M?m? Call

11: Black Panther History Month



From the Korea that practiced Wakanda-esque isolationism without holographic protection until the mid-19th Century and from the city that thought it was weird Marvel was going to make a movie about firecrackers during the off season, this is the show where a couple of Mimis use memes as a jump off to dissect our modern life. This is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul and Wayne welcome fellow Mimi and contact-sport nerd Les B. to talk about the movie Black Panther and its impact on American society, along with other nerdy stuff. We're also hosting a Black Panther Giveaway. Get more details and the show notes for this episode at [www.memecallpodcast.com](www.memecallpodcast.com "www.memecallpodcast.com").