History Revealed: The Reel Story: All the Presidents Men Episode 69

Mark Glancy delves into the true story of Watergate, when a bungled burglary and two young journalists brought down a President

History Revealed: Amadeus Episode 95

An exploration of the real relationship between rival composers Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart and Antonio Salieri

History Revealed: The Untouchables Episode 90

The real story of gangster Al Capone and his nemesis crime fighter Elliot Ness

History Revealed: 12 Years a Slave Episode 45

Mark Glancy explores the extraordinary story behind HollywoodÆs critical hit, 12 Years a Slaveà

History Revealed: The Reel story William Wallace Episode 52

Mark Glancy separates the fact from the fiction of Mel Gibson’s historically inspired epic, Braveheart, and discovers a legend that needed no exaggeration…

History Revealed: A Man for All Seasons Episode 62

An examination of the 1966 film A Man for All Seasons in which Sir Thomas Moore famously disagreed with Henry VIII desire for divorce

History Revealed: The Reel Story The Assasination of Jesse James Episode 83

Comparing the true life and death story of celebrity outlaw Jesse James with the Hollywood hit