Coming And Going With Tamara  Regaye

Coming And Going With Tamara & Regaye


Listen in on the conversations between two single, (almost) 40-something Sorority Sisters who rekindled their college friendship in New York City. Hear their discussions about moving to New York, living in New York, being single and dating, social media, pop culture, and so much more.


  • Dating Advice For Men
    Dating Advice For Men
    Duration: 28min | 13/11/2019

    Tamara and Regaye break down their thoughts on the Instagram story that Tamara posted about men not asking women out on dates and share their dating advice for men.

  • Our Deepest Fears
    Our Deepest Fears
    Duration: 41min | 24/10/2019

    Tamara and Regaye open up to each other about their fears from moving to a new city to growing old and being alone. They also discuss some common fears such as being afraid of heights and birds and how they've overcome some fears.

  • What Were Loving
    What We're Loving
    Duration: 21min | 02/10/2019

    Tamara and Regaye discuss what they're watching, what they're listening to, what they're reading, and what they're eating.

  • Redefining Your Career
    Redefining Your Career
    Duration: 23min | 23/09/2019

    Redefining Your Career by Tamara A. Marbury, Regaye M. Fulcher

  • Getting Married
    Getting Married
    Duration: 47min | 27/08/2019

    Tamara and Regaye discuss whether they want to be married or not, people asking them why they're not married, if they've ever been engaged, letting someone else into their lives, whether there's an age limit on big weddings, what type of wedding they would want, being set in their ways, and what they look forward to when they get married.

  • Do-Overs, Dating and Politics, and Our Real Housewives Taglines
    Do-Overs, Dating and Politics, and Our Real Housewives Taglines
    Duration: 30min | 08/08/2019

    Tamara and Regaye do another lightning round where they discuss what they would major in if they could do it all over again, men on dating apps who have a racial preference, what their last meal would be, whether they could date someone with different political views, men who say "bye-bye," wearing someone else's swimsuit, dating someone who works a fast food job, and what their Real Housewives taglines would be.

  • Dark-Skinned
    Duration: 28min | 16/07/2019

    Tamara and Regaye discuss an article titled "Why Dark Skinned Black Girls Like Me Aren't Getting Married" and whether their skin tone has had an affect on their lives.

  • Celebrity Crush
    Celebrity Crush
    Duration: 31min | 02/07/2019

    Tamara and Regaye run down their list of celebrity crushes over the years and tell each other their current celebrity crushes.

  • Fake Is The New Real
    Fake Is The New Real
    Duration: 31min | 19/06/2019

    Tamara and Regaye discuss makeup, weave, wigs, false eyelashes, and more and answer the question "Is fake the new real?"

  • DPs, Pick-up Lines, and Proposing to a Man
    DPs, Pick-up Lines, and Proposing to a Man
    Duration: 25min | 04/06/2019

    Tamara & Regaye do another lightning round of questions. This episode they discuss their thoughts on receiving DPs; the best and worst pick-up lines they've received; whether or not they get dirty in an argument with a significant other; whether they would ever propose to a man; who runs that game better between men and women; and where they want to go on their next vacations.

  • Fidelity/Infidelity
    Duration: 40min | 22/05/2019

    Tamara and Regaye discuss their views on marriage, monogamy, fidelity, and infidelity.

  • Dating Men Who Live with Their Parents, Second Chances  More (Lightning Round 2)
    Dating Men Who Live with Their Parents, Second Chances & More (Lightning Round 2)
    Duration: 34min | 08/05/2019

    Tamara and Regaye are back with another lightning round episode. This episode they discuss apologizing to a coworker, their favorite features on a man, giving second chances, having a baby, dating someone with a mental illness, dating men who lives with their parents, their signature drinks, lent, and more.

  • Losing Friends
    Losing Friends
    Duration: 30min | 23/04/2019

    Tamara and Regaye talk about friends that they've lost, how losing some friends hurts like a romantic breakup, and lessons that they've learned over the years about friendship.

  • Dating Apps
    Dating Apps
    Duration: 32min | 09/04/2019

    Tamara & Regaye discuss why they've used dating apps, what their search criteria are, what they hate to see on a dating profile, and whether they've had luck with any of the dating apps.

  • Lightning Round: Round 1
    Lightning Round: Round 1
    Duration: 27min | 26/03/2019

    Tamara and Regaye introduce a lightning round format where they ask each other several questions on any topic and then answer their own questions as well. Round 1 topics include questions about who pays on the first date, sex on the first date, and the talking stage of dating.

  • Making Friends As An Adult
    Making Friends As An Adult
    Duration: 46min | 05/03/2019

    Tamara and Regaye talk about how they have made friends as adults and offer some tips that have helped them.

  • Being Single
    Being Single
    Duration: 34min | 07/02/2019

    Tamara and Regaye discuss the pros and cons of being single, whether they think their chances of getting married have diminished with age, and those questions that all singles hate to be asked.

  • AKA Founders Day
    AKA Founders' Day
    Duration: 01h10min | 01/02/2019

    Tamara and Regaye talk about their journeys to Alpha Kappa Alpha and what being in the Sorority means to them.

  • NYE
    Duration: 40min | 01/02/2019

    Tamara and Regaye celebrate New Year's Eve and Day in Times Square and discuss how they met, their friendship, and how they both ended up in New York City on New Year's Eve.