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What is Hunger? J. Stanton interview: PODCAST



J. Stanton is one of those really intelligent people who gets his mind into everything.  He's a writer and researcher, and his book "The Gnoll Credo" is a beautiful fantasy tale combining Stanton's interests in archaeology, anthropology and what constitutes "truth and beauty". Stanton was a speaker at the 2012 Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard, speaking on the topic of HUNGER. I was struck by some of his data and conclusions (both agreeing and disagreeing), and here's our interview to tell you more.  HINT:  Humans are predators.  In fact, we're the top predator alive since T.Rex roamed.  Predators think, eat, and act differently than prey.  We hunt, eat and rest.  Prey grazes constantly as a way to keep alert and energized, ready to run when needed. Our digestive and nervous systems are completely different. Obesity and hunger have a complex relationship.  Bingeing on cookies, eating cake even though you know it will make your gluten-free body hurt, and having most any processed food fools our satiety/sat