Sapphire Malcolm

Sapphire Malcolm


So I'm here willing to share my thoughts with whoever wants to listen. I spend my time, reading, doing research, practicing different languages, writing, praying and meditating. I don't know what that makes me, but let's hope when you listen to me, it makes sense. Enjoy!


  • Sounds of Sapphire (Trailer)
    Sounds of Sapphire (Trailer)
    Duration: 31s | 08/12/2019
  • Duration: 15min | 25/07/2019

    Everyone knows when something fits, but what about fitting comfortably? You can be compatible enough, but why settle, when you can be happy? Chances are, you see a beautiful shoe here, there might be more beautiful ones behind this one.

  • The Comparison conundrum
    The Comparison conundrum
    Duration: 18min | 20/03/2019

    This is highlighting a worldwide problem with us not being able to truly communicate with each other without seeing each other by the use of scales.

  • The Right Attraction: Setting clear expectations
    The Right Attraction: Setting clear expectations
    Duration: 08min | 14/03/2019

    Are our expectations for a relationship transparent? Or are you settling?

  • The Right Attraction: First Impressions
    The Right Attraction: First Impressions
    Duration: 10min | 13/02/2019

    In dating and even early stages of friendship we try to show the really good parts of us or the parts we 'think' are good about us and when we really get into the relationship both parties start to realize that those parts are only a small part of you and not the picture. Seeing the other parts now, the first meetings seem like only a dream sequence. Let me give you advice on how to show the 'real' you