Chin Wag With Arun  Anu

Chin Wag With Arun & Anu


Welcome to Chin Wag! We're a mother / daughter duo who loves to talk about well, anything and everything! From travel to food to fashion to what drives you, and everything in between.


  • Pizza! Pizza!
    Pizza! Pizza!
    Duration: 19min | 23/02/2019

    Yes, you read that correctly. We're talking about pizza! How could we possibly spend an entire podcast talking about pizza and only pizza? Listen in and find out! We take a big bite out of the rivalry between pizza cities, the big toppings debate and share the pizza places we love the most from around the globe. You'll be craving a pie by the end!

  • Finding Your Passion
    Finding Your Passion
    Duration: 31min | 19/02/2019

    We chat about the difference between having the opportunity to pursue your passion vs following the path expected of you. Speaking from different generations, what drives us has changed. How does following, or even knowing your passion, differ by generation? If you were asked the question, what is your passion, would you be able to answer?