The Three Emperors

Adventurer Ethan Gage travels through the darkest and most superstitious realms of eighteenth century Europe, to the castles and caves of Bohemia to rescue his family and uncover...

Bloodletter's Daughter, The A Novel of Old Bohemia

Within the glittering Hapsburg court in Prague lurks a darkness that no one dares mention... In 1606, the city of Prague shines as a golden mecca of art and culture carefully ...

Macguffin Factory

Factory Fresh Storytelling

Macguffin Podcast

The Movie Review Podcast that Dreams are Made Of.

It's Carrington's Music Podcast

Every week of 2018, I [Carrington] will showcase a new piece of music. Some will be full songs; some just ideas. But I'm emptying the vault. Each week, I'll give a little...

Grand Macguffin Podcast

Welcome to the Grand MacGuffin! Sit back and enjoy the show. Join our hosts as they talk about movies, television, and anything else that they can think of.Hosts:Morgan...

Keeping Up With The Carringtons

A weekly look at The CW's Dynasty reboot with occasional jaunts to the original

Macguffin Film Podcast (mp3)

The MacGuffin is a weekly podcast about film and TV. In each episode we discuss the latest news, give reviews, and share what has caught our attention in the world of film and TV.

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