The Best of Second City Vol. 1

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The Best of Second City is an unforgettable ride through decades of hilarity, packed with classic sketches that helped make this America's foremost comedy troupe.

Dubbed "a temple of satire" by Time magazine, "The Second City" has been convulsing audiences since its founding in Chicago in 1959. The troupe leaped to fame by lampooning every aspect of modern American life with brilliant, improvisatory sketches on subjects ranging from salad bars to affairs of state.

Wave after wave of talent emerged from "The Second City", including Mike Nichols, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and John Belushi. Now you can share in the rich comic legacy with more than four hours of vintage sketches and new material, performed by current members of The Second City and distinguished guest alumni Edward Asner, Marsha Mason, Arye Gross, and Tim Kazurinsky.

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