Brooks Ruppe

Jokes with sarcastic humor, something different from the norm. I, hope everyone will tune in weekly for the podcast.

Avery And Aspen

We discussed the human impact on endangered animals.

Avery Live Test

Fun Informative and Just Good

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Based on the screenplay and story by George LucasIn barren desert lands and seedy vast underwater cities and in the blackest depths of space...unfolds a tale of...

Brooks Eckelman

Messianic Jewish believer with a passion for apologetics, teaching, and discipleship.

Brooks Robinson

The greatest fielding third baseman in the history of baseball, Brooks Robinson spent all 23 seasons of his major league career playing for the Baltimore Orioles. He was selected...

Mark Brook

"Be a DJ isn't just about pushing the play".It's a thumping of music vibrating in every body.Music is the essence of those who know how to enjoy life.

Bear Brook

Two barrels, four bodies, and an enigmatic killer. The cold case that changed the way murders will be investigated forever.

Brooks Show

A comedy podcast by two dudes who did good and made it to LA

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