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Put two sports talkers with more than fifty years of experience in the same room and what do you get? Bernie and Randy: The Podcast. Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karraker cover...

The Age Of Promise: Escape The Shadows Of The Law To Live In The Light Of Christ

The past provides a blueprint for the present and promises hope for the future.Many Christians struggle to understand Old Testament teachings. We look at the laws and rituals...

Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus

Believe Storybook Bible is part of the national church-wide program led by Randy Frazee that shows children how they can think, act, and be more like Jesus.

Think, Act, Be Like Jesus: Becoming A New Person In Christ

This book is a fresh resource for discipleship by pastor and author Randy Frazee that will help readers develop a personal vision for spiritual growth and a simple plan for...

Randy Radio

We are here to speak life into you and go only where your mind goes when it wanders. Subscribe and engage! #SexPositive

Niv, Believe, Audio Download: Living The Story Of The Bible To Become Like Jesus

Believe includes short topical passages from the NIV Bible, unlocking the 10 key beliefs, 10 key practices, and 10 key virtues that help people live the story of the Bible. This...

Making Room For Life: Trading Chaotic Lifestyles For Connected Relationships

What If You Could . . . •get all your work done by 6:00 p.m.?•eat dinner with your family every night?•form deep, satisfying relationships?•naturally blend the world of...

Believe 365-day Devotional: What I Believe. Who I Am Becoming.

Go from knowing the story of the Bible to living it.God invites us to be shaped through His Word. And so we look to Scripture and spend devotional time searching for answers to...

What Happens After You Die: A Biblical Guide To Paradise, Hell, And Life After Death

Popular pastor Randy Frazee answers perennial questions about life after death with an accessible exploration of what the Bible has to say on the subject.

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