Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night

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Every August, Henry, his parents, and his big dog Mudge go camping. This year they are going to Bear Lake. They will cook food over a campfire and sleep in a tent. Henry hopes he sees a deer or a raccoon. But he isn’t sure he wants to see a bear. After they set up camp, Henry and Mudge explore the woods and enjoy the lake. Henry and his parents eat hot dogs for dinner while Mudge chews on a big log. That night, as they all look up in the sky, they see thousands of stars. And when they go to sleep, they dream happy dreams that don’t have any bears in them.

The friendship between Henry and Mudge always includes time for surprises and snacks. Listeners of all ages love this best-selling series. And they are among Audie Award-winning narrator George Guidall’s favorite books to perform.