Citadel of Chaos, The: The Terror of the Ganjees Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 3

When Vale Moonwing is summoned to the Black Tower, she must prepare herself for a confrontation with the dread warlord Balthus Dire.

Forest of Doom, The: Lost In Darkwood Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 2

When Vale Moonwing returns to Darkwood Forest, he discovers that her old friend, the wizard Yaztromo, has vanished….himself?

Creature of Havoc: The Monster of Dree Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 5

Using forbidden Marrangha magic and the three stolen vapours, the evil sorcerer Zharradan Marr has created a creature….but for what purpose?!

Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The: The Hero’s Quest Fighting Fantasy Audio Drama Book 1

Join elven hero Vale Moonwing and adventurer Cassius Stormblade on their quest through the depths of Firetop Mountain.Can they survive the deadly traps and evade Zagor's army of...

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Last Champion Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas Book 4

Adventurers are once again gathering in Fang to participate in Baron Sukumvit’s ‘Trial of Champions’ and undertake ‘The Walk’ through Deathtrap Dungeon…but this year...