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Dan Buettner: Lessons From the World’s Happiest People



“Follow your bliss, not your material desires.”Dan Buettner We all want to be happy.But what exactly is happiness? Can it be cultivated? And if so, how?Somewhere along the way, you've likely heard of something called the Blue Zones — a term coined by this week's guest in reference to five hidden slivers of the world that boast the highest per capita populations of centenarians – people who thrive to 100 and beyond. Unlikely locales where people not live inordinately long,Places where people forgot to die.Interestingly, in addition to outliving their fellow western world equals, the Blue Zoners also seemed resoundingly happier.Dan Buettner wanted to know more. So he shifted focus from longevity and zeroed in on the elusive, ever-so-slippery nature of happiness itself.Deploying his expertise and that of others, he used hard science to better define the emotional state we seek most. He scoured the planet in search of the cultures that most exemplify happiness. He examined the internal and external