The Redemption of Sarah Cain

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Beverly Lewis, the best-selling author of The Shunning , offers listeners a moving tale of love and spiritual awakening. In The Redemption of Sarah Cain, she examines the conflict between two very different cultures. Sarah Cain is a strictly modern woman living in Oregon and developing a burgeoning career in real estate. Her sister Ivy left to pursue a Plain life in Amish country 12 years ago. But when Ivy dies, Sarah is shocked to learn that she has been appointed guardian of her sister’s five children. Lydia, the eldest, senses major difficulties for the new family. Neither she nor Sarah are truly prepared for the drastic changes they will have to make in order to honor Ivy’s last wish. With hope and tenderness, Lewis guides Sarah and the children on their journey of religious fulfillment. Barbara Caruso’s tender narration lends a sensitive charm to each of the characters.


  • Chapter 19 Part 1

    Duration: 18min
  • Chapter 20 Part 1

    Duration: 13min
  • Chapter 21 Part 1

    Duration: 10min
  • Chapter 22 Part 1

    Duration: 21min
  • Chapter 23 Part 1

    Duration: 20min
  • Chapter 24 Part 1

    Duration: 18min
  • Chapter 25 Part 1

    Duration: 12min
  • Chapter 26 Part 1

    Duration: 22min
  • Chapter 27 Part 1

    Duration: 10min
  • Chapter 28 Part 1

    Duration: 15min
  • Chapter 29 Part 1

    Duration: 16min
  • Chapter 30 Part 1

    Duration: 13min
  • Chapter 31 Part 1

    Duration: 08min
  • Chapter 32 Part 2

    Duration: 06min
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