Angels with Cage playing an actual angel on the list today! And honestly we know this might be an unpopular opinion but we aren't too keen on 90's Meg Ryan's hair. It's just kinda...weird? 

  • 23-Giant Mustache
    23-Giant Mustache
    Duration: 48min | 22/08/2019

    Please don't be turned away by my inability to podcast properly as I repeatedly get the name of this movie wrong. We talk about THE TRUST  this week with Cage and Elijah Wood: Alice fawns over teeny tiny Elijah and his green wet eyes, and we both agree that Cage's mustache is crazy in this movie. We also eventually end up shouting at each other (as we usually do) about Scientology, and what Scientologist and Handmaid Elisabeth Moss had to say about being in the cult. Yeah I said cult, F you Zenu!

  • 24-President Fart
    24-President Fart
    Duration: 39min | 22/08/2019

    We're yelling the for the reunion of Cage and Willem Dafoe this week in Dog Eat Dog, and giggle over a story of what happens when ya sue someone over farts. We're real adults here. 

  • 25-Viva Cage
    25-Viva Cage
    Duration: 30min | 21/08/2019

    This week we chat about a movie we actually really liked: Honeymoon in Vegas! And we also talk about all the BTS drama, including the on set romance between co-stars Cage and SJP. 

  • Frozen Grapes
    Frozen Grapes
    Duration: 43min | 01/07/2019

    This week we're yelling about true crime based Frozen Ground starring John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens and thespian of our time: Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.

  • Cage Catch Up
    Cage Catch Up
    Duration: 21min | 14/06/2019

    WE'VE BEEN OUT OF COMMISSION, but we're back together in the cage! This is just a lil mini-sode, but we will be having a full, normal episode very soon.

  • Its a mini-sode!
    It's a mini-sode!
    Duration: 16min | 22/05/2019

    We back! Well, kinda.... Alice is away and Alexia couldn't get her shizz together to find another co-host for the week so you're stuck listening to Alexia talk to herself. Lucky you!