This Idea Must Die Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress

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Each year, John Brockman, publisher of, challenges some of the world's greatest scientists, artists, and philosophers to answer a provocative question crucial to our time. In 2014, he asked 175 brilliant minds to ponder: What scientific idea needs to be put aside in order to make room for new ideas to advance? The answers are as surprising as they are illuminating. In This Idea Must Die:

  • Steven Pinker dismantles the working theory of human behavior

  • Sherry Turkle reevaluates our expectations of artificial intelligence

  • Andrei Linde suggests that our universe and its laws may not be as unique as we think

  • Martin Rees explains why scientific understanding is a limitless goal

  • Nina Jablonski argues to rid ourselves of the concept of race

  • And much more.

Profound, engaging, thoughtful, and groundbreaking, This Idea Must Die will change your perceptions and understanding of our world today . . . and tomorrow.


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