Lazy Harry

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Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm started to write fairy tales in 1807 while traveling in Hessia and Westphalia. Their first collection of fairy tales was published in 1812. Brothers Grimm's works had a huge influence on further development of the genre. Their tales are appreciated by children all over the world. "Lazy Harry" is a short story about a couple of two stupid people. Lazy Harry marries Trina to let her take his goat out with hers, he hopes that he will have no troubles. But Trina is also lazy, so they give their goats to the neighbor, and he gives them a beehive. After that, they decide to exchange honey for a goose. But Trina wants to make it only after they have got a child, who will look after the goose. Harry doubts that the child will care for the goose. How did the story end? Read "Lazy Harry" to know it.