Claim to Fame

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One day, Lindsay Scott is basking in the glow of being TV’s most popular child star. And the next day, her joy turns to torture. Somehow she can hear everything that’s being said about her—all the time, and from every place on the globe.

After her apparent nervous breakdown, Lindsay disappears from the public eye until—years later—a tabloid claims her father is holding her hostage. Although the truth is actually much stranger, the article triggers a series of events that forces the 16-year-old Lindsay to finally confront who she really is.

The acclaimed young adult author of Among the Hidden, Margaret Peterson Haddix—winner of American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults and International Reading Association Children’s Book Awards—consistently captivates listeners with her enthralling tales. Jennifer Ikeda’s magnificent narration helps make Claim to Fame an unforgettable audio experience.


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