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Drew Sams On Living A Curious Life of Wonder



“Live a life filled with wonder and curiosity. Ask questions.”Drew SamsI don't consider myself religious.But I am spiritually curious; deeply interested in faith.From Sikh kundalini master Guru Singh and Buddhist monk / tea master WuDe to iconoclast Christian pastor Rob Bell, the exploration of faith in its varying incarnations has been a fascinating, recurring theme of this show.Today, I continue the tradition with Dr. Drew Sams, senior pastor and head of staff at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles.Hardly conventional, Drew is many things. Life-long surfer. Avid ultra-runner. Passionate environmentalist. Devoted family man deeply interested in social justice, nutrition, and wellness. And a progressive doctor of divinity with a take on the Christian faith that is inspiring audiences in Los Angeles and across the world.I think Jesus was an extraordinary guy. But I freely admit that conversations on the subject of organized religion can leave me queasy. Perhaps it's my personal