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How To Plan and Track a Successful 2020 for YouTube Growth [feat. Rich Theil] [Ep. #196]



A lot of people will start 2020 with a goal to grow their YouTube channels. However, many of them will not succeed because just wanting something to happen and focusing on it a bit doesn't typically yield results. If we truly want something to become successful, whether it be our business, our channel, or something else, we need to follow a better process for setting, tracking, and reaching goals. Rich Theil has been helping me with reach my business goals with the same process that companies like Intel, Google, and IBM, and more have used to grow their business. The model applies not only to your business, though, but to any goals you want to set, including growth on your YouTube channel. He joins us today to share that process so that you can take it and implement it in 2020 and see amazing results on YouTube and in your business next year. Download Rich's free guide on how to set objectives and grow your business on YouTube in 2020: LOVE VIDEO CREATORS AND WANT TO GROW ON YOUTUBE